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Finding Me Audiobook Summary

Winner of the 2023 Grammy for Best Audio Book, Narration, and Storytelling Recording!

Narrated by Viola Davis

In my book, you will meet a little girl named Viola who ran from her past until she made a life-changing decision to stop running forever.

This is my story, from a crumbling apartment in Central Falls, Rhode Island, to the stage in New York City, and beyond. This is the path I took to finding my purpose but also my voice in a world that didn’t always see me.

As I wrote Finding Me, my eyes were open to the truth of how our stories are often not given close examination. We are forced to reinvent them to fit into a crazy, competitive, judgmental world. So I wrote this for anyone running through life untethered, desperate and clawing their way through murky memories, trying to get to some form of self-love. For anyone who needs reminding that a life worth living can only be born from radical honesty and the courage to shed facades and be . . . you.

Finding Me is a deep reflection, a promise, and a love letter of sorts to self. My hope is that my story will inspire you to light up your own life with creative expression and rediscover who you were before the world put a label on you.

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Finding Me Audiobook Narrator

Viola Davis is the narrator of Finding Me audiobook that was written by Viola Davis

VIOLA DAVIS is an internationally acclaimed actress and producer, known for her exceptional performances in television shows like ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ and movies like ‘Fences’ and ‘The Help.’ She is the winner of an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and two Tony Awards, and in 2021 she won a Screen Actors Guild award for her role in ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’. In both 2012 and 2017, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Davis is also the founder and CEO of JuVee Productions, an artist driven production company that develops and produces independent film, theater, television, and digital content.

About the Author(s) of Finding Me

Viola Davis is the author of Finding Me

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The publisher of the Finding Me is HarperAudio. includes the following subjects: The BISAC Subject Code is Personal Growth, Self-Esteem, Self-Help

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The publisher of the Finding Me is HarperAudio. The imprint is HarperAudio. It is supplied by HarperAudio. The ISBN-13 is 9780063037342.

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Goodreads Reviews

Dr. Appu

September 16, 2022

Viola Davis is one of the best actors of this generation and has won multiple awards in acting, like Oscar, Emmy, and Tony. She tells her extraordinary journey filled with poverty, love, hatred, racism, and achievements in her life in this book. What I learned from this book 1) What was the biggest discovery in Viola Davis's life? We have seen many people going into a shell and not peaking to their full potential if they have a major setback in their life. Viola Davis teaches us how to tackle a situation that she considers the biggest discovery in her life. “My biggest discovery was that you can literally re-create your life. You can redefine it. You don't have to live in the past." 2) Jim Crow laws and African American women The term Jim Crow originated from a minstrel show in 1828 which was projecting African Americans negatively. The racial segregation and black codes caused by these laws made it difficult for African Americans to access public transportation, schools, cast votes, and even gain economic independence. The civil rights movement helped to end the Jim Crow era.Black people, particularly women, were projected in a terrible manner by the Jim Crow laws. The author is discussing the pain that she had to suffer due to the mindset of people due to the influence of the Jim Crow laws. “I am a dark-skinned woman. Culturally, there is a spoken and unspoken narrative rooted in Jim Crow. It tells us that dark-skinned women are simply not desirable. All the attributes that are attached to being a woman-desirable, vulnerable, needing to be rescued-don't apply to us. In the past, we've been used as chattel, fodder for inhumane experimentation, and it has evolved into invisibility." 3) What is the most important quality needed for an artist? Viola Davis is an actor who succeeded with her hard work, determination, and passion. She tells us how to become a good artist through this book. "First ingredient I needed to be an artist, the power to create. The power of alchemy, that magical process of transformation and creation to believe at any given time I could be the somebody I always wanted to be." My favourite three lines from this book “I knew my life would be a fight, and I realized this: I had it in me.” “The TV and film business is saturated with people who think they're writing something human when it's really a gimmick.” "I now understand that life and living it is more about being present. I'm now aware that the not-so-happy memories lie in wait; but the hope and the joy also lie in wait." What could have been better? Nobody will forget the powerful words she told during the #metoomovement. "Our bodies are not the 'spoils of war'… a trophy to be collected to fuel your ego. It's OURS!!! It doesn't belong to you!! And when you take it without permission, it DESTROYS…… like a virus!!!""To the predators.. Weinstein, the stranger, the relative, the boyfriend…. I say to you, 'You can choose your sin but you don't get to choose the consequences.' To the victims…. I see you. I believe you… and I'm listening." In this book, she had an amazing opportunity to discuss the #metoo movement more in-depth as she was one of the few to publicly raise her voice against Harvey Weinstein. She was the apt person to explain more about the movement as she is familiar with almost every piece of information and every victim related to it. She could have given a little more space for the #metoo movement in this book which would have influenced victims and every individual reading this memoir in an inspiring manner, like the impact she made with her inspiring words in the initial part of the movement. I can't see any other problems apart from this in this memoir, as she has flawlessly written it. Rating 5/5 This memoir will make you emotional after reading the author's extraordinary life journey. If you are facing many obstacles in your life now and want to read a newly published inspirational book, this book will be a great choice.


May 30, 2022

Audiobook…read by Viola Davis ……9 hours and 15 minutes I hope everyone is enjoying a healthy happy Memorial Day weekend. Paul and I are. Sometimes we just want more time to bask in the experience of a magnificent book —- of an magnificent human being - a powerful Black Woman….unbelievable stories… ….this ‘basking’ is one of those times. I will sit down and put some thoughts together tomorrow….But for now….. I can’t recommend this audiobook more.I’M BACK… Update: Viola Davis had a story to tell….carved from experiences that shaped who she is. Trying to fully understand her ‘entire’ life story and ‘how’ she survived unfathomable traumatic conditions—for years—as a child —is staggering….. …..from unbelievable - devastating - insane - crazy - horrific - very abusive childhood conditions…..Readers will wonder…..why, WHY didn’t ‘anyone’ help? Where the hell were child services? But……Viola was not venting her anger, airing her wounds, asking for pity or going after revenge……Instead she simply tells the facts - the truth - the ugly stories — unapologetic stories from early childhood to present day. It’s no accident that Time Magazine named Viola Davis one of the 100 most influential people in the world. More to say about “Finding Me”…… It’s PHENOMENAL!!!! ….as in EXTREMELY and EXTRAORDINARY mesmerizing….. …..one of the most impactful audiobooks I’ve ever listened to in my life!!!!!! (seriously!)I’m baffled at just how powerful — brutal - heart wrenching- heartbreaking - heart stopping - and deeply, profoundly ‘soul’-generous Viola Davis is…..in ‘telling all’. ….From poverty and hardships like you’ve never heard……..….From shyness, shame and unworthiness….….From unbelievable abuse both at home and in life…….To the lioness hard working kick ass, talented, determined, authentic powerhouse inspiring human being…..….Viola Davis is one of the most remarkable persons on the planet. “Finding Me”…..is a mind-blowing-explosive memoir. A couple of times, I tried not to cry - but failed. I cried a ‘few’ times.My tears came when things were getting ‘better’. I was more in shock when things were bad. My only regret- I have from listening to Viola read ‘this/her’ memoir so brilliantly—is that I wish I had been part of a small book group -having ongoing discussions—chapter by chapter.Paul listened to ‘parts’ - but not all of this book —-(he and I had several conversations—but he missed a lot of poignant parts)….In my opinion— there is not a word wasted - a tale told that doesn’t have a purpose—Note… I’m going to go crazy if I try to say here all the things I really want to say…..and readers who are kind enough to read this review will go nuts if I ‘do’ write all I have to say….(so I’ll never succeed)….But/And/So…….I am reminded….. ……why - in community - readers & reviewers - can each contribute to each other by bringing up tidbits in ‘each’ of our different reviews…..WE All HELP each other out. Many times another reviewer will express in words…. ….our deepest experiences — to fit ours — words we were lacking in accessibility at the time ourselves……( so we need each other to draw out different aspects of books we cherish) This book needs MANY readers. We need to examine, explore, scrutinize, question, contemplate, dig deep, chew, study, and appraise…..[together-as-community]….a book like this: to be clear …’This Book’: Viola Davis’s memoir. Many lessons - insights - to take away. Much to learn, reflect, and think about. I’m guessing every reader will continue thinking about this book long after finishing it - certain sections more than others (all for varied reasons)….After getting past the early(nightmare) childhood years —-Viola began her career (so damn interesting of even how she got from A to B), in Central Falls, Rhode Island…. ….Viola had me ‘hanging-by-a-tread’ when she took a 4 hour train ride — to audition - to get into Juilliard ….OMG….what a story! And a COMPLETE story ( gets better and better)….from the audition process - to attending the damn school as a BLACK women who felt she was being asked to HIDE her BLACKNESS— to fit in. It’s an AMAZING story …..KICK-ASS - cheer-for story …..during a time when Viola had an opportunity to spend a semester in Africa……ONE OF MY FAVORITE sections of this book…. ….Viola had a chance to practice her craft and learn from the African tribes….(women and blackness was worshiped).I wanted to stand up - cheer - laugh - scream - cry - ‘root-for- Viola….I wanted to celebrate her joy, her eye-opening insights….her passion….her love…her loyalty to truth….to integrity….her authenticity…..her boldness, bravery, and discovery into FINDING HERSELF…Sisterhood in Africa among black women went deep. And here Viola was coming from her school, Juilliard, where she was being classically trained to MAKE EVERY EFFORT to MAKE HER BLACKNESS DISAPPEAR! (shame on the teachers)….In Africa. …..dark black skin was unapologetically beautiful. A breakthrough was beginning….TONS more inspiring tales…..….Explore themes about ‘temporary’ love (incredibly quality truths)….Explore….poverty, extreme hunger, no heat, no running water, frozen pipes, rats, mice, filth, urine smells, thrift clothes, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual trauma, fighting to survive, hopes, dreams, the desire to GO TO SCHOOL, to excel in school, older sister inspiration, racism, blackness, sexism, struggles throughout, white privileges, hard work, training, goals, blessings, deprivations, family, parents, siblings, feelings of worth, fears, responsibilities (“if you make it out…you go back and pull everybody else out”), love, rejection, more love, more rejection, marriage, kids, career highlights (theater, Broadway, movies, TV series, artists, actors, community & camaraderie pride), loneliness, isolation, disillusionments, awkwardness, illness, embarrassments, acceptance, awards, transformation, forgiveness, death, love, therapy, ….EMOTIONAL HEALTH IS NECESSARY…. ….a little luck (impossible without the work), ‘very’ interesting details about the BUSINESS of being a working actor …. [I know much of these facts - our 40 year old daughter is a steady working actor in Hollywood since childhood]…..But it was soooo rewarding for me to have Viola spell out the nitty-gritty truths. People are ignorant- when they negatively bash Hollywood actors — generalize, and lumped everything into their own assumptions. Viola spells the beans on what the inner circle knows — it’s WORK.….. only 4% of those in the sag union make enough money to even qualify to take out medical insurance. And once in a blue moon - it feels like a miracle happened. As Whoopi Goldberg once said….. “I’ve been bad a lot. I’ve been good sometimes, and I have been great just a few times”.When Viola shares her ‘golden’ moments…. ….not just winning an Emmy, a Tony nomination, a Golden Globe award, screen actors Guild award, a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, an Academy award for best supporting actress….etc. etc….Or… one of the highest rewards: being inducted into the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences”…..but HER authentic FEELING ALIVE moments (such as working on “Seven Guitars”….filming “”Fences….and that “Broadway” really is as grand as dreamed ….and the growth & gift to filming “How to Get Away With Murder” series …..respecting the real craft of artistry ….relationships….(no longer ashamed for who she is)….it’s totally wonderfully remarkable to celebrate this outstanding woman. Paul and I haven’t even finished the first season of “How to Get Away With Murder”, yet….we are late to watch it….but we are loving it ……. ……even ‘more’ — since listening to this book.IT’S SUCH a JOY to share in PURITY and HUMANITY of who Viola Davis is.


December 05, 2022

Que mulher maravilhosa ❤️Eu simplesmente devorei esse livro!


October 08, 2022

Finding Me by Viola Davis is a 2022 Harper One Publication. What an amazing memoir! Viola is one of my favorite actresses- but I knew very little about her private life. This book was a huge surprise to me. I was absolutely riveted to both the e-book and the audiobook. I honestly have no words- One simply must experience this memoir for themselves to truly appreciate it. This must be one of the most straightforward and brutally honest memoirs I have had the pleasure of reading. Viola’s childhood was tough- and it wasn’t just that her family was poor- but that she lived in a home where substance abuse and violence prevailed. The descriptions of the living conditions of her home are hard to wrap one’s head around, but despite her parents having their hands full with their own demons, Viola managed to get some support from siblings and programs offered to her which helped to build her self-esteem, incentivized her to change the course of her life, propelling her toward achieving her dreams. The journey wasn’t an easy one- but my goodness was a ride it has been. Viola- I am so happy that you are full of self- love now- that you know how beautiful and talented you are, and I hope you know what an inspiration you are, as well. Overall, Viola is such a strong woman, but she also shares her struggles and vulnerabilities, and how she made it to this point of stability, peace and understanding. I love the way she handles her success. She’s humble, practical, and handles criticism stoically and with pragmatism, and that is not something many people are able to pull off in general, much less publicly. I have loved this actress for a long time based solely on her skills as an actress, but now I am doubly impressed. Now when I see Viola on the big or small screen, I will see her in a different light- one that shines brighter and stronger, with an everlasting glow…This one gets my rare ‘highly recommended’ stamp of approval!


June 27, 2022

I thought that I loved Viola Davis before reading this book, but my goodness this book was exceptional in every single way and it made me appreciate her even more. CW: depictions of domestic violence, sexual assault, poverty (poor living condition, hunger, and more), death of loved onesFinding Me has been on my radar since it first released. One thing about memoirs is that I find them to best consumed via audio if narrated by the author. I absolutely love Davis' voice so I knew instantly that I would need a copy of the audiobook. Unfortunately, I shared the same idea with many people in my area so the wait list for this was quite long at my library. But honestly, it was worth every single moment that I waited. Davis takes readers throughout the course her life from her childhood up until the present moments of her career. If there is anything that I learned from each of these moments, it's that you can never tell what someone has been through by just looking at them. The amount of trauma and pain that Davis describes throughout this book is gut-wrenching. She is a true testament to perseverance while also acknowledging how detrimental it can be to refuse to let go, forgive, and heal from the past. Davis also explores the complexity of the entertainment industry and how so few actually make it to high levels of fame. There are conversations related to misogyny, racism, and colorism; things that I knew existed in Hollywood, but were still heartbreaking to hear via Davis' experiences. There was also conversation about the treatment of theater versus film which I found to be extremely intriguing. I do not consume either on a large scale so I was unaware of the lack of respect for those that often did theater. I would assume that it wouldn't be that way because most actors seem to begin there; however, based on commentary and financial gains from each I understand the differences more. Overall, this was a beautiful, heart-wrenching book and I'm so glad that Viola Davis felt comfortable enough to share her story: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I feel so honored to have read a story in which she was so open and vulnerable. I learned a lot about the industry, her very own love story (this was my favorite part...her husband is a catch!), her path to adoption, her family history, and more. Her voice was like liquid gold and as I continued to listen, I felt I needed more and more. If you haven't considered reading this book, I highly recommend it. It's one of the best memoirs I've to date.


May 01, 2022

Like many people, I discovered Viola from her incredible work on How to Get Away With Murder and have been following her work ever since. So finding out she would be gifting us with a deep memoir of her childhood to her present day life was amazing. It’s always strange to rate non-fiction, especially memoirs, but Viola absolutely killed this. She’s a naturally talented writer and was able to transport me to every event she recalls. From the extreme poverty, the intense physical and sexual abuse, and all the way to Hollywood, Viola paints a perfect image to show you and let you understand her life.“There is an emotional abandonment that comes with poverty and being Black. The weight of generational trauma and having to fight for your basic needs doesn’t leave room for anything else. You just believe you’re the leftovers.”Like most readers will probably feel, I thought Viola’s childhood was the most emotional and engaging part of the story. Viola came from absolutely nothing. ‘Po’ as she puts it. Rat invested and pissed soaked beds, emotional and physical abuse, surrounded by and even experiencing sexual abuse, all while growing up as a Black girl in a predominately white area. The name calling from other class mates, the getting chased and beat up, the shame and humility Viola constantly felt, all of it, is absolutely harrowing. The level of courage and bravery needed to overcome some of the things Viola has experienced is extremely high. I feel we should be responsible to listen to her story with open ears and let it all resonate with us because what Viola has written here is so intense and important. She explores several relationships she has involving her family and how those relationships have changed and developed over the years and I just think she did a wonderful job detailing her childhood and how it has affected her later into her career. “That period of my life was filled with shame. The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you have stage fright or humiliation, that was the shame of living in 128. Shame completely eviscerates you, destroys any sense of pride you may have in yourself.”“I was being catapulted into adulthood. Coming from a childhood of trauma, I needed a radical transformation. I hadn’t been taught how to navigate the world. I hadn’t been taught what could help me grow or live better. I’d been taught to run from the world. I’d been taught how to hide and fight. I hadn’t been taught how to love and be still.” Viola also details the events of her rise to where she is now and like her childhood, it is extremely upsetting but also very inspiring. Growing up without the tools needed to heal from her trauma, Viola struggled a lot throughout her career, From attending Juilliard, to winning her first Tony, and then to winning her first Oscar, Viola carried that broken little girl with her everywhere. The way she writes about trauma and the healing process is so authentic and I think a lot of readers will find so much from Viola’s wisdom. It feels like Viola wrote this book, not just for for herself, but so many people. For young Black girls with big dreams, for people living in intense poverty without a solution to get out, for mothers, for readers struggling to find a place in the world, for so many people. And that’s so commendable that she was able to write a book so personal but it will affect and help so many people. As Oprah said, buy yourself a copy and buy a friend a copy because once you read your gonna want to talk about it. Thank you for this one Viola! Absolutely amazing. “The question still echoes, how did I claw my way out? There is no out. Every painful memory, every mentor, every friend and foe serves as a chisel, a leap pad that has shaped “ME!” The imperfect but blessed sculpture that is Viola is still growing and being chiseled. My elixir? I’m no longer ashamed of me. I own everything that has ever happened to me. The parts of me that were a source of shame are actually my warrior fuel. I see people-the way they walk, talk, laugh, and grieve, and their silence-in a way that is hyperfocused because of my past. I’m an artist because there‘s no separation from me and every human being that has passed through the world including my mom. I have a great deal of compassion for other people, but mostly for myself. That would not be the case I did not reconcile that little eight-year-old girl and FIND ME. I’m holding her now. My eight-year-old self. Holding her tight. She is squealing and reminding me, “Don’t worry! I’m here to beat anybody’s ass who messes with our joy! Viola, I got this.”

Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews

December 03, 2022

4+ stars!Raw. Honest. Gut wrenching. Shocking. Inspiring. Viola Davis, producer and Academy Award winning actress, shares her life story. It isn’t pretty. This book is intense, heavy and brutally honest. I found it difficult to read at times. Viola has been through abuse, trauma and tragedy which she openly shares within these pages. Her childhood was traumatic, leaving her with lifelong scars. These scars she recognizes, nurtures, accepts and chooses to learn from and grow from.One of the many takeaways for me is the understanding of just how hard it is for actors to “make it”. The stats Viola shares about the percentage of actors that make livable wages is surprising. Another huge takeaway for me was her love story and how finding “the one” changed her life forever. He healed her, loved her, supported her, empowered her, accepted all her scars. Unconditional love. I’m not one to enjoy love stories but this was a stand out part of the book that really impacted me.Audiobook rating: 5+ stars! Viola Davis narrates this herself. I could listen to her voice forever. She added a powerful intensity to this book — it’s one I will never forget listening to. Highly recommend the audio!Thank you to my lovely local library for the audio loan!

booksnpenguins (wingspan matters)

December 07, 2022

The question still echoes, how did I claw my way out? There is no out. Every painful memory, every mentor, every friend and foe served as a chisel, a leap pad that has shaped “ME!” The imperfect but blessed sculpture that is Viola is still growing and still being chiseled.My elixir? I’m no longer ashamed of me. I'm in actual tears.Where has this book been my whole life?I don't usually read non-fiction books, even less if they're biographies, but my amazing best friend and her flawless taste in books thought this was the perfect Christmas gift for me, and it truly was. I own everything that has ever happened to me. The parts that were a source of shame are actually my warrior fuel. I see people—the way they walk, talk, laugh, and grieve, and their silence—in a way that is hyperfocused because of my past. I’m an artist because there’s no separation from me and every human being that has passed through the world including my mom. Objectively speaking, Finding Me is a powerful story; it's not an easy one to read, as it's one born in pain and violence. It's the story of a scared child geared up in a warrior armor, of a person who climbed her way out of her own personal hell hole with clenched teeth and an impressive amount of talent.But thinking about it from the perspective of the entire universe, distilling the novel to its aching soul, it could be the story of many other women, women who still need to make peace with their past, women who struggle to put an end to the abusive streak they're enduring. Women who need to justify their choices and hopes. Women who forgot how to be without bruises and cuts.That's what makes this book so impactful and that's what makes this world so sick.It's terribly real, unfortunately so real. I have a great deal of compassion for other people, but mostly for myself. That would not be the case if I did not reconcile that little eight-year-old girl and FIND ME. I cried reading about Viola's childhood and the way her trauma shaped her into the woman she is today. I cheered for her, had my heart burn with pride and joy learning she's finally getting the love and life she deserves.I feel connected to her and to all the women, of any color, of any biological nature, who fight every day for the birthright to be themselves.I feel understood and lucky and I feel like I should do more to help, to listen, to heal. I feel inspired, emotional and thankful.So very thankful.This book really is a gift, in all and for all.Viola Davis, you beautiful angel full of courage and passion. We don't deserve you. I’m holding her now. My eight-year-old self. Holding her tight. She is squealing and reminding me, “Don’t worry! I’m here to beat anybody’s ass who messes with our joy! Viola, I got this.”


September 01, 2022

This is a 2022 Modern Mrs Darcy Summer Reading Guide selection.An honest, unflinching, and utterly brilliant account of how one of the best actors of our time became who she is today. Davis begins at the beginning: born on a South Carolina plantation (truly), she shortly moved with her mother and alcoholic father to Central Falls, Rhode Island, where she grew up in dire poverty. Her childhood was riddled with trauma: she shares devastating stories of enduring racism, constant hunger, rampant sexual assault by neighborhood men, and constantly reeking because her family couldn’t afford to do laundry. But when she saw Cecily Tyson on TV, she was inspired to take up acting, first succeeding in small sketches at school and later earning a college scholarship. Davis recounts the successes and heartbreaks of her early career in intimate detail, including a life-changing trip to Africa while at Julliard herself and her craft. I was fascinated by her philosophy of creativity, and how she thinks about her field today. A wonder of a memoir, filled with strength, wisdom, grit, and resilience. 


June 22, 2022

This is one of my most anticipated reads, ever, because I’m such a big fan of Viola Davis, and it quickly became one of my favorite memoirs, ever.Viola is so incredibly raw and honest when sharing stories from her childhood, her journey into being an actress, and the lessons she learned along the way as a daughter, wife, mother, and artist. She highlights the brutal racism she had to deal with as a child, the abuse she faced from family members, what it was like to grow up in poverty, and her deep desire to make something more out of her life. Full of wisdom, love, and light, listening to Viola narrate her story elevates the experience of this book because she so expertly packs so much emotion into each sentence that was spoken.I’m honored to learn more about one of my heroes and am utterly in awe of her journey that was gorgeously written, honest, and unforgettable.


January 03, 2023

Viola Davis’s Finding Me stopped me dead in my tracks. “Who are you”, Will Smith inquires. Ms. Davis didn’t immediately understand the question. When Mr. Smith explained what he meant she hit a revelation.Here I stopped the audio. Even though owning the hardback was an absolute. The audio is as well. Hearing Ms. Davis share her truth is as important to me as Ms. Tyson sharing hers the day she died when the audio showed up in my Audible.Aware of Ms. Davis’s childhood prior to this book see her relationship to those events in a new light. One that split the darkness of mine.It just so happens while working with a counselor the VA assigned me we came to a point recently. Connecting my military PTSD from where it began during service of the nation to a meaning of unexpected importance.The moment Ms. Davis shares who she is. I asked myself the same question.Having a similar backstory in many ways to Ms. Davis feel like we could have grow up best friends.I was treated very similarly. So much so my parents named my first pet, Ugly. It wasn’t until I grew up realized their view was their own and not who I am.The relationship I have to the question, Who am I helped me love Ms. Davis more. Which I didn’t think I could or needed.Ms. Davis for who she was before fame is the reason I chose her as a hero. I knew this book would be important to me. Though didn’t expect this much.Before continuing paused to add this to the start of a review. How does one review a life so heartbreakingly lived so generously. Thank you Ms. Davis. Being brave and vulnerable is painful for me still. Thank you for leading your story. I know I’m not the only one who is and will be impacted. Through you through me to others it’s my hope whoever is touched will find Hope. Peace. Joy in the wounds of why they are, too. I’ll be adding and doing a full review. Couldn’t wait to share because of the size of the vibe and importance to me. Maybe you as well.Stay tuned … more to come … /\ update Preorder heaven: hardcover, audio, asking the library to order so other people can borrow it, letting ya’ll know on #goodreads I’m excited. Tic tock … April 26th can’t arrive quick enough ❤️


December 16, 2022

I love Viola Davis. I love that she has always stood out as herself. She is unapologetically beautiful from her soul to her skin. She is brave when others would balk. She has bared her heart to the public to be an example and to let others know it is okay to be yourself, even if that is different from whatever B.S. society labels as "normal," "acceptable," or "beautiful." She is well-deserving of all accolades she has been awarded and many more. I cried so many times listening to this. I connected to many parts of this book in many emotional and mental ways. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about how to do this book justice with a mere review. Viola reading it to me (go with the audio, please, please) was an incredibly personal and intimate feeling. Finding Me is raw and honest, and it feels like you are sitting in a room with Viola, and she is telling you about her life. And my lord, what a life. What a feat to have escaped, let alone found the spotlight. She is not trying to make you feel sorry for her; she is merely baring her soul and allowing you, as the reader, into her introspection of how she becomes the spectacular woman she is today. Feeling like I was in the room listening to her story made me want to reach out and hug her and let her know that she is worthy and how her light shines through in the world. I just wanted her to know that she is loved, and I wanted to hug her family. I started from a poverty stance, but I was blessed in mine due to the help of many others and the family that helped save us. As an adult, when the economy crashed, I was at the mercy of my family, especially my grandmother; things could have been a lot worse without her. There was abuse on a much lesser scale, but it helped me find a clue of relatability and to feel for a small percentage of the terrors she experienced.Nothing I experienced can even glimpse a moment in the Davis family life of poverty so extreme that it is almost unfathomable, of abuse, fear, guilt, and things I can't even put words to. To have gotten away in any semblance of life and still be so strong, put so much of herself into others, and be so caring and kind. I can't do this justice. You have to hear it in Viola's words. Can we all exude a bit more kindness and compassion and freaking assistance when someone is struggling? NO ONE can see the unimaginable battles each individual is facing in life. I hope to hug you one day, Viola. It feels weirdly essential to me to do this. I'm a hugger. 5+ stars. The writing was extremely well done, and the flow was impeccable.


June 28, 2022

Really great memoir about Viola Davis’ journey from a child growing up in poverty to becoming an award winning actress. She is so honest and open about her journey that it was moving to read. She is funny and fierce and someone I like more now than before only knowing her as an actress. The writing was amazing and the story compelling. I think it’s always nice to see who public figures or stars are behind the image we create and this glimpse behind the image did not disappoint.


December 08, 2022

Truly enjoyed listening to the audiobook, it pulled me out of my audiobook slump! It’s indeed a powerful memoir about accepting and acknowledging one true-self. Davis also doesn’t shy away from sharing her ugly childhood details. I’m so glad she became the woman that she is today!


May 05, 2022

BAY-BEEEHHH. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN, RUUUNNN TO THE BOOKSTORE AND BUY THIS BOOK, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! ITS A TOPS!!! 💚💚💚The way in which I can relate to this memoir is astounding… I had no clue that I shared so many things with Miss. Vee! I love the relationship she shares with her mom… imma go ahead and call my mother a great love of mine because SHE JUST IS!!! 💚💚💚 thank you for helping me see this Vee. She and her sisters simply gave me life! As a girlie with only brothers, I quite enjoy seeing, hearing and knowing women with sisters because that dynamic to me is soooo precious. I’d be a dangerous woman had I had a couple of sisters lol! Shout out to y’all for sticking together cause honey me and my brothers are TIGHT LIKE GLUE!I also love her story about her hubby, chiiiiiiile— AINT NOTHING LIKE A SOUTHERN MAN… I too, tend to lean towards them as well because they simply understand so much! This is not a diss to any other men in the world, cause #IYKYK 😘 and there it is.Lastly, what a journey. WHAT A FREAKIN JOURNEY! I SAW Vee when she played in Antwone Fisher. She captivated me in such a small amount of time on screen!!! I now need to go back and watch “Doubt,” & “City of Angels.” Of course I loved her in “The Help” as well as “How to Get Away With Murder.” Hell! She had me ready to go and grab a JD!!! I can say so much about how our life events sorta overlap but this is her story so I will leave it there. Never once did I think that she was unpretty or undesirable… but what I will say ISSSS that NO ONE ON THIS PLANET SLINGS SNOT LIKE LADY VIOLA DAVISSSSSS!!! Just prepare to cry when she cries, smile when she smiles, level up when she’s on the screen bossing it up and such and such & this and that 😂. I AM THEEEE memoir girl. Vee, what a beautiful story, I’m now headed to Malik’s Books for the hardcopy cause my shelf NEEDS this beautiful book!!!WOW. 💚✨💚✨💚✨


June 05, 2022

such a devastating memoir, but also so incredibly beautiful and hopeful at the same time. i am (even more so now) in awe of viola davis’ strength, resilience, talent, determination, and candour. this was also my first audiobook, and i couldn’t have picked a better one to start with because viola’s performance was truly incredible.

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