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Love Rules audiobook

  • By: Joanna Coles
  • Narrator: Joanna Coles
  • Category: HEALTH & FITNESS, Sexuality
  • Length: 6 hours 28 minutes
  • Publisher: HarperAudio
  • Publish date: April 10, 2018
  • Language: English
  • (271 ratings)
(271 ratings)
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Love Rules Audiobook Summary

“For those looking for a smart, no-bullshit, effective guide to finding love, look no further.”–Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity

“While I’m not sure what Carrie Bradshaw would have made of today’s new world of dating, I do know this: armed with Love Rules, she would have figured it all out in one season.”–Sarah Jessica Parker

Sheryl Sandberg empowered women to lean in. Arianna Huffington Encouraged them to thrive. Now, Joanna Coles guides them on their most important journey: finding love. Love Rules will enable you to identify what you want in a relationship, when you should pursue it, and how to find it.

Just as there is junk food, there is junk love. And like junk food, junk love is fast, convenient, attractively packaged, widely available, superficially tasty–and leaves you hungering for more. And both junk food and junk love require enormous amounts of willpower to resist.

Social media and online dating sites have become the supermarkets of our relationship lives. You have to wade through rows of cupcakes and potato chips to find the produce aisle, where those relationships grounded in intimacy and trust live–the ones worth your investment. A diet book for romantic relationships, Love Rules first asks women to re-assess the way they think about their relationships, and then helps them use that newfound awareness to navigate their love lives more successfully in this very modern, fast-paced–and often lonely–digital age.

In these pages leading media exec and former Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire Joanna Coles provides a series of simple guidelines for finding worthwhile love: fifteen rules–love “hacks.” She also explains how to use dating apps effectively to expand real world connections and how to avoid DADD–dating attention–deficit disorder, where the tantalizing promise of someone better appears to be only the next swipe away.

Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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Love Rules Audiobook Narrator

Joanna Coles is the narrator of Love Rules audiobook that was written by Joanna Coles

Joanna Coles is the chief content officer of Hearst Magazines and serves on the board of Snap Inc. She is the executive producer of The Bold Type on Freeform, a scripted show inspired by her life as a magazine editor, and starred in the docuseries So Cosmo on E!. Born in the United Kingdom, Coles was the New York correspondent for the Guardian and the Times of London before joining Hearst as editor in chief of Marie Claire.  She was editor in chief of Cosmopolitan from 2012 to 2016. She lives in New York.

About the Author(s) of Love Rules

Joanna Coles is the author of Love Rules

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Love Rules Full Details

Narrator Joanna Coles
Length 6 hours 28 minutes
Author Joanna Coles
Publisher HarperAudio
Release date April 10, 2018
ISBN 9780062799258


The publisher of the Love Rules is HarperAudio. includes the following subjects: The BISAC Subject Code is HEALTH & FITNESS, Sexuality

Additional info

The publisher of the Love Rules is HarperAudio. The imprint is HarperAudio. It is supplied by HarperAudio. The ISBN-13 is 9780062799258.

Global Availability

This book is only available in the United States.

Goodreads Reviews


March 19, 2018

Let's just admit it: dating sucks. Dating used to be fun and the expectations were lower.But the rules keep changing.Now there's Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and a whole host of other social networks that forced us to "up our game" but in a negative way: we were all faking being fabulous. So how do we find real connection again in a digital world?You start by reading this book. "Love Rules" presents 15 rules in relation to a "food diet" so it's easier to digest (see what I did there? I'm PERFECT dating material). In today's world it seems respect has gone out the window in favor of fast hookups, easygoing thoughts toward intimate relationships, and no strings attached. What Coles finds, however, is that both men and women are looking for something more; once the sun shines where those blurry stars once were it's not as easy to find the romance we were actually looking for.So we have to have rules. Sorry, people, that's just the way it goes and I think clearly the first rule as Cole reinforces over and over again is to define what you want. So you meet somebody- great - but you want a real, long-term relationship and maybe they don't. That doesn't make them a bad person, that just makes them the wrong one and you're wasting your time.Because the truth of the matter is we all want to fall in love, I don't care how many "hook-up" fantasies Hollywood churns out, we're all waiting for the one. Maybe that's just me; if you ever watched "Sex and the City" there's a quiz to find out which character you are in the book and, of course, I'm Charlotte - always optimistic that "the one" is out there and then finding that "perfect" doesn't exist.The book doesn't encourage you to settle, it encourages you to keep at relationships. The idea of "the one" is damaging because we let go of potential suitors after one or two dates because of something we can't get over (maybe they are a smoker - which is kind of deal breaker for me - but would they quit smoking? Have they considered stopping smoking? We wouldn't know unless we got to know them better and clearly defined our barriers. For example, pets. I'm a cat person, you're a dog person, we can make it work, it's not that big a deal. But it might be to the person sitting across from you on a date...with the dog...and a dislike for cats).Anyone who's got dating on their radar should pick up this book. I carried an early copy around with me for weeks trying to evaluate my own dating behavior and any book that has you asking questions about yourself is a good one.Coles isn't just someone writing love and dating advice for the sake of it either - she was Editor-In-Chief of both Marie Claire and Cosmo and has heard it all. And while the book is aimed at women, as a man I found plenty to relate to and Cole encourages you as a reader to change pronouns as you wish.Don't get scared, don't settle, and don't follow the critics.Get this book and find out what it takes to make a real relationship in this digital age work and we're certain to find "the one". Out April 10th from Harper.


June 24, 2018

This book had great advice on taking an introspective look at your relationship patterns. I love the journaling prompts included. I thought the chapter on alcohol and dating was extremely informative, and good to know the tips to get out of an uncomfortable date or sexual situation you don't want to be in by saying you feel sick and like you're going to throw up.

Katherine G.

November 29, 2021

Powerfully written, exposing the too often distasteful and even dangerous experiences of dating, this is a book every woman should read in today's digital relationship world.


May 14, 2018

** spoiler alert ** I honestly wanted to rate this book a 3/5 stars and that’s probably where the content hovers - especially in the naming of the “Parts” of the book and “Rules” for each chapter. The author seems to be a smart yet ignorant woman at the same time or is leaving the thinking to the reader to form his/her own conclusions. However, it’s written rather pleasantly, even though directed towards women and was enjoyable to read nonetheless on a desirable and popular topic. These dating websites that the author presents (Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Match.Com, Coffee & Bagel, etc.) are mostly run by women. When I tried one of the more popular sites, Match.Com, there was no feast of DATES to be had after spending considerable time putting up an online profile and messaging women I found attractive. With 80% of them, I rarely received a response. To be honest, it seems rather pathetic to have to resort to the digital space for a date when meeting in person when two people connect with a “flirtatious smile” seems more appealing. Most of the women you do get a date with on online dating websites will easily take you for a meal ticket or drink only to discard you rather quickly with a comment like “No connection!” My conclusion from the book is that the women on these sites who have no shortage of self-confidence, should be paying for the date themselves for the pure fact that there are more career options available for them in this rather hostile world.There’s a story presented by the author as a Case Study about a girl named Ana who uses sites like Craigslist to find a place in New York, where she is relocating, only to enter a relationship where she becomes battered and raped. Does this actually happen? What’s the prevalence of this, really? I think there’s some feminist corruption with these statistics to protect and shelter women. In my experiences, it’s the guy that gets verbally abused and bullied by the girl and I use the world “girl” here in a liberal sense because it’s hard to find a true LADY. It seems like these women are encouraged to be sexually promiscuous to find as successful a man as they can - an MBAer from Wharton in Ana’s example. There are more case studies presented here of single women traveling abroad to Italy to find a winemaker in the hills of Tuscany. What happens in these marriages? Does the winemaker end up dumping this woman for being a status whore so she can remain popular with all her attractive friends? There’s also talk about a woman’s eggs diminishing after her fertility peak age of twenty-six. While this may very well be true, there are options such as freezing the eggs and IVF which allow women to successfully have a child much later. I wonder how many females actually do this, think to do this and have the financial means to do so? What’s the significance with this now and is it only foolproof with people that possess celebrity? Think sports figures like Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady for instance. I’m not sure what to conclude from this book other than pondering over the main title that’s presented in ALL CAPS. I think of LOVE as an emotion controlled by women to make a large subset of men powerless in a sort of “wicked popularity game.” It’s a rather controversial emotion in today’s day and age. This book is geared towards women but all men should have a read to help them step back and analyze their specific relationships and whether the girl they’re with will make the world a much better place.


February 02, 2020

I’m actually quite surprised I enjoyed this book as much as I did. The first couple of chapters were very self-help instructional, asking the reader to look in the mirror and ask themselves to analyze their past relationships to gauge why they are single. The remainder of the book was general common sense relationship advice. Well-written, a quick easy to get through read.


February 27, 2018

This is a Goodreads win review. Thank goodness I am happily married. I would just looking for someone in this age. Social media dating sites are plentiful but they terrify me. This author gives tips to find a worthwhile person.


December 29, 2018

Easy read and full of great questions to ask yourself about what you really want out of a relationship. Many obvious online dating cautions but still good for someone new to the online dating world.


May 21, 2019

Very informative, yet comical so completely keeps your attention.


August 21, 2018

I think the knocks on the food metaphor. I read this book to understand my kids' generation. I found this book helpful.


November 06, 2019

I love to read this book.

Cindy R

March 09, 2022

Love this book made me reevaluate the American dating scene and what I want


April 06, 2021

I listened to this as an audiobook and I think it made ALL the difference. Listening to Joanna read her work made this seem like I was getting relationship/dating advice from my best friend. Also, any book that encourages me to journal and provides me with prompts and questions for pondering is going to be a win in my book.I will say that this book seemed more aimed at those who want a traditional, monogamous relationship that results in marriage, which applies to me, so I enjoyed. I can see why the book got negative reviews from those who don’t want the traditional partnership model. The comparison to dieting wasn’t my favorite, but I also think it works in terms of an object model because of how pervasive dieting culture is in our society—it gets the author’s point across.I enjoyed the audiobook, enjoyed the introspective activities, and will chalk this up as a fun book.

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