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Baby Blues comic reviewed

Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Reviews on February 25, 2023

    Baby Blues comic reviewed

    Baby Blues is a beloved American comic strip released in 1990. It follows the lives of the Macpherson family, primarily focused on Wanda and Darryl Macpherson and the raising of their children. Here we’ll do a full review of the Baby Blues collection.

    What is Baby Blues about?

    Baby Blues is a comic strip published in hundreds of newspapers worldwide.

    In 1991, due to its rising popularity, the Baby Blues scrapbooks series was released made from the compilation of the newspaper’s publications.

    Baby Blues is a humorous look into the lives of the MacPherson family, Darryl Macpherson, Wanda, Zoe, Hammie, and Wren.

    When the comic strip debuted, Darryl, Wanda, and baby Zoe were the only main characters. Later in the story, Hammie and Wren join the family.

    Darryl MacPherson is in his mid-30s and an assistant director of Limited Budgetary Integration and Planning. He loves being a dad. However, having three kids has become his most challenging job ever.

    He is sometimes unaware of how exhausted his wife feels. He tends to swear when frustrated or injured, and Wren repeats the words in some of the strips.

    Wanda left her job as a public relations executive to become a stay-at-home mom. Having three children under the age of 10 has been a challenge that often leaves her exhausted. However, she wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in the world.

    She is the kind of woman that springs into action before thinking things through, like when she saw a woman hit her child in the grocery store. She didn’t think twice before getting into an argument with the woman. Although she later wondered if she did the right thing.

    Zoe was the first child and only child for three years until she became the big sister to her baby brother Hammie. As the center of attention, every single milestone has been photographed and recorded.

    She has an adorable bossy attitude that she considers one of the perks of being the big sister.

    Hammie is about six years old. He is the middle child and a fan of everything that involves dirt, explosions, and adrenaline. He’s a handful for his parents with his mischievous adventures. However, according to his big sister, he has a gold heart.

    Wren is the baby girl of the family. She is a quiet and curious toddler. As the story progressed, Wren became a baby able to stand and say a few words.

    About the authors of Baby Blues

    The co-authors of Baby Blues are Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman. Scott is also known as the co-writer of Zits.

    Rick Kirkman started his comics career at a very young age. His illustrations appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, Parents Magazine, and Redbook, among others.

    Kirkman met Jerry Scott in the early 80s when they teamed up to create Baby Blues. The inspiration came from the birth of Kirkman’s second child. When Jerry Scott became a parent, he started adding his own experiences as a father to the story.

    They think of Baby Blues as a comic strip that provides a humorous look into the exciting yet demanding task of being a parent.

    Creators Syndicate first distributed Baby Blues in the 1990s. Since 1995, Andrews McMeel Syndication was in charge of the distribution until 2022, when King Features Syndicate took over.

    In 1991, the first Baby Blues paperback comic was released with a compilation of comic strips from the newspapers. The first one released was Baby Blues: This is Going to Be Tougher Than We Thought It. However, it was not labeled as a scrapbook like the two that followed.

    The first one to be considered a scrapbook was I thought Labour Ended When the Baby Was Born (scrapbook no. 4). Other titles include Our Server Is Down and I Saw Elvis in My Ultrasound.

    An additional collection was released in 1997, named Baby Blues Treasuries. These books contain a full-color compilation of the strips from the scrapbook collection. Some titles are Wall-to-Wall Baby Blues, released in 2003, and X-treme Parenting, released in 2008.

    In 2017, the co-authors released Binge Parenting: A Baby Blues Collection. The book is a compilation of comic strips since its release in 1990.

    A Baby Blues cartoon based on the comic strip aired in 2000 and was produced by Warner Bros. It aired on the WB for one month before being canceled.

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    Is Baby Blues still running?

    Yes, it is. As of 2022, King Features Syndicate took over the distribution of the comic strip.

    How many Baby Blues comic books are there?

    In December 2022, Multitasking (scrapbook no. 39) was released. Baby Blues has ten additional books between the Baby Blues Treasury and other collections.

    What happened to Baby Blues in SF Chronicle?

    Upon the new radicalization of the strip, it’s been removed from SF Chronicle.

    When is the next Baby Blues comic coming out?

    There’s still no official date for the release of the next Baby Blues comic.

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