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What are the best books by Neil Gaiman

Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Best Books on March 01, 2023

    What are the best books by Neil Gaiman

    Neil Gaiman is a highly acclaimed British author. Inspired as a young boy by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Edgar Allan Poe, today he is one of the most famous fantasy writers of the modern age.

    Gaiman has written numerous books, and this article will cover his 10 best titles.

    Who is Neil Gaiman?

    Neil Gaiman was born in the U.K. in 1960. At a young age, he discovered his passion for books, reading James Branch Cabell, Gene Wolfe, G.K. Chesterton, and many other legendary authors.

    He loved reading, but he also wanted to test his writing skills. One of his first jobs was as an English journalist, but Gaiman mainly wrote book reviews and conducted interviews, hoping this would help him make connections to launch his writing career.

    Gaiman is widely regarded as one of the most significant authors of modern comics. His titles span several genres and are meant for audiences of different ages.

    The first book he penned was Duran Duran, a 123-page biography about the iconic rock band. The second title, even more notable, was a biography of the famous sci-fi writer Douglas Adams, Don’t Panic: The Official Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Companion.

    As Gaiman perfected his craft, he soon released Sandman. This groundbreaking series earned him many accolades in the U.S., including Harvey Awards and Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. It also became the first comic to receive the 1991 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story.

    The Dictionary of Literary Biography also added the award-winning writer to their list of the top 10 living post-modern authors.

    Besides comics, he’s mastered graphic novels, drama, journalism, film, poetry, children’s books, short fiction, and young adult science fiction.

    Gaiman has many other accolades to his name:

    • Hugo Awards
    • Nebula Awards
    • Newbery Medal
    • Carnegie Medal

    The best Neil Gaiman books

    Here are the 10 best books by Neil Gaiman:

    American Gods

    American Gods is Gaiman’s most popular book. It’s a fantasy tale that follows Shadow, who meets Mr. Wednesday. Mr. Wednesday seems like an ordinary man, but Shadow quickly learns he’s an Odin reincarnation.

    The duo embarks on an adventure to gather the manifestations of the Old Gods, including Thor and Loki, to fight the New Gods. The series was adapted into a TV series which ran from 2017-2021.


    In this next book, we meet a young girl named Coraline. When she unlocks a door in her home, she discovers a pathway to a realm that seems like an upgraded version of her own world.

    However, she quickly learns this region traps the souls of children behind mirrors, and it is her job to save them.

    Dave McKean contributed to this novel with his exceptional illustrations. It was published by Harper Collins in 2002, and a movie adaptation came out in 2009.

    The Sandman comic book series

    The Sandman series centers on Dream (Morpheus), the master of the Dreaming, a huge realm that holds the dreams of every person who has ever existed.

    After being imprisoned for seven decades, Dream starts reclaiming his lost objects to reorder the Dreaming and introduce a new power.

    Good Omens

    If you’re looking for a fascinating comedy story, Good Omens won’t let you down.

    The tale follows the end of the world after the birth of Satan’s son. A demon Crowley and an angel Aziraphale want to avert the apocalypse because they like Earth. The book incorporates many religious themes and is packed with clever jokes.

    Terry Pratchett is the co-author of this story. The book was adapted into an Amazon Prime TV show in 2019.


    Neverwhere is a mesmerizing urban fantasy about the London Below, which houses saints and monsters. Located beneath London, reaching this realm is hard, let alone trying to escape it.

    That’s precisely what Richard Mayhew learns. This businessman wants to help a stranger before having dinner but soon finds himself in a mysterious, menacing region—the London Below.


    Despite not being a classic fantasy writer, Neil Gaiman has a title that conforms to most conventions of this genre—Stardust.

    This coming-of-age tale follows Tristran Thorne (Tristan Thorne in the movie adaptation) in his quest for an elusive fallen start. The protagonist transforms throughout the story, realizing this world is more complicated than he originally believed.

    The Graveyard Book

    The Graveyard Book is a dark fantasy novel that revolves around a young boy named Bod Owens who grows up in a cemetery after escaping the murderer of his family. The child sticks to one rule—he mustn’t leave the cemetery unless he wants to face the dangers lurking outside.

    The Ocean at the End of the Lane

    In The Ocean at the End of the Lane, a man returns to England after a funeral. He stops by a pond near his childhood home and reminisces about a girl he met when he was a boy. Lettie Hempstock claimed this body of water was both her home and the ocean. More memories flood his mind and unveil the mysteries the man kept suppressed.

    This fairytale-like novel was named the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 2013 and Locus Best Fantasy Novel in 2014.

    Anansi Boys

    Anansi Boys describes the events after American Gods. Charles Nancy is the main character whose father died during a night of karaoke. The protagonist organizes the funeral but discovers his dad is a spider god and learns he has a mysterious brother.

    Smoke and Mirrors

    This is one of the most famous collections of short stories by Neil Gaiman. It’s full of majestic lands described through reflections and retellings. This collection of short stories also covers a wide array of styles and subjects to accommodate even the most demanding reader.

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    What is the best Neil Gaiman book to start with?

    The best book you can begin with to familiarize yourself with the English author’s works is American Gods. You can find it on Amazon or in the audio format on Speechify Audiobooks.

    Did Neil Gaiman write Thor?

    Stan Lee wrote Thor, but Neil Gaiman mentions this Norse god in many of his novellas and other works, including Norse Mythology.

    Does Neil Gaiman believe in God?

    Gaiman says he believes in something more complicated than God.

    What Neil Gaiman book is about a man who can stop time?

    Neil Gaiman’s Sandman has a character named Hob Gadling. He wants to become immortal, which would also mean that time wouldn’t affect him.

    What is the most popular Neil Gaiman book?

    American Gods is the most popular Neil Gaiman book.

    What Neil Gaiman book is a movie?

    Coraline and Stardust are two of Gaiman’s most famous books adapted to movies.

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