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Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls Audiobook

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Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls Audiobook

Regular Price: 16.95 USD
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Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls Audiobook Summary

Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls is book 3 and the conclusion to the Life through a Mirror romantic murder mystery trilogy. It revolves around suspense, murder, romance, and family. In this series, Allie and David lose a close friend. They become trapped in another web of suspense and murder, as they work with the FBI to find the killers. From the first book, they were two different people that came from two different worlds who finally found each other. Follow them through this series, you read as the lives of the characters evolved. In this exciting conclusion, they try to save themselves and their family in a world that seems to be constantly trying to shatter their lives. In Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls, the reader will have developed a deeper attachment to Allie and David.

Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls Audiobook Narrator

Marnye Young is the narrator of Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls audiobook that was written by Caesar Rondina

About the Author(s) of Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls

Caesar Rondina is the author of Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls

With over thirty-five years of working experience in the public health care system, Caesar Rondina has interacted with thousands of people from different walks of life, running a range of cultures, races, and creeds. Often, these encounters were amplified by the intensity of a life-or-death medical situation. Caesar Rondina is a writer, author, public speaker, and educator. Born in New England, he has attended universities in the fields of education and business management. Caesar Rondina writes a weekly blog that’s published every Monday evening at 8:30 p.m. EST. He is a contributing writer on many different writing forums, as well as a instructor. Caesar speaks at book clubs, school events, in addition to professional speaking engagements. Caesar is involved with supporting youth groups, veterans, and our senior population. Caesar is a multigenre writer in the areas of romance, self-help, nonfictional narratives, and murder mysteries. He is a contributing writer on many forums and continues to produce audio/visual tutorials on Caesar Rondina was a business owner for seventeen years before becoming a career firefighter and paramedic. Caesar Rondina states, “I love to learn from people. There is something we can teach them, and many things we can learn in return.”

Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls Full Details

NarratorMarnye Young
Length7 hours 29 minutes
AuthorCaesar Rondina
PublisherBlackstone Publishing
Release dateFebruary 03, 2023


According to Blackstone Publishing, the Publisher of Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls Audiobook, Life through a Mirror: When Murder Calls includes the following subjects: The BISAC Subject Code is Fiction, Mystery & Detective, General

Additional info

The imprint is Silverton Agency. It is supplied by Blackstone Publishing. The ISBN-13 is 9781094008004.

Global Availability

This book is only available in the United States.

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