Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation

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Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation

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Black Panther: The Battle for Wakanda


There’s a crisis in WAKANDA. The sacred Mound is being attacked by an evil cult, and Wakandans are growing angry with their new king, T’Challa, aka the Super Hero BLACK PANTHER. So it’s bad timing when Black Panther is called away by the AVENGERS. There is strong evidence that Black Panther has stolen a highly classified weapon! With help from some familiar faces in S.H.I.E.L.D. and some new ones like the DORA MILAJE, Black Panther will battle the greatest threats Wakanda has ever faced. This orphan king will be forced to claw his way to the throne in the BATTLE FOR WAKANDA!

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Kamala Khan, aka MS. MARVEL, is in over her head. Juggling the life of a Super Hero and the life of a normal girl is a full-time job. So when an infestation of MISCHIEVOUS BIRD CREATURES comes to town, Kamala ends up bombing a huge test because she is forced to defend Jersey City. But with the help of THOR, the Mighty Avenger, Ms. Marvel will uncover the creepy truth behind an army of annoying feathered foes and rediscover her inner warrior in MS. MARVEL’S FISTS OF FURY!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora’s Galactic Showdown


While taking some time off from the Guardians of the Galaxy, the fearsome warrior and swordswoman Gamora must set off on a DANGEROUS mission. She will need to recover a mysterious cube that once belonged to her father, the universally feared Titan Thanos … but not if her evil sister, Nebula, has anything to say about it. With help from some old friends like ROCKET and some surprising new ones like PIP THE TROLL and ADAM WARLOCK, Gamora will discover what it truly means to be part of a family. This cosmic warrior will experience an adventure of EPIC proportions and ultimately battle her most challenging foe yet in GAMORA’S GALACTIC SHOWDOWN!

Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation Full Details

NarratorRobin Miles
Length3 hours and 44 minutes
AuthorMarvel Press
PublisherBlackstone Publishing
Release dateAugust 14 2018

Subjects in Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation

According to Blackstone Publishing, the Publisher of Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation Audiobook, Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation includes the following subjects: black panther, wakanda, cult, king, t’challa, avengers, weapon, shield, dora milaje, battle, kamala khan, ms. marvel, super hero, jersey city, thor, birds, gamora, cube, titan, thanos, nebula, rocket, pip, troll, adam warlock, guardians of the galaxy. The BISAC Subject Code is .

About the Author(s) of Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation

The author of Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation is Marvel Press.

About the Narrator of Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation Audiobook

The narrator for the Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation Audiobook is Robin Miles.

<b>Robin Miles</b> began her audiobook narration in 1994.  She’s read over 130 titles covering many different genres and has won multiple Earphones awards.  Her many audiobook credits include Augusten Burroughs’s <i>Sellevision</i>, Edwidge Danticat’s <i>Brother I’m Dying</i>, and Lalita Tademy’s<i> Cane River</i>.  Her film and television credits include <i>The Last Days of Disco, Primary Colors, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order, New York Undercover</i>, National Geographic’s <i>Tales from the Wild, All My Children,</i> and <i>One Life to Live</i>.  She regularly gives seminars to members of SAG and AFTRA actors’ unions, and in 2005 she started Narration Arts Workshop in New York City, offering audiobook recording classes and coaching.  She holds a B.A. in Theater Studies from Yale University, an MFA in acting from the Yale School of Drama, and a certificate from the British American Drama Academy in England..

Mighty Marvel Chapter Book Compilation Audiobook Additional Info

The imprint is Disney. It is supplied by Blackstone Publishing. The ISBN-10 is 1982522070. The ISBN-13 is 9781982522070.

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