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The Coin of Carthage Audiobook

Publisher List Price: 13.95 USD

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Written by Bryher

Narrated by Wanda McCaddon

Published by Blackstone Publishing on June 22, 2005

Audio is 6 hours and 32 minutes

About The Coin of Carthage: No publisher description included.

The Coin of Carthage was published on June 22, 2005.

The The Coin of Carthage Audiobook is 6 hours and 32 minutes. Speechify has the Unabridged edition version of the audiobook.

Both the publication language and the narration language are in English.

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20M+ downloads | 150K+ 5-stars reviews
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Subjects in The Coin of Carthage

According to Blackstone Publishing, the Publisher of The Coin of Carthage Audiobook, The Coin of Carthage includes the following subjects: 218 bc, hannibal, march across the alps, barbarians, roman army, carthage, carthaginians, roman republic, second punic war, ancient rome, rome, greek traders. The BISAC Subject Code is .

About the Author(s) of The Coin of Carthage

The author of The Coin of Carthage is Bryher.

About the Narrator of The Coin of Carthage Audiobook

The narrator for the The Coin of Carthage Audiobook is Wanda McCaddon.

The Coin of Carthage Audiobook Additional Info

The imprint is Blackstone Publishing. It is supplied by Blackstone Publishing. The ISBN-10 is 1481547372. The ISBN-13 is 9781481547376.

Global Availability of The Coin of Carthage Audiobook

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