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The 5 best alternatives to Voice Dream

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Voice Dream is a great text-to-speech app. However, are there other options? We've curated THE top 5 best alternatives to Voice Dream. See our detailed list.

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The 5 best alternatives to Voice Dream

Voice Dream is a great text-to-speech app. However, are there other options? We’ve curated THE top 5 best alternatives to Voice Dream. See our detailed list.

What is Voice Dream?

Prefer to listen to text instead of reading on your device? You’re not alone. There are many apps that can help you transfer information from your device to your brain while you’re busy with other tasks. Voice Dream can help both academics and book lovers by translating written words into audio using speech synthesis.

Why users are looking for Voice Dream alternatives

While Voice Dream pleases many users, some aren’t in love with some of its features. Some users complain that the app randomly skips to a new place when restarting after pausing. Others have complained that the app doesn’t play through playlists, rather, it starts back to the beginning of each file once it reaches the end.

Some users have also found that switching between different phone apps while using Voice Dream causes glitchy issues that can be a pain. Here, we’ve gathered five alternatives to Voice Dream for those who want a different text-to-speech app experience.

Five Voice Dream alternatives

When you’re working to find the right app to translate written text to audio for you, it can take some time to sort through your options and figure out which choice is the best fit. Here, we’ve sorted through the best alternatives to the Voice Dream reader, helping you narrow down your options for reading online and offline.

If you’re reading audiobooks, ePub articles or web pages on your Mac, iPhone, Linux, Microsoft, or Amazon device consider these options for high-quality, voice readers. Even if you are reading your Microsoft Word RTF file on an iPad in different languages, your voiceover will work with these TTS readers.

1. TextAloud

Looking for a simple, easy-to-use speech-to-text app that helps you get the information you need? TextAloud has the tools that you need to get the job done, without the bells and whistles that can get in the way when using fancier apps.

The app offers calm, natural-sounding voices that make it a joy to listen to your audio files. While many people use TextAloud to translate the information they need to read into audio files, some also use TextAloud to help proofread their own written work. When the app reads information back to the writer, it can be easier to catch mistakes and grammatical errors than when simply reading by sight alone.

2. NaturalReader

Many of us have been there–distracted by an artificial-sounding voice while using a text-to-speech app. NaturalReader works to provide human-sounding voices that are crystal clear, allowing users to fully focus on the information at hand instead of the robotic-sounding voice reading the text.

If you’re a business owner or writer who is developing your own website, including NaturalReader’s WebReader can help make your site accessible to all, no matter what their level of vision. It’s simple to set up WebReader, and doing so can help make your website accessible to all.

Parents say that NaturalReader is a great fit for students who are dyslexic and have other learning differences, as the app allows them to get through audio files without the frustration that can come with reading standard text.

See the best 5 alternatives to Natural Reader

3. Read Aloud TTS Chrome Extension

Heralded by many as a user-friendly option, this Chrome extension gives readers several ways to listen to their information in an audio format. Users simply paste a URL into the Voice Aloud extension, and the app gets to work translating the information to an audio format. One cool feature of this Chrome extension: it automatically gets rid of information that most users don’t want to be translated into audio, such as the menu bar and copyright information.

The Read Aloud extension isn’t just about reading websites and books–it can also tackle documents and HTML files. The extension gives users a simple, quick how-to guide when they first install the program, helping them seamlessly navigate through the ins and outs of the text-to-speech app.

Struggle with falling asleep after reading? This extension has you covered with both night mode and a sleep timer. Night mode helps users navigate the app while reducing eye strain, while sleep mode automatically turns the app off after a certain amount of time, so you aren’t hearing the latest chapter of your novel long after you’ve hit the hay for the night. Unfortunately, this extension is only available for Android and PC users–there’s currently no option for those who use an iOS operating system to use Read Aloud.

See the best alternatives to Read Aloud

4. Readspeaker

This Android-only app offers many options to readers, including a webReader, TextAid, speechCould API, formReader, and docReader. Many users appreciate Readspeaker’s natural-sounding voice (as opposed to the robot-like voices offered by some text-to-speech apps).

Business owners may find that they benefit from the app’s voice cloning software, which allows users to create a cloned voice that creates distinct, cohesive marketing and messaging across all of the brand’s social media and marketing channels. The company also offers marketing support for business owners who are concerned about how using AI technology may scare off some customers.

Not an English speaker, or prefer to listen to your text-to-audio in another language? Readspeaker has you covered, with more than 35 languages offered within the app. Readspeaker has offices in several countries around the world, allowing the company to stay on top of changes and nuances in language that make the app more valuable.

5. Speechify

Ready to rock your productivity like never before? You’ll want to check out Speechify, available as both a Chrome extension and for iOS users. Whether you simply learn best by listening to information or you have a language learning difference (such as dyslexia), Speechify was designed with you in mind to read all your bookmarks and shortcuts you need to annotate.

It is the best text reader on Apple or Windows, and can easily handle text files, TXT, WAV, plain text, OCR, or items you have bookmarked in your web browser to read with text-to-speech software.

Speechify is all about helping you read smarter, not harder. Whether you’re trying to get through long work documents or you simply need to catch up on emails after a weekend out of the office, Speechify will help you get the information you need, in less time than it would take to read. Love the feel of a paper book in your hands? Speechify has the ability to translate photos of text to audio files, helping you read even if you don’t have a .pdf file of your text.

Looking at podcast transcript on the Mac OS or scrolling through the app store? Speechify is a natural choice.

With the ability to read up to 600 words per minute, it’s tough to beat Speechify‘s ability to help you get the information you need–fast. If you’re interested in scanning text while Speechify reads it out loud, no problem–the app allows readers to listen and read at the same time. Cool bonus: Speechify is 100% free.

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