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Alternatives to WellSaid Labs

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WellSaid Labs is a popular text-to-speech program, but what other alternatives are out there? Discover more TTS options here!

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3 Better Alternatives to WellSaid Labs  

Headquartered in Seattle, WellSaid Labs is a text-to-speech program that helps users convert text to voice in real time. The program works to create voiceover content, and it has features like WellSaid Study, WellSaid API, and WellSaid Avatars.

Functionally, WellSaid Labs is aimed at the voiceover market. It uses artificial intelligence to bring products to life and to integrate vocal content. It’s built for collaboration, letting companies use the voices to tell stories in ads or commercials without voiceover talent.

If you do have voiceover talent available for a short time, you can make your own WellSaid Avatar. This is made with the voice of a real person, letting them perform just a few hours of recordings to come up with a brand new voice for your company to use.

It’s important to look at the differences between companies to decide whose products you want to use. WellSaid Labs, Speechify, and Notevibes are all possible TTS services—but they have different functions and and are aimed at different markets.

1. Speechify

Speechify is a competitor to WellSaid Labs but offers more expansive text-to-speech technology. The TTS reader can be used for voiceover content, but it can also be used in eLearning and to convert text to a podcast, for example.

The greatest difference between WellSaid Labs and Speechify is that Speechify can read text in multiple formats. It can take text from a paper document and convert it to speech, as well as web pages, social media websites, emails, documents, ebooks, and more. When it comes to the customization of the TTS functionality features, Speechify allows you to speed up or slow down the audio. Speechify is quite versatile and can work in your browser, desktop, and even on your phone as an app.

Speech solutions vary from company to company because the algorithms are a little different. Speechify sets itself apart because it has on-demand HD voices in a variety of languages and accents. In fact, there are over 50 languages available in the program today!

You can try Speechify with the free version, which has limited features, or you can opt for the premium version, which also has a free trial. Depending on what you want to do with Speechify, you can ask for a quote for a large group or company, or you can pay for an individual subscription.

In terms of functionality, Speechify is the best program on the market. It has a Chrome extension, iOS app, and Android app. It helps maximize your time by allowing you to go through your content two or three times faster than other text-to-speech readers. It has over 50 understood languages and international voices, and it lets you read any book your shelf (along with any documents you have in paper form) just by snapping a picture and adding it to the app.

You can use Speechify to listen to any text. Use it for messages on WhatsApp or in Gmail. Use it for Google Docs or MS Teams. You can also use it to read the New York Times or to refresh your content on LinkedIn. The applications are nearly limitless, making Speechify the most flexible TTS reader on the market today.

Another perk to Speechify versus programs like WellSaid Labs or Amazon Polly is that you can schedule a demo to go over all the different things the API can do for you. You’ll learn how to use it with the support of the in-house team, and you can get customized rates for educational or business use.

Natural sounding voices 

Natural sounding voices are extremely important in media. Voice actors change their own voices to sound different depending on the character they’re trying to represent. TTS describing written content on the screen for someone who is visually impaired needs to be easy to understand and fluid with the movie or show they’re watching.

That’s why you want a program like Speechify. With Speechify, you can choose from a number of different HD voices powered by advanced AI technology. Speechify offers featured voices, too, which are some of the preferred or most recently added options. These voices sound natural and human, removing the robotic element that many older-styled TTS readers still have today.

The reason that natural sounding voices are so important in text-to-speech software is because you deserve to listen to content and clearly understand it. When something robotic reads to you, it can make the words sound strange—causing you to miss the context of what you are reading or to misunderstand if you are still learning the language you’re listening to. You might also become bored with the robotic reader.

Human-sounding voices are more unique and fun to listen to. They read in appropriate accents depending on the language, making it simpler for you to grasp the content of the text that is being read aloud.

Speech therapy service  

There are many use cases for natural voice generators. One of the best reasons to use TTS is for speech therapy services. With audio files at their command, it’s easier for learners to listen to a human voice go through speech therapy lessons on their Android or iOS device, for example. They can hear the way that words are supposed to sound as they are broken down by the syllable.

Without the right intonation, speech therapy services may not be as helpful. WellSaid Labs can create custom voice options, but Speechify has natural voices created with machine learning technology that will be ready to use immediately. Whether you’re listening to audiobooks to improve your speech or want to hear natural-sounding speech as you learn a new language, the speech synthesis provided by Speechify is helpful as you study.

2. Notevibes

Another alternative to WellSaid Labs is Notevibes. It has over 225 premium female and male speech voices that convert text to speech online. It is available with voices from Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon, and other major companies.

With Notevibe’s many synthetic voices, it’s easy to read through content using user-friendly controls. It has a text-to-audio editor and will read out clearly to you, instead of having you listen to an unnatural digital voice.

Notevibes is promoted for use with YouTube videos, startup company ads, government reports, and more. The pricing starts at $8 a month, billed at $96 a year, for private or personal use. For more voice avatars and corporate use, it’s $4,000 per year.

3. Voice recognition programs 

Voice recognition programs could also be a good choice for you if you want to convert your voice into a .wav file or create your own written tutorials from speech to text. Some free voice-to-text programs include SpeechNotes, Microsoft Dictate, Google Docs Voice Typing, and Briana Pro.

If you use one of these programs to create your own text content on iPhone, for example, you could also use a program like Speechify to read your content back to you in another voice.

Conclusion – Speechify is the best alternative

So, if you want to make a voiceover for your YouTube video, you could choose a British reader or translate your speech into another language and have it read with a natural sounding voice from that region of the world.


What is the company’s mission?

WellSaid Labs states that its company’s mission is to contribute to humanity through AI research and engineering.

Speechify’s company mission includes providing access to world-class education while destigmatizing learning differences, so there is an equal playing field for all.

Notevibes has a mission to provide high-quality, natural-sounding voices for a variety of applications.

What other services does WellSaid Labs offer?

WellSaid Labs offers three main services. These include WellSaid Studio, WellSaid API, and WellSaid Avatars.

WellSaid Studio is a program that allows you to enter your script in plain text. Then, you can select a voice to have that text converted to high-quality narration. That .wav file can then be shared with your clients and teammates.

WellSaid API focuses on building AI voices and apps. You build an app, and the company provides the voices for voiceovers, such as if you want your character to have a specific voice in a game.

WellSaid Avatars lets you choose someone to make a vocal avatar. The nice thing about this is that you can use the machine’s deep learning technology to produce a vocal avatar for someone you know or who has a voice you like. The program will take the text you input and convert it into that person’s voice, letting you use a celebrity or other party’s voice on multiple pieces of content even if they aren’t available.

What is the main product sold by Well Said Labs?

WellSaid Labs primarily sells text-to-speech services. However, these services are aimed at media, meaning that the company doesn’t particularly have a focus on eLearning or disability support. Other companies, like Speechify, focus on using TTS to help with neurodivergence or studying, which is something to keep in mind while you look for a TTS reader for personal or professional use.

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