Editorial policy


Our users are always our top priority and we want to be transparent, in simple terms. Here’s how Speechify approaches content. If you have any questions or see something that requires a correction, please contact us.

Principles of our editorial content

  1. Empowering: We believe in removing barriers to reading. From any disability to limited time, we aim to remove these barriers and empower the world.

  2. Objective: Our content is thoughtfully written and reviewed by experts. Even when we write reviews, we try to remain as objective as possible.

  3. Readable: We try to write content that has a point and a key takeaway that enriches our readers’ life. We use Flesch–Kincaid readability tests to ensure our content can be read and understood by anyone with a 10th-grade reading level or above.

  4. Promoting reading: Speechify is made up of avid readers and writers and we want to promote reading in every age group. See Cliff’s story on how Speechify was founded.