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Connecteam: The Complete App
What this app does
The easiest, most effective, and most reasonably priced way to manage non-desk employees is through Connecteam’s employee app!

Customers love Connecteam’s employee app for many reasons, including its attractive user interface and limitless potential:

– “In a single day, we were able to use this software! I wholeheartedly suggest this fantastic tool to everyone.” Sarah C. (Dentist clinic owner, 10 employees)

– “It is simple to use and interact with! On the app, everybody adores it!” – Jenna A. (Administration Manager, 35 employees)

“Connecteam’s employee app has resolved every issue I’ve had since beginning my business, which other programs that I paid almost two times as much for couldn’t handle,” – Nyla C. (Founder & Owner, 50 employees)

– “The most scalable platform of its type! I’ve only discovered one software that lets me tweak pretty much anything, and that’s it!” Meghan H (Chief Operating Officer, 75 employees)

Make internal communication easier:

Make internal communication at your business easier than ever! To improve your company’s culture and employee connection, communicate the appropriate information to each and every employee at the appropriate moment using fantastic tools for employee engagement. We provide a range of communication solutions to improve staff engagement and daily operations:

• Group talks in real time

• A list of all business contacts

• Updates and posts, with or without remarks and responses

• Feedback forms for workers

Box of suggestions

• And a whole lot more!

Tasks, lists, and documents:

Create a fully automated, edge-to-edge process that can be used from anywhere at any time for any procedure that now uses pen and paper, a spreadsheet, text messages, or phone calls. Our employee app has a variety of tools to help you manage daily activities, replace paper forms with digital ones, and improve on-the-job compliance.

• Auto-reminder daily checklists

• Options to read and sign online forms

• Enable users to post photos and submit GEO location reports

• Stop using paper and automate routine tasks

• Completely adaptable and simple to use, with real-time mobile preview

Staff Time Clock:

With Connecteam’s time clock, you can monitor and manage employees’ work hours on jobs, projects, clients, or whatever else you require. Our time clock for employees is simple to use for efficient implementation:

• Display of maps and Geofence-enabled GPS location tracking

• Employment and shift assignments

• Automated lunches, double time, and overtime

• Reminders and push notifications that are automated

• Employee timesheets are simple to use and administer.

Working hours:

With the only scheduling app that allows complete shift collaboration, you can quickly and efficiently arrange shifts and dispatch jobs. Our work calendar is user-friendly and filled with time-saving features.

• Create individual, group, or team shifts

• GPS status updates for job progress visualization

• Job details, including location, shift responsibilities, free-text notes, and file attachments

• Custom posts and graphics with the shift collaborative feed

Improved professional abilities:

Your employees can access information, policies, and training materials directly from their employee apps without having to be in the office or carry about any paperwork:

• Simple access to all media formats and files

• Accessible online archives

• Courses for professionals

• Tests

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10 Users- Free
Basic - $29/month
Advanced - $49.00/month
Employee Time ClockPricing is currently cost prohibiting for a small business
Real-time Employee CommunicationBasic features are missing or are tied to plan upgrades
Valuable Workforce InsightsLimiting the ability to directly highlight or internally/externally link


119 West 24th St. 4th floor New York, NY 10011

Connect Team- reviews

Good when things work correctly. The only way to add to you androids google calendar is via email. Everytime I select the add to calendar in email it tries to open a page not available on aws ref webcal:// that can't open in chrome. My guess is it's the calendar not opening the link or unsupported ics file/ incorrect address. Ive been trying to figure out on two phones for months. If it's not your apps fault let me know and maybe a work around. It's a 5 star result.

- B Smath

Definitely not the best of experiences. since the updates have occurred every time I upload photos what tends to happen is the photos come up as black with no picture my 2nd issue is daily activity reports or Internet reports that are created if you back out of the app your last entry is completely gone even though you still are not done with your report. Having major issues loading opening app and messages.

- None Ya Business

Amazing App but can't edit to-do list once created. Every time I do it crashes. I can't add, edit, remove sub-tasks, I can't change or extend time. The work around is having to duplicate the task. Then make changes. (The Amazing developer already had these bugs in it's spotlight and was working hard on a fix long before I wrote this which I love! Thank you guys. You are phenomenal fixing a common problem for your clients so quickly!)

- Raelynn Brown-White

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