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Course Hero

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Monthly Plan - $39.99per month

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Course Hero reviews

I can upload ten documents of my own to gain access to the work of other students and professors. There is a large database that you can use to reference work

- sovira c.

I like it When you take a course; you can access documents of people who have taken the same class which can be of crucial help to you. I like how easy it is to navigate the platform. Course hero pays tutors well.

- Abdelkadir B.

Great supplemental material for a variety of subjects!

- Joanna G.

PhET reviews

There's no shortage of ways to use PhET Interactive Simulations in (or out of) the classroom. Effectively, any time you'd use a static PowerPoint slide or textbook image to demonstrate a concept, it's worth checking PhET to see if there's an interactive version. Chances are high that there's already one on the site. There are also virtual versions of common lab experiences, and it might be worth using the simulation if you're short on class time or resources, or if you're doing distance learning. Even if you have really great videos of experiments, the interactivity of these simulations will contribute so much to your lessons that it's hard not to use both. Especially for science teachers struggling with 45-minute class times, PhET can be a great way for students to experience labs at home. There are hundreds of complete lesson plans and resources available on the site (with a free account) that use the site's simulations. The simulations work in a browser, or you can also download them for offline use. You can also use them as-is or, with a bit of know-how, remix them for your needs. Just be sure to share your modifications with the rest of the community! Keep in mind, though, that many of these simulations are not designed for students to lead themselves in the learning; they require teacher input and direction, including what the various functions of many of the sims are for and how they work.

- Pamela B.

I have been fan PhET for a long time, and it is great to see it in app form. As a physicist I can only talk about the physics apps, but these are very good, easy to use and designed in such a way to illustrate the core underlying physics. I can see the potential of this during a time of remote teaching and learning; learners can now access a wealth of physics and develop their understanding. Well done Phet!

- Mark Whalley

These are fantastic! PhET has been used in my classes for Earth Science, Chemistry, and even AP Chemistry for years, but app makes this extremely accessible, especially in the virtual setting where this can be a really powerful tool. The digital tools are simple to use, students find their use to be intuitive, and the cognitive load can be spent on the science rather than figuring out the program. Thank you for all you've done to create such a great learning tool!

- Amy Connor

Pros & cons

Course Hero

Huge catalog
Quality study material
Frequently updated content

High premium membership cost
Low pay for tutors
Soem questions require significant time and detailed explanation


PhET Interactive Simulations is an excellent, free tool to help support student learning
Variety of topics and target ages, and a ton of support materials
They promote lasting retention of otherwise difficult-to-understand concepts.

 Not as compelling as real-world simulations
Design is somewhat dated
Requires teacher input and direction (not really student self-guided)
Some of the tools are a bit too closed-ended and could benefit from additional controls.

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