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Category: Automation Software Tools
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Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything

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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

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Dotdigital reviews

"Good platform but some niggles around pricing and set-up" What do you like best about Dotdigital? The platform itself is solid and well featured, with good deliverability, personalisation and scheduling options, management of contacts, segmentation, reporting, A/B testing and automation, SMS and web chat integration. Emails based on the paid-for template format well across all devices and clients with excellent consistency. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Dotdigital? Pricing is a niggle, as the number of live contacts at a basic paid account level is not as generous as most competitors. Testing on a range of clients and devices is chargeable for each send and the monthly fees are also steep compared to the competition. Additional functionality such as Web Insights is available in most plans, but you have to set it up yourself, it is not included as part of the on-boarding process. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Dotdigital solving and how is that benefiting you? Overall the dotdigital platform is a reliable tool for email and SMS marketing. I have used it on e-commerce and lead generation sites and it performs well on both.

- Jonathan W.

"Stand out Support Team" What do you like best about Dotdigital? I was completely blown away with the level of customer service through the chat function on the website. Great that it is actually a real person that you speak to! I came to DotDigtial from another platform so I had to hit the ground running with my learning - they were helpful every step of the way often going above and beyond to help. Hannah, our Customer Success Manager has been awesome too - coming over to our location to fully understand the business and give her input on what she thought were the best steps going forward. Hannah has been such a support and honestly (as cheesy as it sounds) I don't think I would have got so far, so quickly without her! I love all the Webinsight info that we have been able to link to our account so that we can fully understand and target our customer base. The analytics side of things is great and tells me everything I need. I like that DD is an all-round platform and allows me to add and take away additional services, for instance, chat and text. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Dotdigital? There is nothing I dislike - but there are areas I feel could be improved. I would love the sharing on social to be a bit more updated and more user-friendly. I feel it is out of date and doesn't perform as well as it could. A/B testing could be slightly improved too to give more options when choosing the finer details of a send. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Dotdigital solving and how is that benefiting you? The support team have helped me some much in putting together a unique preference centre for our customers. I feel they went above and beyond in supporting me throughout the creation of this.

- Becky C.

"DotDigitial enables businesses to redefine their customer management" What do you like best about Dotdigital? The integration with DotDigital and Dynamics allows us to create brilliant data-led campaigns and manage our communities better than ever before. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Dotdigital? The data and analysis is severely lacking. For example, we use DD throughout the entire email campaign and registration process for our events through forms. Despite this, there is no source information, completion funnels or additional analysis offered. No customer journey analysis. The data is there! Why can't teams access it. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Dotdigital solving and how is that benefiting you? Allowing our CRM to power our marketing. Through the integrations we have, our CRM is no longer a database the team have to log into, it is now where the team live. Without DotDigital, we wouldn't be able to have this mindset.

- Tom P.

ConvertKit reviews

I give ConvertKit a five out of five rating. Before I started using ConvertKit, I was using MailChimp, and I switched over to ConvertKit. It was a much more powerful tool, which gave me a lot more options for customizing my lists and reaching out to clients in a much more personalized manner. I chose to use ConvertKit because of its ability to interface with many of the other software programs that I was running for my health coaching business. And I also really liked that I was able to make various lists within ConvertKit based on my client's needs, so I could send some emails to people who had a certain need and other emails to people who had a different need. Not all emails had to go to everybody. I really liked the powerful software that ConvertKit came with that just gave me the opportunity to really be there for my clients in the exact way they needed me. When I first signed up for ConvertKit, I was able to choose a package that met my financial needs and the needs of my coaching business. And their references and help items were super great in walking me through all the steps that I was going to need. They have videos and tons of tutorials to help you get set up exactly the way that you needed. I always felt like if there was something that I wasn't sure how to do, I knew exactly where to go to find what I needed so I could get things set up just the way that was going to work best for me. If you're thinking about getting started with ConvertKit, I would highly recommend it. When I started using it after switching from a less powerful email management system, I truly thought, "Where has this been all of my life and why haven't I been using it before now?" It really is the way to go. As far as getting everything set up the way that you want. I feel like many of the other health coaches that I talked to felt the exact same way that once you switch to this more powerful program and see how it can be integrated with all of the other systems that you're using, it's worth the money, and it's worth the time to learn a new program or to get started with a program that is going to help you build your business successfully.

- Brynna H.

We have been using ConvertKit for 3.5 years now and we don't plan on going anywhere else! If you're looking for an email marketing platform that grows with your business and subscriber list, and that's straightforward to use as well as efficient, then you don't need to look any further than ConvertKit. My team and I find that it allows us to meet our goals quickly, deliver quality content, and all without overcomplicating things. Sometimes simple is best!

- Olga Z.

Overall, it's an ok tool. A lot of the glitches have cost me money (i.e. sending coupons to my list and excluding purchasers... only to find out prior purchasers still received the email). I've had requests for "discounts" from people who have received these emails after purchasing a product at full price. They are not happy. When people get stuck in sequences they go "cold"... then I end up sending a reengagement sequence before removing from my list and these people get very mad too... they have been expecting to hear from me and think that I don't send to my list regularly. Overall I really feel like just a number to ConvertKit. They don't care about my business and charge a FORTUNE. I think this product has hurt my business, cost me money and soured my reputation. In my opinion if they are charging such a premium price it really should be top notch and this really falls short in a lot of ways. I really wish I thought long and hard before signing up with them as it's going to be a NIGHTMARE to switch. I feel really "stuck" with using them and it's such a nightmare to manage at this point.

- Amy F.

Pros & cons


Easy access to and use of segment data
Easy drag-and-drop email builder with tons of templates
It's a powerful
cost-effective email platform with many features

Improved email results reporting are needed
Learning the system and planning campaigns can take time
It had issues integrating Google Analytics and lacked transactional email metrics.


I have new people signing up on my website so I am very pleased with Convert Kit
It has been easy to implement and I am growing my email list
I have found it very easy with nice templates to create some very awesome landing pages
I also have an email sign up link for my website to take people to my freebie/signup
It's easy to set up and easy to get a hang of
It also has some pretty amazing features that makes it the perfect fit for my business."

They make it extremely difficult to get anything out of it, with all their technical jargon and crap
Doing everything they can to make it extremely hard to use without having to pay for it
Most likely, I'll stick with ConvertKit for the long haul
I think this product has hurt my business, cost me money and soured my reputation."

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