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Formstack Sign reviews

Not have to have a "wet signature" has been a huge time saver for our organization. We can get contracts signed and returned in minutes verses days.

- David B. Vice President & Managing Director

Looks like it could have been a good product.

- Bret M. Chief Financial Officer

I like that I can load a template for commonly used documents. It makes mapping the document much quicker, especially things like applications where there are lots of blanks to fill in.

- Betsy D. Benefits Account Manager and IT Coordinator

BlueInk reviews

Blue ink is super easy to navigate and makes our life in the office way easier. No more traditional paper and Our clients love it an always have good experiences. Not to mention they have a awesome team that are quick to respond and will answer any questions you have.

- Jeremy M. Marketing Expert

BlueInk makes obtaining signatures very easy and convenient.

- Sheree G. Human Resources Director

think BlueInk has great potential. BlueInk staff is GREAT to work with and very helpful. I will enjoy seeing BlueInk grow to be as strong, and even stronger, than DocuSign.

- Lisa A. Management Assistant I

Pros & cons

Formstack Sign

Overall experience is having the best marketing rep, she is always a pleasure to be around
We see her at all conferences and she is just a sweet as a peach
Did I mention Electronically
This has been an awesome addition and reduced hassle to get the necessary signatures through mail or in person
Its been a time saver, and helps our clients and our employees
Our insurance business has enjoyed using formstack sign
Its been an easy program for our employees and clients to use."

Additionally, because there is no integration with Zapier it's impossible to automate text notifications from our phone - you have to pay for Pro to enable texting
I dislike that they don't have a zapier integration
I dislike that they charge a premium for an integration with external software
I don't think it's the software that's a problem, but the admin error in setting up the templates
Sometimes the fields for initials etc aren't pulled in the exact place
When choosing to print directly to Formstack I can no longer log directly in to the site."


Great company with very flexible tools and excellent customer experience
Blueink has been great in meeting our need for parent and team signatures during remote meetings
It has continued to be a great tool for several purposes in our organization
The ease of use is by far my favorite feature
It has been easy to learn and explain to those I'm sending documents to
I love how easy BlueInk is to manage
It is awesome to get documents signed the same day they are created."

If a teacher didn't log in within a certain time frame I would need to resend them the invite
Teachers found this frustrating because they would have to wait until I was available
I havent found anything that I disliked about the platform, however, there was a learning curve after first purchasing the product being that I never used an E-signature solution in the past
When I make a mistake in assigning a signer to the wrong spot I have difficulty figuring out how to delete the signature box so that I can assign the correct signer
When you get an email to sign, if often links it with old emails from blue ink, making it hard to find the signature you need to sign
This is difficult for staff and families."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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