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Category: Note Taking

Industries: Students, Writers, Educators


The Basic plan costs €1.99 per month

Pro costs €5.99 per month

Teams costs €7.99 per user per month (2 users)


Category: Note Taking

Industries: Education, Professionals, Organization



In-App Purchases

Purelist Pro for Students


Purelist Pro


Purelist Pro


Purelist Pro for Students


Purelist Pro


Purelist Pro for Students


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Most popular feedback for Joplin

It lets you create multiple types of notes, reminders, and alarms, all of which can be synced. The app also includes a web clipper too, but in our opinion, Joplin’s best feature is the built-in end-to-end encryption for keeping your notes private.

Brendan Hesse

About Joplin

As previously said, the primary Joplin app is available for free. However, you must pay for the Joplin Cloud service in order to access the app through a web-based interface, enable note syncing and sharing, and receive customer support. Three plans are available; Basic, Pro, and Teams. The monthly fees for the Basic plan are €1.99, Pro is €5.99, and Teams is €7.99 per user per month (minimum of 2 users), or its equivalent in your local currency. If you pay for 12 months at once, you'll receive a sizable discount Before making your final choice, make use of the 14-day free trial period to test the Joplin Cloud service. Because the site doesn't provide refunds to customers, we suggest every user to do this. Features of JOPLIN You must download the app to your computer or mobile device in order to use Joplin for free. Directly from the official website, you may get the desktop program package for Windows, macOS, or Linux. Similarly, you can get the mobile apps from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (Android) (iOS). Otherwise, if you use Joplin Cloud, you can access Joplin via a web-based interface. The desktop or mobile apps' user interfaces are similar to those of the web-based version. The digital notebook, which is similar to a hard copy notebook but has virtually infinite features, is the main component of Joplin. You can create a new notebook at any time and type content into it. To accomplish this, look for the "+" button and click on it in the top left corner of the dashboard. You can write your notes in the Note Editor by clicking that button, which will take you there. You can format text in various ways using this editor. You can bold or italicize text, for instance. You may also construct hyperlinks to link text to web URLs. You can also make lists with bullets or numbers. The note editor in Joplin has the advantage of allowing you to attach multimedia (pictures and videos), which can add a lot of information. After finishing typing in the note editor, you can use the device storage on the Joplin app to save your notebook. You can share your notebooks with other Joplin users so they can view or edit them if you're using Joplin Cloud. Similar to this, Joplin Cloud users can sync their notes to their accounts and use their login information to access them from any device. You can sync an unlimited number of devices, but the largest plan's storage space is limited to 10GB. Joplin 3 JOPLIN: USE AND INTERFACE Using Joplin didn't provide any big problems for us. The app's user interface is quite user-friendly and makes it easy to explore. Because Joplin is accessible via a web-based interface or native apps on the most widely used desktop and mobile operating systems, it has excellent compatibility.

Most popular feedback for Purelist

Less is more. I never leave any recommendations for any app. I used many widget board sticky notes and todo list apps etc;… so far I am in love with this app. It’s simple. Neat. Easy to understand & make your daily task list todo’s and many more. Love it! Absolutely recommend it to those who got OCD like me when it comes to being organize and have my *hit Under control lol. 5+ ❣️


About Purelist

The list app for you that is most user-friendly and intuitive. You may use this app to manage all of your Tasks, Notes, and Reminders. There is no need to learn how to use it because of the simple interface. Experience the comfort of using the app by downloading it. The list app for you that is most user-friendly and intuitive. You may use this app to manage all of your Tasks, Notes, and Reminders. No need to learn how to use it; simple and minimum UI. Utilize Purelist for: • Freely arrange tasks and items. • Label significant goods to make them stand out more. • Your tasks and lists don't need titles. • Simple item-based search. • Easy completion and deletion of each item as you work with it. As a Pro: • Use iCloud to sync lists between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. • Set reminders for obligations and possessions. • Browse and control your reminders by date. • Use date presets to quickly schedule reminders. • Send system alerts at predetermined intervals. • Reminders can be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Joplin reviews

“Joplin is single handedly the best pick for an open-source note-taking app, making it an Editors' Choice winner for that category. Unlike some open-source tools, which are incredibly difficult to use, Joplin is surprisingly user friendly, even in setting up storage and syncing.”

- Jill Duffy

“Joplin is an excellent open source note taking application with plenty of features. You can take notes, make to-do list and sync your notes across devices by linking it with cloud services. The synchronization is protected with end to end encryption.”

- Abhishek Prakash

Joplin is a great FOSS alternative to Evernote and OneNote, and doesn't lack any of the essential features.

- Aman V.

Purelist reviews

Perfect app for lists The best app you can get for making lists! Easy, efficient, no glitches, nothing complicated, JUST WHAT U NEED.

- ghvdhcdjbxd , 01/05/2022

May be a little too simple. This is a very clean and tidy to do list. I like many things about it, but there are no recurring date features, which for me, and probably for most, makes it unusable as a to do app.

- MPotts7 , 05/21/2022

Yes! I love this app! I'm tired for big, bulky apps that cost a fortune. Please keep this app working.

- Jenji Yontz , 09/05/2022

Pros & cons


Free to use
Very customizable
Widespread compatibility
Slow desktop app
Limited customer support
Syncing costs money


The most intuitive and easy to use list app for you
All your Tasks, Notes, and Reminders can be done with this app alone
Simple and minimal interface, no need to learn how to use it.
I like many things about it, but there are no recurring date features, which for me, and probably for most, makes it unusable as a to do app.

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