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Speechify free vs premium: What’s the difference?

Speechify Free vs Premium

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Speechify free is world class but Speechify Premium takes Text-to-Speech to another level. See the differences.

Speechify is the #1 text to speech app and helps you to convert any text into speech to help you improve retention, comprehension and understanding.

While the free plan allows you to convert PDFs, images, text messages etc. into speech effortlessly, the premium plan takes this to the next level and you can save more time and be more productive.

Speechify Premium Plan Features

  • Natural human HD Voices made using AI – make listening a more enjoyable and fun experience
  • Instant Translation into 60+ languages
  • Premium text extraction using state of the art OCR technology using deep learning
  • No speed limit – listen up to 900wpm to save time and be more productive!
  • Priority support – Get VIP support from the Speechify team whenever you need it!

You can also support the Speechify team to make sure that reading is never a barrier to learning for anyone including people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Use Speechify today on iOS, MacOS, Android and Chrome to increase your retention, comprehension and listening speed using its #1 Text-to-Speech software built with cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies. Also become 3x more productive while not putting in any additional effort.

    Speechify Free vs Premium Plan Feature Comparison

    VoicesStandardPremium high-quality natural sounding
    SpeedUp to 1xUp to 5x
    Scan to listenYesYes
    Advanced skippingNoYes
    Advanced importingNoYes
    Note takingNoYes