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Bring all your Mac apps to life with 30+ languages & 150+ voices with our fully-native text to speech macOS desktop app. Listen to Slack, Safari, Mail, and more. This is a game changer.

Hear it to believe it.

Text to speech for everything on you Mac

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Read almost anything

Speechify integrates seamlessly with almost all native and third-party apps.
Saving time

Maximize your productivity

Read aloud your email, lengthy documents and more in natural sounding voices
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Do more at once

Listen to Apple Mail, Messages, Slack, Pages, and any web page in your browser, & more.

How Speechify for macOS works

Using Speechify on iOS is a breeze. It takes only a few minutes and you'll be off, listening to all those words turn into high-quality, natural-sounding audio.

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Read aloud almost anything on macOS

If there's text, it can be read.

Listen at any speed

Speechify text to speech Mac desktop app can read aloud up to 9x faster than the average reading speed, so you can learn even more in less time.

Listen to native & third-party apps

Save time by listening to Slack, email, and all your communication and never end the day with unread messages.
Apps in Mac Doc. Speechify Text to Speech

The most natural-sounding voices

Our reading voices sound more fluid and human-like than any other TTS AI reader so you can understand and remember more.

Active text highlighting

Speechify highlights the sentence and word as it reads to make it easy for users to follow along as they listen. Install for free

Installing our TTS Mac app is simple

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 01

After downloading the app, simply move it to your Applications folder

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 02

The first time you launch Speechify for Mac, you'll have to click "Open" in this dialog.

Update your accessibility settings on your Mac to enjoy text to speech to the fullest.

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 04

For the best experience, allow Speechify to check for updates automatically.

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 05

Onboarding is clear and quick. Ready for a new way to learn?

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 06

Sign in to your Speechify account. This enables cloud syncing your listening across devices.

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 07

Text to speech is always a click away. Find Speechify in your toolbar for quick access.

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 08

Choose from 150+ voices and 30+ languages. Listen to your Mac in your favorite voice. You can change it whenever you want.

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 09

Choose your speed. Increase your productivity by reading up to 9x faster.

Speechify Text to Speech Mac App Installation. Step 10

All set. Welcome to Speechify text to speech for Mac

Speechify is all about productivity. With our handy shortcuts, text to speech for Mac desktop is at your fingertips.


What users say about Speechify

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This is probably the only app that is critical in my life. It might sound counterintuitive for me to say that the app that lets you listen to text is for visual learners but hear (lol) me out. Research (google it) has shown that whether we are looking at images through our eyes or seeing/conjuring images in our mind's "eyes", the visual cortex becomes active.
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I am SO grateful there is FINALLY a app that is capable of reading out loud for me! With ADHD, Anxiety, and learning disabilities I struggle with just getting though a page, and I love to collect books and as much information as possible with ALL the good intentions possible to read and grow! I beat myself up for buy all the things I do (reading wise) bc I struggle with getting that time and focus long enough to read.
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Audible or Speechify? I spent hours comparing text to speech apps, and by far, Speechify has some of the best premium HD voices. I even considered dropping Audible, so that I could pay for an unlimited amount of HD voice listening time; however, while the HD voices are great, they’re not reliable enough for me to consider them as a replacement for Audible just yet. At times, they’re slow to load or glitchy.
B clark IPhone 6
B clark IPhone 6
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Awesome I too have dyslexia. And I hated school for this reason. I couldn’t read stuff like my friends. I was always behind. I took so long to do homework because of it I couldn’t go out and play with my friends. I hated it. I cried and fought with my mom a lot. They put me in a special reading class to try to teach me how to turn the letters and words around. I even reverse numbers sometimes. When I was in first grade I had a teacher who would yell at me for not being able to read instead of trying to help me.
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WOW! So helpful with ADHD. It tells you how many minutes it’ll take to read, taking away SO much of the intimidation I get from having to read anything. Pause at any time. It highlights the full sentence it’s on and follows along word-by-word “double highlighted.” It allows for dark mode. Love that for my light sensitivity! Tap the word you want it to start reading at if you’re skipping around. It’ll do exactly what you ask it to do.
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Worlds greatest App I just wish I had Speechify when I was a young girl I found out I was dyslexic when I was taking eighth grade over for the second time. They knew I couldn’t comprehend they knew I could read but the problem was I wasn’t retaining it and it was extremely difficult but their practice and wanted to show that I’m not stupid even though I was in special ed classes as well I started reading more and more and more two books at the same time then I got up to three books at the same time finishing them and just expanding my mind today
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Never Reading An Article On My Own Again.... This was my first time using the app, it can be hard for me to read because of my neuro-divergence and this app worked wonderfully for me. I tried to read an article that I was really interested in by myself three times and could not get through it. So I search text to speech apps, found this and I just finished the article.
 Mile Hughes
Mile Hughes
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Awesome Creation! This is most definitely one of the most effective and productive process assisting programs ever created! It’s absolutely incredible! You can increase your ability and triple or quadruple your productivity in a matter of hours and get leaps and bounds ahead of your goals, expectations and colleagues with amazing results and accomplish your tasks in fractions of the time! It’s creators like this that make programs like this out of shear desperation and necessity that are absolutely required by so many that just need that one tiny bit of encouragement that really just doesn’t exist until it’s created
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Studying Efficiency Doubled For a long time I’ve been actively looking for a better way to study. Among my strategies is a time consuming, “actually reading aloud” important notes and sometimes whole passages into a handheld voice recorder. Many times, I have to review and replay small sections. I either have to record in small bits to select small sections or rewind and scan through large whole passages guess-timating more or less what I want to review. It can become a tedious process and makes for inefficient study but with this app I simply select the section I want to replay by touching the screen, along with the playback speed and tone and accent of voice choice.

Get text to speech for Mac

Listen to Slack, Mail, Safari, & other native & third-party apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Text-to-speech goes by a few names. Some refer to it as TTS, read aloud, or even speech synthesis; for the more engineered name. Today, it simply means using artificial intelligence to read words aloud be; it from a PDF, email, docs, or any website. Instantly turn text into audio. Listen in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, or more and choose your accent and character to personalize your experience.

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By using speech technology or speech synthesis and machine learning. This works by installing an app like Speechify either on your mobile device or as a browser extension. AI scans the words on the page and reads it out loud in the most natural sounding voices, without any lag, in real-time. Use a custom voice, change accents, languages, and even increase or decrease the speaking rate.

Install a text-to-speech app like Speechify on any of your browses or devices. After minor configurations, all you have to do is press “Play”. Text is instantly turned into natural-sounding speech. You can turn any text into an audiobook or a podcast.

There are quite a few text-to-speech apps for iOS, Android, Chrome and Safari. Speechify is the #1 rated app in the App Store and the subscription is very affordable and with one of the best customer experience. Speechify pays attention to all customer interactions. Impeccable functionality allows you to read web pages, PDFs, Google Docs and more with dozens of text-to-speech voices to choose from. See our pricing page for more info. Speechify customers describe the speech output as almost lifelike.

It must be noted that text-to-speech is not speech recognition. It only works one way: it converts text into audio. Neither does not create audio files.

There are many use-cases for TTS, also known as voice generator. From personal to API or SDK for the enterprise. Speech tools are great for anyone with disabilities, help with e-learning, for professionals, productivity and high performance hackers and more.

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