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  • Read PDFs and articles with advanced AI voices with dozens of options that work for you
  • Use mobile camera to read textbooks, books, and worksheets
  • Speechify for exams to help students take exams at their own pace
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Case Studies


Barnard College Accessibility Office


Many Barnard students have a need for assistive tech tools that will enable them to listen rather than read. They were looking for a solution that works on desktop and mobile devices like iPhone and Android.


Speechify’s leading AI voices through its text to speech engine was the perfect tool for the college to provide its students because it works across all major modern devices and platforms.


Maverick Academic Center for Dyslexia – school for dyslexic students


Dyslexic students at Maverick needed a modern platform to enable them to study content without reading as a hindrance


Using Speechify, Mavericks Academy enables all of its students to read by listening. Now in its second year with Speechify, every student can reach their full potential.


NYC Public School


School looking for a way for students to listen to exams without requiring 1:1 faculty to student ratio


Using Speechify, an exam is loaded onto a computer or mobile device so students can listen to the exam at their own pace.


Speechify enables schools to leverage technology to enable students to work at their own pace and free-up

Worksheet use case


At some schools, dyslexic students are unable to complete worksheets in class because of difficulty reading


Using an iPad camera along with Speechify advanced on screen reader, students can take photos of worksheets or textbook pages and listen to the content distributed by the teacher on iPhone or iPad. Learning: Using Speechify has helped students participate in class activities has made student experience much more seamless and enables students to engage in classroom activities in new ways

Students also appreciate how easy it is to change the speed, allowing them to customize the voice and the reading speed to the content they are reading.

Assistive tech director- Stanford

It takes minimal effort to set up Speechify to read attachments, documents, and emails all from your browser!

Barnard College

The students using it definitely like it.

Bowdoin College

“Speechify is a great tool because it lets me get through assigned readings faster, and the voices make the text more engaging!”

“As predicted, Students are loving Speechify”

Browser ExtensionYesYes
Mobile AppYes (Android & iOS)
Ipad AppYesYes
Foreign LanguagesYes (40+ languages)<10<10
Number of Voices200+<10<10
Unified InvoicingYesYesYes
Admin ControlsYesYesYes
Take a Photo and ReadYes
Cross device syncing to continue
reading where you left off
Edu DiscountsYesYesYes
Textbook photo supportYes
DSA availability in the UKYesYes
Advanced natural sounding AI voicesYesNo
Note-taking supportYesYesYes
Exporting notes from documentsYesYes

Frequently asked Questions

Instead of purchasing as individuals or consumers, Speechify for Education enables institutions to purchase Speechify in bulk. Bulk licensing for schools is available either as a site wide license or for groups within the school. Leveraging Speechify for Education, students will be able to use all the advanced AI voices and features of the paid Speechify Premium across all our platforms and the school will receive an admin panel to manage access.

Yes, students and staff will get access to Speechify premium with one contract

The Cost of Speechify for Education is determined by the volume of licenses purchased as well as length of contract. Please contact sales to get a quote for your institution.

Speechify keeps the highest security standards and procedures to keep your content safe. What you listen to is your business, not ours and we do not collect data on our customers. All of our data is encrypted in transit and at rest. If necessary for your organization, we also provide the option of alias accounts.

Every educational institution is unique and serves a diverse set of students. We provide Speechify for education for students from kindergarten through graduate school.

We believe Speechify is great for every student and believe that listening provides every student the ability to succeed. In particular, schools have found that students with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning differences benefit the most from access to speechify.