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Speechify is changing the way the world consumes information. We build tools that let people listen to anything they normally read whether it’s on your phone, desktop, or in a book.


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We live and work across the globe

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People at Speechify

Our team has been fully remote and globally distributed since day one.  We hire the best and brightest from all over the world because we know different perspectives lead to better decisions.

Many of us have done great work at places like Google, Snapchat, Uber, Audible, and more — so you’ll learn just as much from your teammates as you’ll bring to the table.

Why we care

Listening can help level the playing field for anyone who finds reading challenging — especially those of us with dyslexia and ADHD.

Our hope is that giving everyone the tools to listen to anything they want to know can help create a happier, better-informed world.

How we work

We’ve got team members in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Because we know a diversity of backgrounds and ideas helps us make better decisions in our product, as an employer, and as a business.

Thriving here means loving the unknown, supporting your team members, and solving problems. If you believe making mistakes is just as important as getting it right, you’ll be in good company here.

What we’re building

Information is everywhere. It’s on your phone, at your desk, and on your shelf.  Our tools make all the information people want to know easier to access.

And we use the best AI technology in the world to deliver the most natural-sounding listening experiences possible to our users.

Leadership principles

Our leadership principles drive every decision we make — from product features to hiring to brand and beyond. We value good attitudes, the willingness to try, curiosity, and low egos above all else.

- We accomplish more with less.

- We understand that constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and invention.


- We take control of each problem.

- We don't sacrifice long term value for short term results.

-We act on behalf of the company (and our team) rather than just ourselves.

Extreme product quality
Extreme product quality

- We are world-class in our attention to detail.

- We maintain incredibly high standards.

- We constantly dogfood our products.

Extreme product quality
Always be hiring

- We recognize that a company is by definition a collection of people.

- We bring great people together to do cool stuff

Customer obsession
Customer obsession

- We work backwards from customers.

- We pay attention to competitors but obsess over customers.

Extreme product quality
Leading with love

- We always think of ways to improve the lives of our teammates, stakeholders, & customers

- We treat others with respect and care

Deliver results
Deliver results

- We are numbers driven.

- We focus on high leverage problems.


- We have an extreme bias to action.

- We understand that speed is critical for success.

- We take calculated risks.

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Product & Engineering


“The Product team at Speechify is focused on directing all our cross-functional resources towards identifying and solving the most impactful customer problems for maximum business impact.”

Chaitu,  Head of Product & Engineering


“Recruiting at Speechify is truly a unique opportunity. It's exciting to see the direct positive impact we have not only on the teams within Speechify but our Speechify customers with every amazing new addition to the team. Leading with love is really at the core of everything we do.”

Kaitlin,  Recruitment Manager

“Growth allows us to share text to speech with the billions of people who struggle with reading. We're on a mission to make reading accessible to everyone.”

Alek,  Head of Brand


“Speechify aims to be the voice of the internet. Our engineer teams use AI to empower millions of people to consume information more efficiently, comprehend more, read faster, and save time. Our team has built iOS, Android, and a suite of web products that allow you to upload text and documents, read articles online, and save them to your library so you can listen to them anywhere, anytime.”

Rajiv,  Head of Engineering

“We provide support for our listeners with any questions and/or issues they have so they can get back to listening in the shortest time possible and with the least effort; their feedback helps us improve our product and enables us to deliver an amazing user listening experience.”

Jimmy,  Customer Success Manager

Senior Android Engineer


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