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Create 1000s of hours of natural sounding speech without speaking a word with this voice-cloning software

Sample your voice

Record your voice right in your browser or upload an audio sample. Our AI voice cloning technology will then create your unique voice, ready to use in any project, podcast, or voice over.

Text to your AI voice in seconds

A simple, yet powerful interface let’s you simply type or paste your script. Once you are done, it’s a one-click auto, almost instantaneous conversion to speech. This is why it’s the best voice cloning tool in the market.

Listen to your text in your own AI version of your voice.

Multiple takes

Click generate to get various takes and versions. Easily change the speed and volume. One-click download and you are done.

Get the perfect AI version of yourself with Speechify real time voice cloning software.

Convey Emotion with AI Voice Apps

Add Emotion

Easily add emotion to your AI voice to sound more human. Add emphasis, excitement, and puases. Also, easily tune your voice to sound sharper with custom voice cloning.

Multiple Languages

With support for multiple languages such as English, German, Polish, Spanish, Itlaian, French, Portuguese, & Hindi, almost anyone across the world can clone their voice and reach audiences across the globe.

A Few Voice Cloning Use Cases

Your voice and your message without ever speaking a word.

Podcasts & Ad Reads

Create entire podcasts, ad reads, or segments, in your voice without speaking a word.


Doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, and any other profession that requires you to dictate or speak a lot.


Need to make daily announcements for your company or even public announcements? Simply upload a script.

Lasting Moments

Clone a loved ones voice and have them read out your favorite memories or stories to your children.

Earnings Call

Lengthy earnings call intros? No problem. Upload your script and you are done. Ari Emmanuel uses Speechify!

Marketing & Social

Create personalized messages, voicemails, or TikToks without speaking a word. Get more done and save your voice.


$10B Public Company uses Speechify AI Voice Over for Earnings Call

On Feb 28, 2023, Endeavor (NYSE: EDR) made history by delivering its annual earnings call using an AI voice over from Speechify.

What is Voice Cloning?

AI voice cloning, also known as voice synthesis or voice mimicry, is a technology that uses machine learning to simulate a specific person’s voice. This technology requires a certain amount of voice data to analyze and learn the unique vocal characteristics of the individual. Once trained, it can generate speech that sounds very similar to the original voice.

Voice cloning models are typically built using techniques from the field of deep learning, a branch of artificial intelligence. One common approach is to use a type of model known as a recurrent neural network (RNN), which is particularly well suited to dealing with sequential data like speech.

One voice cloning application is Google’s Tacotron system. It can generate highly realistic speech in a range of voices. Other voice cloning applications applications include Speechify Voice Cloning which is very user friendly. It brings generative AI, TTS, and human voice cloning to the masses.

It’s worth noting that while voice cloning technology has many positive applications, it also raises ethical and legal issues related to consent, identity theft, and the potential for misuse in spreading misinformation or deception, such as in deepfake audio. As a result, it’s an area that requires careful regulation and oversight.

Why choose Speechify Voice Cloning software?

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Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to clone your voice with AI?

Yes, it is possible to clone a voice with AI technology. This process is often referred to as “voice cloning” or “speech synthesis”. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there are several advanced models and algorithms, such as Tacotron and WaveNet from Google, that are capable of cloning voices with a high degree of accuracy.

The process typically involves training a deep learning model on a large amount of voice data from the person whose voice you want to clone. After the model has been adequately trained, it can generate speech that sounds very similar to the voice it was trained on.

However, it’s important to note that voice cloning technology raises serious ethical and legal concerns. It can be used maliciously for activities like fraud or disinformation campaigns, known as “deepfakes” for audio. There are ongoing discussions about how to regulate the use of this technology to prevent such misuse.

There are several AI technologies that can be used to generate a voice like yours, given sufficient data for training. Some notable ones are:

Speechify Voice Cloning: This voice cloning app is lightweight and fast and very simple to use. Clone your voice in seconds! is also a tool that clones your voice also allows for easy voice cloning and is one of the top 10 apps.

Is there a software to mimic someone’s voice?

Speechify AI Voice Cloning can clone anyones voice in seconds. All it takes is for the AI to listen to your voice for around 30 seconds. Once it samples a persons voice, it can then read lengthy documents, create podcasts and more in the voice it sampled.

Have a loved one that you’d like to sample their voice – easily convert any text into their voice. Creating audio podcasts or voice overs, now you can create hours of speech in your own voice – without speaking a single word.

What are the use cases for voice cloning

The use cases plenty and are only limited to our imaginations. A few examples:

Podcasts: Create podcasts in your voice just by uploading your script

Ad Reads: Never repeat an ad read again. Upload your ad read script and download the audio. Create multiple versions from one script so they don’t sound the same.

Sentimental: Have your loved one read to you or your kids or relatives in their voice. Though grandma might be miles away, she can yet read a story to your child – in her voice.

Announcements: From corproate announcements to public PAs like schools or government buildings or even train stations. Get perfect, clear takes that sound sharp

Marketing: Easily create personalized messages to your clients by simply uploading your script and changing names.

And so much more. We can’t wait to see how you use it. Try it now. Clone your voice in seconds!

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