Speechify text to speech is available for students who qualify for the Disability Student Allowance in the UK.

Contact our DSA Team to learn more

We provide Speechify, the world’s leading text to speech technology for students who participate in the UK’s Disability Student Allowance. With the DSA, students get access to course length licenses. We work with the assessment centers and the DSA vendors to make our technology available to students who are eligible for this program.

Reach out to [email protected] to learn more about it.

With our diverse super high quality AI voices (over 30 in English), and the ability to listen at any speed, Speechify provides a personalized listening experience for every student so they can listen to the voice they prefer at a speed that will help them excel at university.

Speechify is available on all the major platforms students use today so we’re the perfect assistive technology for the DSA.

Text to Speech Chrome Extension

For Assessors
If you’d like to see a demo of Speechify EDU or a license to test our tech, please reach out to our DSA Team email [email protected] to schedule a demo and learn why Speechify is the #1 text to speech tool available.

Frequently asked Questions

The DSA stands for disability student allowance. The DSA is government program in the UK that enables students with accommodations to receive assistive technology for free

Please reach out to an assistive technology specialist at your school or university to see if you qualify for DSA

Sure! Please reach out to our DSA team to schedule a demo!

We are available through all DSA vendors, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions

We provide course length licenses for students in the DSA so your username and password will last for the length of time of your schooling. Reach out to your assessor or vendor to get access to Speechify.