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The Hollywood Reporter
Want to Impress Wall Street? Just Add Some AI

As media executives look to pop the stock of flagging publicly traded companies, tech advances are becoming the new gimmick.

ChatGPT who? Ari Emanuel lets his AI alter ego open Endeavor’s earnings call

In a stunt, the Endeavor earnings call opened with remarks from CEO Ari Emanuel’s synthetic voice created by AI technology from Speechify.

An AI Voice That Sounds Like Ari Emanuel Will Kick Off Endeavor Earnings Call As Company Posts Solid Q4

Endeavor sales dipped 16% to $1.26 billion last quarter from the year before due mostly to the absence of its divested Endeavor Content business as it posted an upbeat fourth quarter.

Forbes 30 Under 30, Cliff Weitzman

A senior at Brown University and Google Student ambassador, Weitzman has come up with a solution to reading disorders and difficulties.

Inc., Immigrant Founder Changes the Face of Dyslexia – Cliff Weitzman

This Immigrant Founder Taught Himself English–Then Made an App That Helps Others With His Disability (and Speed Readers)

Wikipedia, Speechify Inc

Speechify Text To Speech is a mobile and desktop app that allows people with dyslexia, ADHD, low vision, concussions, and other reading difficulties to have any text read out to them using a computer generated text to speech voice.

New York Times, Learning Section The Library – Speechify Text To Speech

Liz Covey explains how Speechify helped her to convert all her written text to an audio.

36 Under 36, Jewish Week New York – Cliff Weitzman

As a preschooler, Cliff Weitzman wanted to be a billionaire, the prime minister of Israel, and a pop star. Though his career path changed slightly over the years, his ambition never waned.

Speechify CEO, Cliff Weitzman to appear on Yes Theory podcast

The Yes Theory Podcast is expected to bring folks from a wide range of backgrounds from dyslexia advocate and founder of ‘Speechify – Text to Speech’ software, Cliff Weitzman, to Lexie Alford, who is the youngest person in the world to have traveled to every country.

This new app will cut your study time by half

The Speechify app turns all your written course materials into speech — it’s like listening to lectures on demand. Say goodbye to boring reading!

Inc., America’s Top 30 Emerging Companies- Speechify

America’s Got Talent Inc. recently featured the top global emerging companies of 2017, as selected by the Kairos Society. From that list, here are the U.S.-based entrepreneurs cooking up fascinating companies.

East Side Monthly, The Future of Reading – Speechify Cliff Weitzman

“This sucks – how can I fix it?” Brown University alumnus and Visiting Scholar Cliff Weitzman asks himself this question all the time, according to his 2014 TEDx talk. 

Brown Engineering, Cliff Weitzman Garners National Acclaim

Brown’s Weitzman makes Forbes’ 2017 30 under 30 list of top change-makers, thanks to software app that is close to his own heart. 

Providence GoLocal, Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia Advocacy

Dyslexia Book, Day 1 of 30. Introduction: I am dyslexic. Reading a sentence takes me the same amount of energy and brainpower as most people take when solving a four digit long division math equation in their head. 462/7 

East Side Monthly, “Reading 2.0: Cliff Weitzman re-imagines reading with Software”

A Greener East Side: Community garden and eco-friendly initiatives are planting seeds of changes: Saying Farewell to Wheeler’s Longtime Head of School; Inside the PPS Festival of Historic Houses; A Brown Student’s Innovative Tech Idea Makes it Big 

Snag This Time-Saving Text-to-Speech App – PC Mag

Do you find that you’re finishing more books lately—without turning a single page? You’re not alone. A number of factors have contributed to a golden age for audiobooks and podcasts, including flexible schedules and the usefulness of discreet earbuds on long commutes. 

4 great apps for squeezing more productivity from your Mac and iPhone

These days, it’s hard to stay productive, so we rounded up four Mac and iOS apps that can help you stay on task and on deadline. 

The Great CEO Within Book

Book by CEO coach Matt Mochary talking about Speechify and it’s CEO 

This App Can Turn Any Text Into An Audiobook

Whether for convenience or due to the immersive experience, even I, a committed reader, have to admit the appeal of a good audiobook. 

Speechify Can Turn Any Written Text Into Spoken Word

Speechify Audio Reader can magically help you read more by turning any text into spoken audio you can listen to anywhere. 

Turn Any Text Into an Audiobook

When it comes to getting ahead both at work and in your personal life, reading quickly and widely is of the utmost importance—regardless of whether you’re trying to power through a stack of business proposals for your job or you simply want to tackle that growing pile of books on your nightstand. 

Why Technology could be the answer to solving dyslexia

Do you know somebody who suffers from dyslexia? Is this something you have overcome in the past? Are you interested in learning more about the developments (such as the use of technology) in treating this serious learning problem? 

This AI-Powered Reader Turns Text Into Audio to Help You Multitask The Hour

Speechify is an intelligent text-to-speech audio reader that turns any type of reading material into interactive audiobooks. 

Forbes 30 Under 30 Education

30 Under 30 Education 2017: Revolutionizing Learning Inside The Classroom, Post-College And Online 

#1 in the app Store

Speechify soars to the #1 spot in the Apple App Store. 

Speechify French Coverage

Speechify gets French coverage. 

Korean Coverage

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Korean Coverage

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