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5 Babbel alternatives for learning new languages

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Babbel is a common language learning program, but it isn't the only one available. Learn why we love some of these top alternatives to Babbel.

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Ready to learn a new language? No matter what language learning program you select, you’ll be excited to get the chance to learn that you have many options. Participate in interactive activities, quizzes, real conversations with native speakers, use flashcards to boost your vocabulary, and use speech recognition technology to help you take your pronunciation and conversation skills to the next level.

If you’ve tried Babbel already and have decided that it’s not the right fit for you, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to learn your new language. Many people find that while Babbel provides them with the vocabulary lessons they need to learn a foreign language, it’s not a great fit for figuring out how to structure sentences and learn how to have real-life conversations with people who speak your new language.

If you’re on the search for a program that’s different from Babbel but still uses research-driven learning methods to help you speak your new language like a pro, we’ve got you covered. Check out these excellent alternatives to Babbel that will have you working on your conversational skills and speaking different languages in no time.


This language skills app is great to use on the iPad (iOS system) or Android, and is available for people who want to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Hungarian.

Hello-Hello can be used on it’s own, or in the classroom as a way for teachers to supplement their language courses for their students. Many businesses also use this language learning platform to help their employees better communicate with customers who speak a different native language.

Hello-Hello has offices around the world, which helps them to stay on top of changing language trends. The company is based in New York City, Washington DC, and India, and works to help people around the world grow the skills they need to speak a new language confidently.


Good news: if you’re looking for a free version of a language learning app to try, FluentU has your back. You can try 14 days of the app before you pay, making it easy for you to decide whether the learning experience is a good fit for your language learning needs. You’ll choose from Spanish, English, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Korean, or Portuguese. You’ll have access to real world videos that show you how native speakers of your new language talk with one another.

Mango Languages

The highest rated language learning app on both the Apple Store and Google Play, Mango Languages works to make learning a new language an adventure for users. They keep things exciting through gamification and real-life experiences every step of the way.

The functionality of this program works to focus on real-life speech and cultural contexts. These are key factors if you want to travel to a country where your language is spoken commonly, or if you want to have conversations with native speakers. The software’s algorithm works to meet you where you’re at, keeping you at the edge of challenge and reward. This means that you’re never too frustrated when you get something wrong, and you’ll continue coming back because it’s exciting to see your progress.


Whether you’re working on an iOS device or an Android, HelloTalk has you covered when it comes to learning a new language. This social media post themed app connects people to one another. This provides language partners that make it easier to understand how cultural context, pronunciation, and slang fit into your new language learning process.

As an English speaker, when you choose HelloTalk, you aren’t just learning a new language–you’re helping someone else learn your language as well. You also have the chance to chat with the entire HelloTalk community by posting “moments,” which are social media posts designed to spur interaction between users.

The app also uses language tools that help you make corrections easily when you’re mid-conversation, so you never have to keep making the same mistake over and over again.

Bliu Bliu

This language learning game lets you engage with content that interests you, all while learning a new language. The tool provides you with content that’s on your level when it comes to speaking your new language, so you feel appropriately challenged and rewarded as you read new information.

The program doesn’t require that you spend time studying grammar, since you’re seeing it as you read. You’ll also learn new vocabulary words simply, as they’ll always be in the correct context. With more than 100 languages to choose from–including Toki Pona, Xhosa, and Hausa–you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect language fit for you on Bliu Bliu.


This free app is widely regarded as the best alternative to Babbel, and we agree. While there is a paid version of Duolingo that users can sign up for to access additional features, most find that the free version does a great job of teaching the ins and outs of a new language. Users are able to have casual conversations with native language speakers using just the free version.

Using Duolingo is fast and easy, and users can spend just a few minutes each day learning a new language. The mobile app means that users can whip out their phone while waiting at after-school pickup, before a meeting, or just before going to bed at night, making it simple to stay consistent and on track with learning a new language.

Speechify and Language Learning

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to hear it spoken out loud. It can be tough to immerse yourself in your new language if you don’t live in an area where it’s a popular language.

Speechify makes it easy for you to hear your new language when you’re on the go. The text-to-speech app can take any text written in your new language (websites, text files, snapshots of written text) and turn it into an audio file. There’s no need to stay on one device with Speechify. Your audio files will be synced across all your devices, making it simple for you to get the information and practice that you need even when you’re on the go.

Downloading Speechify is simple. Navigate to the App Store if you’re on an iOS device or Google Play if you’re on an Android device, and type Speechify into the search bar. From there, you’ll be able to learn more about how the app works and see how well it can complement your language learning program.  


Is there a free alternative to Babbel?

Duolingo is a fantastic alternative to Babbel, no matter what language learning level you’re starting out with. Many users love that the free version of Duolingo provides all of the information necessary to fully learn a new language. There is also a paid version of Duolingo, but most users feel that the free version provides all that they need to feel solid in learning their new language.

What is better than Babbel?

Duolingo is a great choice for people who don’t want to pay for Babbel, and some people even find that the app is a better overall fit. On Duolingo, you’ll get to experience real-life conversations, and speech recognition software can help you work on your pronunciation. Flash cards on Duolingo make it easy to master tough vocabulary. The program’s algorithm meets you where you’re at, allowing you to continue learning at a pace that makes sense for you.

Is Mango or Babbel better?

Both options are great, but Mango offers more language options than Babbel. If you’re set on learning a more popular language, Babbel might be a good fit for you. If you’re interested in learning a language that’s more obscure, you may want to go with Mango for your language learning needs.

Is Babbel worth it 2021?

Many people like Babbel, but we’ve got to hand it to Duolingo. The app is free and provides much of the same information as Babbel.

Is FluentU better than Babbel?

Language learners like both FluentU and Babbel, and deciding on the better option is really a matter of personal preference. Users love the real-world interactions provided on both apps.

Is Babbel better than Rosetta?

Rosetta Stone offers many immersive experiences, but it is more pricey than Babbel. It’s up to users to decide whether a deeper, more engaging experience is worth the extra cash.

Is there a way to learn a language without Babbel?

Absolutely! Duolingo is a free app that makes it easy to learn a new language. There are also other paid adaptive language learning programs (like Rosetta Stone) that uses the knowlege of language experts to create ways to make language learning fun and easy.

Is there a free Babbel?

Babbel is not free, but if you’re looking for a free language app to learn your target language, you’ll want to check out Duolingo

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