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AI Transcription from Video: The Ultimate Guide

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What is AI transcription from video?AI transcription from video involves using artificial intelligence (AI) to convert video content into text format....

What is AI transcription from video?

AI transcription from video involves using artificial intelligence (AI) to convert video content into text format. This process eliminates the need for human transcription, making it more efficient, especially for long video files or when rapid transcription is required. AI transcription tools analyze video content, primarily the audio, and convert spoken words into written text.

How do I transcribe a video to text in AI?

To transcribe a video to text using AI:

  1. Choose an AI transcription tool or service.
  2. Upload your video file.
  3. Select the desired output format (e.g., txt, srt for subtitles, or vtt).
  4. Run the transcription process.
  5. Review and edit the transcription for any inaccuracies.

How does AI transcribe videos?

At the heart of AI video transcription are speech recognition algorithms. When a video is uploaded, the AI:

  1. Processes the audio files: It separates voice from background noise.
  2. Speech recognition: The AI tools convert spoken words into text, understanding different languages like English, Spanish, French, and German.
  3. Text transcription: Here, the recognized speech is converted to a text file format such as txt or srt (used for subtitles).
  4. Correction: Some AI tools offer real-time feedback and make corrections based on context and vocabulary.

Which AI can transcribe video for free?

There are several AI tools available that offer free transcription services, including Google's transcription service available in tools like Google Meet. However, the free versions often come with limitations such as the duration of the video or the total minutes of transcription allowed per month.

What is the best AI for transcription?

The best AI for transcription offers a balance of accuracy, speed, and affordability., Rev, and Microsoft's transcription services are among the top contenders. They offer features that cater to diverse needs, from transcribing podcasts and Zoom meetings to generating subtitles for YouTube videos.

List of Top 9 AI Transcription Tools:

    • Description: is a prominent player in the AI transcription world, known for its real-time transcription abilities. It’s perfect for students, professionals, and content creators looking to transcribe meetings, lectures, and interviews.
    • Top Features:
      • Real-time transcription
      • Integration with Zoom and Google Meet
      • Text converter
      • Playback and editing tools
      • 600 minutes free transcription monthly
    • Cost: Free tier available, premium plans starting from $8.33/month.
  2. Rev:
    • Description: Rev offers a blend of human and AI-powered transcription services. With its blend of human transcribers and AI, it promises over 99% accuracy.
    • Top Features:
      • Fast turnaround time
      • Video captioning service
      • Foreign language subtitles
      • Integration with social media and video platforms
      • Offers both human and AI transcription
    • Cost: Automated transcription at $0.25/minute, human transcription at $1.25/minute.
  3. Descript:
    • Description: Descript goes beyond mere transcription, providing robust video and audio editing capabilities directly in its interface.
    • Top Features:
    • Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans starting at $12/month.
  4. Sonix:
    • Description: Sonix uses advanced algorithms to offer fast and accurate transcription. It's great for professionals and businesses that require bulk transcription.
    • Top Features:
      • Multi-language support
      • Bulk upload
      • Timestamping
      • Collaboration features
      • Automated subtitling
    • Cost: Starting from $10/hour with different pricing models available.
  5. Trint:
    • Description: Trint is designed for content teams, offering collaborative tools to simplify video production and story editing.
    • Top Features:
      • Automated transcription
      • Real-time collaboration
      • Interactive editor
      • Multiple export formats (txt, srt, vtt, mov)
      • Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Cost: Plans start from $48/month.
  6. Happy Scribe:
    • Description: Happy Scribe is favored by journalists and researchers for its efficiency in handling long-format content like podcasts.
    • Top Features:
      • Multi-language transcription
      • Powerful punctuation engine
      • Subtitle generator
      • Speaker identification
      • Collaborative editing
    • Cost: Starting at $12/hour for automated transcription.
  7. Simon Says:
    • Description: This tool offers a unique blend of AI transcription services with an emphasis on video editing integrations.
    • Top Features:
      • Assemble feature for video editing
      • Translation and transcription
      • Integrations with popular video editing software
      • Cloud-based collaboration
      • Speaker identification
    • Cost: Pay-as-you-go pricing starting at $15/hour.
  8. Temi:
    • Description: Temi is a fast and efficient transcription service known for its straightforward user interface.
    • Top Features:
      • Fast turnaround (less than 5 minutes)
      • High accuracy
      • Editing tools
      • Speaker identification
      • Secure and confidential platform
    • Cost: Starting from $0.25/minute.
  9. Speechmatics:
    • Description: Known for its wide language support, Speechmatics is suitable for global businesses with diverse transcription needs.
    • Top Features:
      • Supports over 74 languages
      • Custom dictionary
      • On-premises deployment
      • Advanced punctuation
      • Cloud or local processing options
    • Cost: Contact for detailed pricing based on requirements.


Is there an AI that transcribes videos?

Yes, numerous AI tools and platforms, such as and Rev, transcribe videos using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence.

What is the best free AI video transcription software? offers a free plan, making it one of the most popular free AI video transcription software available. However, it's important to consider the specific needs of your workflow.

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