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What is Adobe Captivate?Adobe Captivate is a leading elearning authoring tool that allows instructional designers and course developers to create interactive...

What is Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate is a leading elearning authoring tool that allows instructional designers and course developers to create interactive elearning courses. With Adobe Captivate, users can develop simulations, quizzes, and responsive courses that adapt seamlessly to mobile devices.

About Adobe Captivate:

Adobe Captivate, a product from Adobe, belongs to the large family of Adobe products known for their high-quality design and functionality. Adobe, the company behind Captivate, was founded in December 1982. It's headquartered in San Jose, California. As of my last update, Shantanu Narayen is the CEO. Adobe is a large organization with tens of thousands of employees, dedicated to revolutionizing digital experiences.

What’s a cheaper version of Adobe Captivate?

There are several less expensive elearning authoring tools in the market. One popular cheaper alternative is iSpring Suite. It’s an easy-to-use, PowerPoint-based tool that turns ppt into online courses. It offers a range of features similar to Adobe Captivate but at a fraction of the cost.

Adobe Captivate Top 10 Features:

  1. Responsive elearning design.
  2. Powerful screen recording capabilities.
  3. Advanced quizzing and assessments.
  4. Interactive e-learning modules using drag-and-drop.
  5. VR (Virtual Reality) and 360° learning experiences.
  6. Immersive simulations.
  7. SCORM and xAPI compliant.
  8. HTML5 publishing for modern web compatibility.
  9. Geolocation-based learning.
  10. Social media integration for elearning content sharing.

How can I get Adobe Captivate for free?

While Adobe Captivate itself isn't free, Adobe does offer a 30-day free trial for users. This trial offers complete functionality, allowing you to explore the full range of features.

Top 10 use cases for Adobe Captivate:

  1. Creating software tutorials.
  2. Developing interactive elearning courses.
  3. Designing product demos.
  4. Generating assessments and quizzes.
  5. Developing mobile learning content.
  6. Simulating real-life scenarios.
  7. Crafting virtual reality experiences.
  8. Converting PowerPoint presentations to interactive elearning.
  9. Designing compliance training modules.
  10. Producing soft skills training with simulations.

What are the Pros and Cons of Adobe Captivate:


  1. Robust functionality that's suitable for both beginners and experts.
  2. Offers mobile-responsive design features.
  3. Can publish in various formats, including HTML5 and flash.
  4. Extensive library of templates and assets.


  1. Steeper learning curve compared to other tools.
  2. Higher price point may not be suitable for everyone.
  3. Some users find the user interface less intuitive than competitors.
  4. Requires a powerful computer, especially for complex courses.

Top 9 Adobe Captivate Alternatives

1. iSpring Suite:

An elearning authoring tool rooted in PowerPoint, iSpring Suite provides instructional designers an intuitive environment for course development. It's a popular Adobe Captivate alternative for those who wish to utilize their existing PPT presentations. With iSpring Suite, elearning courses can be rich with quizzes, simulations, and interactive content.

Top 5 Features: PowerPoint-based authoring, quiz creation, dialogue simulations, screen recording, and SCORM compatibility.

Cost: Starting from $770 per year.

2. Articulate Storyline:

Offering interactive e-learning experiences, Articulate Storyline is a cloud-based authoring software that stands tall as one of the Adobe Captivate alternatives. It's well-suited for instructional designers, providing a range of editing tools, animations, and real-time feedback features.

Top 5 Features: Slide-layering, triggers, screen recording, mobile-friendly courses, and interactive content.

Cost: Part of Articulate 360 which starts at $999/year.

3. Articulate 360:

A comprehensive suite for elearning content, Articulate 360 encompasses various tools, from course authoring in Storyline to rapid course development in Rise. It is a web-based solution that enhances learning experiences with interactive modules.

Top 5 Features: Rise (web-based authoring), Peek (screen recording), Review (real-time feedback), Storyline 360, and Content library.

Cost: Starting from $999/year.

4. ActivePresenter:

Known for its high-quality screen recording and video editing capabilities, ActivePresenter is not just an Adobe Captivate alternative, but also an elearning powerhouse. The software shines in tutorials, screencasts, and simulations.

Top 5 Features: Video editing, interactive elearning content creation, quizzes, SCORM-compliant, and screen recording.

Cost: Free version available; Pro edition starts at $199.

5. TalentLMS:

A cloud-based learning management system, TalentLMS is designed to deliver online training courses. Its user interface is known for simplicity, enabling both learners and instructional designers to have a seamless experience. The platform provides functionality for quizzes, assessments, and SCORM compliance.

Top 5 Features: Cloud-based LMS, course authoring, real-time analytics, social media integration, and mobile accessibility.

Cost: Starts at $59/month for up to 40 users.

6. Elucidat:

Elucidat is an elearning authoring tool built to cater to large teams and organizations. The cloud-based platform focuses on interactive content, with an extensive range of templates and a user interface that is beginner-friendly.

Top 5 Features: Cloud-based authoring, real-time collaboration, interactive e-learning modules, responsive design, and analytics dashboard.

Cost: Pricing available upon request.

7. Camtasia:

While Camtasia is renowned for screen recording and video editing, it also offers functionalities for elearning course development. Whether it’s simulations, tutorials, or PowerPoint presentation conversions, Camtasia does it with finesse.

Top 5 Features: Screen recording, video editing, PowerPoint integration, interactive quizzes, and animations.

Cost: $249 for a one-time license.

8. Lectora Inspire:

Lectora Inspire facilitates the creation of elearning courses optimized for mobile devices. With its HTML5 publishing capabilities, courses can be accessed across devices, making learning on-the-go possible.

Top 5 Features: Responsive course design, HTML5 publishing, screen recording, elearning templates, and SCORM & xAPI compatibility.

Cost: Starting from $1,299 for a one-time license.

9. OpenShot:

An open-source video editing tool, OpenShot might not be a direct Adobe Captivate alternative but offers a platform for creating video-based learning modules. With cross-platform compatibility (Windows, Mac, Linux), it's versatile and accessible.

Top 5 Features: Open-source, cross-platform compatibility, video editing tools, animations, and webcam integration.

Cost: Free.

The above Adobe Captivate alternatives cater to various needs of instructional designers, course developers, and organizations. With options ranging from powerful learning management systems to dedicated elearning authoring tools, the choices are vast. It is essential to identify your specific needs, learner demographics, and desired outcomes when choosing the right platform.


What will replace Adobe Captivate?

The elearning industry is ever-evolving. While no direct replacement exists now, emerging tools and platforms like Articulate 360 or cloud-based solutions might gain more popularity.

What is better than Captivate?

While "better" is subjective, tools like Articulate Storyline or iSpring Suite are often considered depending on the specific needs.

What is Microsoft's equivalent to Adobe Captivate?

Microsoft doesn't have a direct equivalent, but PowerPoint, when combined with elearning plugins, can serve a similar purpose.

Is Captivate better than Camtasia?

While Captivate focuses more on elearning course development with interactive elements, Camtasia is renowned for its screen recording and video editing features.

What replaces Adobe Captivate?

As of now, no direct "replacement" exists. However, numerous alternatives like Articulate Storyline, iSpring Suite, and others offer similar functionalities.

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