Alternatives to Adobe Read Out Loud

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If you want a better text to speech solution to read your PDFs, here are some excellent alternatives to Adobe Read Out Loud.

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Alternatives to Adobe Read Out Loud

Read Out Loud is a text to speech (TTS) option for Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s a handy tool in some situations but has relatively limited functionality.

Luckily, if you want to hear rather than read your files in PDF format, you can choose some of the best PDF text to speech alternatives. Let’s take a look at the best text to speech alternatives to Read Out Loud.

What is Adobe Read Out Loud?

Adobe Read Out Loud isn’t an app. Rather, it’s a built-in TTS functionality within Adobe products. For instance, you can find Read Out Loud in Adobe Acrobat, designed to read and edit PDF files.

While you can modify, bookmark, and annotate PDFs with Adobe Acrobat and use the app’s premium version to create PDFs from other file types, text to speech isn’t its primary function. In that regard, Read Out Loud won’t provide much more than the bare essentials. This includes a very robotic voice and no customization options.

However, the software will provide some handy TTS features. For example, you can set it to read only the current page you’re on or have it read the entire document from beginning to end.

You can activate Read Out Loud on any desktop version of Adobe products. In Acrobat Reader, you can do this through the View menu from the toolbar. Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts. In that case, pressing CTRL + Y will activate Read Out Loud. Some customization is possible regarding voices and reading speed, although there will be no advanced options.

The Adobe Read Out Loud alternatives

You can turn to some excellent Read Out Loud alternatives if you want more functionality in reading PDF documents. Here are our picks for the best accessible PDF-reading apps.


TTSReader is a browser-based text reader that doesn’t need installation. The service also doesn’t require you to download it or log in. Best of all, it’s free with an optional premium variant if you wish to support the creators.

TTSReader supports PDF uploads and some other formats like text files. It has specific customization options like different languages and voices. The reader will remember your settings and apply them the next time you open the app.

Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a Chrome browser extension with the primary function of reading web pages. Read Aloud can also read other file formats like PDFs, news articles, and Google Docs. This app will work on most websites.

Read Aloud supports native browser TTS voices and cloud-based text to speech services like Microsoft, IBM Watson, Amazon Polly, and Google Wavenet. However, some voices will require you to make in-app purchases.


NaturalReader functions online and as software that you can install on your computer. The app is available for Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. It supports PDF, Microsoft Word, and ePub documents.

NaturalReader boasts quality narrator voices. As the app’s name implies, the text sounds more natural than with some lesser TTS engines. This service is ideal for readers with learning disabilities, language learners, and casual readers.

@Voice Aloud Reader

@Voice Aloud Reader is an app for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app isn’t available for computers. You can install @Voice Aloud Reader on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device using the appropriate app store.

The software can read different document formats like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents, PDFs, and other formats. @Voice Aloud Reader can function as an HTML reader, too, making it a versatile tool.


Speechify is a powerful text to speech engine and screen reader that can read PDFs and many other file types. You can upload your PDF into the app and let it read the file in any voice, language, and speed you choose. Being developed with accessibility in mind, Speechify offers many accessibility features for people with conditions such as dyslexia, visual impairments, or ADHD.

Speechify comes as a Microsoft Windows and macOS computer program, Android and iOS app, and Google Chrome extension. The software will work seamlessly on all platforms, so your PDF listening experience won’t be interrupted.

Try Speechify for free

While we covered Speechify in the context of PDF TTS tools, it’s far more than a basic PDF reader. Speechify can read any text, from documents in various formats to HTML pages. You can upload an Excel file or PowerPoint presentation as easily as a PDF. In either case, Speechify will turn it into an audio file.

Regarding additional features, it’s worth mentioning that Speechify supports optical character recognition (OCR), which means the app can read text out loud from images, scans, and photos. The interface is very easy to use, but there are also many easy-to-follow tutorials that will help you get the most out of Speechify.

Along with these features, Speechify has the advantage of natural-sounding narrator voices. There are over 30 narrators on the app, plus support for more than 20 languages. With that wide selection, you can make every voice sound precisely how you want. When you add reading speed tweaks into the mix, Speechify becomes a convenient tool for learning and productivity.

Another quality of Speechify is its availability on various platforms. Some TTS apps function as desktop software, others are mobile-exclusive, and some are available only as browser plugins. Speechify covers all those uses. You can use it on your mobile device (Android or iOS), on your computer (Windows, Mac), and even as an in-browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

You can unlock all the powerful features of Speechify with a premium subscription. However, you may also use the free version of the app with somewhat less features. For instance, some narrator voices won’t be available for free users, and you won’t have complete freedom in setting the reading speed. Still, you can try out Speechify for free and see how the TTS tool fits your needs.


Is there software that can read PDF files out loud?

Besides Adobe Read Out Loud, you can use TTS apps like Speechify to read PDFs.

Is there a substitute for Adobe Reader?

Several alternative PDF readers are available, including paid and free services. The same applies to PDF TTS readers.

Can Adobe do text to speech?

Read Out Loud is an essential function of Adobe Acrobat Pro and free versions.

What is the best software to read PDF documents?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is an excellent option for reading PDFs. The app also functions as a PDF editor.

What are the other ways to read PDF files?

Instead of reading PDF files, you can listen to them. Speechify can read PDFs in a variety of narrator voices and different languages. This app comes with various customization options for the most convenient reading.

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