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Audio textbooks for high school students

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Audiobook and text to speech learning programs can help high school students study and retain information. Learn more about the benefits.

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More and more students are exploring the world of audiobooks, and there are so many things to discover. These can be helpful during studying, but also improve the quality of your learning. 

Whether you are focused on e-learning, new languages, or just want to catch up with various subjects, audiobooks can help you every step of the way. It is a perfect tool for struggling readers and those that want to improve efficiency. 

Audio textbooks and why they are a valuable learning tool

There are a couple of reasons why so many students are using audiobooks instead of physical ones. The first reason is that one in five students has a reading disability. The most common reading disability is dyslexia, and using audiobooks can solve the problem. 

At the same time, one in three students is an auditory learner, which means that it is easier for them to accept information if they hear it instead of reading it. And having a chance to turn any type of text into a free audiobook and podcast will be more than helpful. 

Furthermore, just having to choose between audiobooks and physical ones is a good idea, and it allows students to pick the method they enjoy more. It opens new possibilities and helps them learn better. 

It is also worth mentioning that different people have different reading levels. And if they want to push it to overdrive, audiobooks are a perfect idea. Hopefully, more students will become interested in audiobooks, and they will become a part of teacher resources. 

How audio textbooks can help students learn more effectively

If a student is struggling with dyslexia, they will spend so much time on each page, and their productivity will decrease. But having a chance to convert the book into an audio file can help them cover all materials in no time. 

Even if you don’t have reading disabilities, audiobooks can help you improve efficiency. You can adjust the reading speed, and finish the entire course significantly faster. This is one of many ways to be more productive and read, or rather listen to all the necessary books. 

Once you put on your headphones, you will be able to do other things that don’t require your full attention, and it allows students to multitask. Whether you are an auditory learner or you have dyslexia, audio textbooks are the answer to all of your problems. 

Educational resources for young students

Now, when it comes to resources, there is no universal book you can use for all of your subjects. In fact, many schools use different books, which means that you can’t even use a single book for a specific class.

In the majority of cases, your teacher will tell you which books are recommended and they will help you pass your exams. One of the main issues is that not every book is available in digital or audio form. And this can cause additional problems. 

Assuming that you can find the necessary textbooks, you will have an easy time learning. But otherwise, you might need additional tools or apps to simplify the procedure. And this is why text-to-speech apps exist. 

They are designed to improve accessibility, and with them, any book can become an audio version in just a couple of clicks. 

Speechify – TTS readers

If you are looking for the best text-to-speech app, you need to check out Speechify. The app was designed to help people that struggle with dyslexia, and there are so many exciting features you can use. 

Speechify allows you to choose different languages, high-quality voices, and accents, and you can adjust speech rate as well. If you want to rush through the book, all you need to do is move the slider and increase the speed. 

But what is even more impressive is that Speechify can convert any type of text into audio format. Once you add the page or a book, the voice synthesis will read the text to you. And it even works on physical books thanks to the built-in optical character recognition. 

If you own physical textbooks, you will need to take photos of each page, and the app will do the rest. Speechify is easy to use, works on every device you can imagine, and the quality is exceptional. 

Speechify works on Android, iPad, Windows, and Mac, and you can even sync progress if you plan on using multiple devices. Once you find the text you want to hear your device read aloud, all you need to do is hit the play button, and your reading app will do the rest. 

Finally, you don’t need to use Speechify solely for studying. You can listen to any type of book you want. Whether it is your favorite fairy tale, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Ray Bradbury, or any other book you fancy. 


Are audio books good for students?

Audiobooks can be a perfect tool for students and e-learning. Especially if they are learning a new language. Being able to hear how each word is pronounced will be more than helpful, and it will allow students to master the language with ease. 

But even if they don’t plan on using it for languages, it is still a nice way to improve efficiency and save time. If you decide to use audiobooks, you will notice all the benefits as soon as you start listening to the content. 

What are the disadvantages of audiobooks?

One of the main downsides or disadvantages of audiobooks comes from people’s habits. They are used to learning physical books, and listening to the content often doesn’t feel the same. Many people will notice how their brains need to process more information as well. 

It is also important to get used to listening to audiobooks since it is easy for your mind to wander. The only thing you can do in this scenario is going back and repeat the chapter you’ve missed. While it is possible to find free audio materials, this isn’t always the case.

What languages does Audible have?

Once you click on the “browse Audible” option, you will see the section about foreign languages. Besides English, you will be able to choose Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Russian. 

If you use Speechify, you will get access to many other languages, which will improve the accessibility of the app. Speechify also works well with Audible, and you can easily export Audible books to Speechify. The same thing applies to tools such as Amazon Kindle.

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