Audiobooks for ADHD

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Looking for the best audiobooks for ADHD? This article will explore the benefits of audiobooks for people with ADHD and discuss the best ADHD audiobooks.

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Audiobooks for ADHD

ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) is one of the most common childhood neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health conditions. Children with this disability may have difficulty paying attention, display impulsive behavior, and often squirm or fidget. Symptoms may be noticed as early as in 3-year-olds through age 12, although even adults can be diagnosed with ADHD later in life.

Adult ADHD can also significantly impact a person’s life, causing difficulty with things like time management and completing school or work tasks. Fortunately, audiobooks can go a long way toward helping people with ADHD overcome these obstacles.

Instead of overwhelming the ADHD brain with reading, people can listen to audiobooks and focus on the content itself. This approach makes the activity of reading more enjoyable and bolsters a positive self-image.

Let’s examine why audiobooks are helpful for peole with ADHD and discuss several must-read titles about the condition.

Are audiobooks good for ADHD?

The audiobook format is often beneficial for people with a variety of disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, and dyscalculia. Since one of the main symptoms of ADHD is inattentiveness, listening to a story is one of the easiest ways to absorb new information, especially when the audio features studio-quality narration.

Additionally, many popular service providers like Amazon Audible offer special perks to their users, so you may even find some free audio titles.

While you won’t always find free audiobooks, the story you’re interested in is likely more affordable than a physical book. So, you’ll treat yourself to a unique reading experience that will capture your attention while saving money. It’s a win-win situation.

The main benefits of audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to fall back in love with reading, but for those with ADD/ADHD, they carry additional benefits. 

Listening and moving

Audiobook lovers appreciate that this format allows them to listen to books on the go. While sitting to read a physical book, you may start to think about other tasks you need to complete. Your mind goes into overdrive and before you know it, you’ve lost interest in the chapter.

With a well-narrated audiobook, you’ll be finally focused on the story while also being able to multitask. You can do the dishes, work out, or commute while the narrator describes what adventure awaits the main characters.

Combining movement and listening is invaluable for improving executive functioning skills, something many people living with adult ADHD struggle to achieve.

Alleviating anxiety

It’s not uncommon for those with ADHD to develop anxiety. If you spend an hour trying to focus your ADHD brain on the page and reread the same two paragraphs repeatedly, it’s no wonder you feel anxious.

But with audiobooks, you’ll feel considerably less frustrated. You can even customize your experience and introduce other activities that reduce stress. For example, while listening to a new book, you could doodle on a notepad or play around with a coloring book.

Completing complex books

Parents of children with learning disabilities are often at their wits’ end, wondering how to help their children read schoolbooks. Children feel intimidated if the assigned reading is a 500-page behemoth, even though the back summary promises the title is a good book.

Tackling the task is a lot less daunting when they can listen to an audiobook. Even if the author uses unusual phrasing, reading the story becomes a pleasurable, podcast-like experience.

Bolstering overall well-being

Not only can listening to audiobooks keep ADHD symptoms at bay, it has a positive impact on your overall well-being. You won’t have to strain your eyes while turning the pages of a physical book, nor will you get a headache after reading for several hours.

Finally, after finishing the last chapter, you’ll be proud of your accomplishment and spend the rest of your day in a good mood.

Great audiobooks for ADHD

If you’re looking for the best books about ADHD, check out the titles below. Who knows, you might find your new all-time favorite book. You’ll find these titles on Amazon Audible.

ADHD 2.0: New Science and Essential Strategies for Thriving with Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell M.D. and John J. Ratey M.D.

Hallowell and Ratey, world-renowned experts on ADHD, present readers with innovative strategies and helpful hacks to manage the condition. Rather than looking at ADHD as a disability, they propose various methods for people to use ADHD to their advantage.

From finding rewarding challenges to re-imagining your environment, this audiobook is a treasure trove of techniques that allow those with ADHD to succeed in life.

ADHD: Raising an Explosive Child by Joanna Brain

This ADHD audiobook strives to help parents accept their child’s diagnosis and describes the most effective methods for overcoming behavioral challenges. Author Joanna Brain proposes that children with ADHD can thrive academically and socially with adequate support.

The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov and Edward M. Hallowell

ADHD challenges can potentially lead to a troubled marriage, and this book offers more than generic couples counseling advice. It addresses disruptive behavioral patterns and how nagging, anger, and intimacy problems can strain even the most solid relationships.

The audiobook stresses the role of both spouses and the ways they can work together to recover from these setbacks.

What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew by Sharon Saline and Laura Markham

An insightful parenting resource, this book contains real-world examples that help parents better understand their child’s experience. It’s a roadmap that focuses on how adults and children can work together to create positive changes. Listen to the book to learn how you and your child can cooperate and set mutual goals.

12 Principles for Raising a Child with ADHD by Russell A. Barkley

A leading specialist on ADHD in children, Barkley provides 12 principles parents can use to address behavioral, academic, and emotional challenges. He highlights the importance of knowing how ADHD disrupts executive functioning and underscores that what children need most are love and compassion. 

The Queen of Distraction by Terry Matlen and Sari Solden

Although not a typical self-help book, this ADHD best-seller helps women overcome clutter and disorganization. Full of practical tips for finding balance and focus, The Queen of Distraction is a must-read for women who feel that ADHD has taken over their lives.

Listen to the audio version on Audible to learn how the condition affects parenting, relationships, nutrition, and more.

The Adult ADD Solution by George Sachs PsyD

Diagnosed with ADD, the previously used term for ADHD, much of Sachs’ insight comes from his own experience. He has developed a holistic approach and urges readers to adopt emotional and spiritual practices to improve their quality of life.

Sachs also delves into the consequences of untreated ADD and its effect on mental health, success, and relationships. 

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