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Find out what audiobooks Reddit users love and how you can use the platform to get more ideas about what to listen to in your spare time.

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Audiobooks Reddit

Reddit is a unique platform catering to social news, discussions, and content rating. Users can ask questions, share ideas, and submit content in many ways. Redditors can upvote or downvote almost everything to let others know about the hottest topics or trendy discussions. Moderators can intervene to keep things civilized.

Does Reddit have audiobooks?

You can find a lot of content on Reddit subthreads. However, audiobooks and podcasts aren’t often among the content offered, but Redditors are great at building unique communities based on common likes and dislikes.

Therefore, audiobook lovers can always visit the r/audiobooks community on Reddit. It’s a place where people share their thoughts on audiobooks, authors, audiobook apps, local libraries, and platforms, etc.

Here are some other communities you can check out to find guidance on getting a lot of audiobooks or talk about books like “The Hobbit,” “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” “Mistborn” and many non-fiction books. Alternatively, you can discuss authors like Neal Stephenson, Joe Abercrombie, etc.

  • r/books is a Reddit community that isn’t dedicated to audiobooks but often mentions audiobook versions of the books discussed and audiobook platforms.

  • r/audible is a Reddit community for Amazon Audible members and anyone interested in the audiobook service.

  • r/audiobooksonyoutube is a large community that always knows the details about what YouTube offers regarding audiobook content.

What are some good audiobooks to listen to?

Here are some of the best audiobooks to relisten to again and again.

Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter books are among the most popular and it makes sense that J.K. Rowling’s creation makes for amazing audiobooks. The magic, the friendships, and the coming-of-age story of young wizard Harry Potter come alive in the audiobook version narrated by Jim Dale in the U.S and the great narrator Stephen Fry in the U.K. The r/HarryPotter Reddit community has over 1.5 million members.

Stephen King Books

Stephen King has written everything from short stories to novels, creating unique fictional universes and often intertwining plots from different books for an amazing reader experience.

But the sci-fi and horror genre King often sticks to is even better when you listen to an audiobook. For example, “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King can serve as an amazing introduction to the genre and King’s masterful storytelling. You can find out more about Stephen King audiobooks in the r/StephenKing community.

Neil Gaiman Books

The hit TV show American Gods about ancient gods living in modern times exposed even more people to Neil Gaiman and his amazing stories. But people who don’t like the movie adaptation or don’t have the time to read the books can listen to their audiobook versions on various audiobook apps and platforms. Reddit users can join the r/NeilGaiman community to learn more, including about the author’s collaborations with Terry Pratchett.

Dune Series

The “Dune” novel by Frank Herbert is a science fiction classic that has received multiple screen adaptations. These days, audiobook lovers can listen to the Dune novels in an audiobook format narrated by Simon Vance and get a better sense of the inhospitable alien worlds described by the author. The r/Dune community contains all the information you need, from spoilers to directions on finding the best audiobook versions.

Ready Player One

Many know “Ready Player One” as one of the finest sci-fi movies in recent years, but the novel by Ernest Cline first grabbed people’s attention in 2011. The dystopian world where people spend most of their time in a virtual reality game is intriguing to explore, especially in an audiobook format. Reddit users can check the r/readyplayerone community for information on the latest upvotes and adaptations.

The Martian

Another hit movie based on a hit novel, “The Martian” by Andy Weir, tells an exciting story about surviving on Mars after being stranded. Dubbed one of the most scientifically accurate stories, many audiobibliophiles might find “The Martian” their favorite audiobook. The r/ProjectHailMary is another community dedicated to Andy Weir’s creations.

World War Z

“World War Z” is not only a good book but the first book in a series by Max Brooks. You can find information about hardcopy, eBook versions, comics, and audiobooks in the post-zombie apocalyptical universe on the r/worldwarz subreddit community. World War Z titles are among the few full-cast audiobooks.

The Count of Monte Cristo

The classic by Alexandre Dumas is probably available in any public library with a library card. But hearing this great book in audiobook format for the first time makes it even better, especially when introducing some sound effects. A small r/alexandredumas subreddit exists for people who want to discover more titles.


What is the name of a group of people who read books out loud for others to listen to?

People who read books out loud for others are voice actors and narrators. For example, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading narrate Brandon Sanderson’s books and Ray Porter narrates Dennis E. Taylor’s Bobiverse audiobooks on or Hoopla. Steven Pacey is another famous narrator. In some cases, they can be members of a book club.

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