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Barnes & Noble audiobooks: Ultimate guide

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This Barnes & Noble audiobooks ultimate guide helps you understand how a B&N subscription works, how you can access audiobooks, and more.

Barnes & Noble audiobooks: Ultimate guide

Barnes & Noble is a well-respected resource for books. You can find self-help books, classic literature, fiction and non-fiction, encyclopedias, and just about any other book type at a new or old price. But physical books aren’t enough to attract new customers anymore. With the spread of podcasts and other audio content in mind, the brand has introduced books in a new format to cater to a broader audience—audiobooks.

Readers can now download audiobook versions of Barnes & Noble bestsellers on their devices. Here’s how you can get audiobooks from B&N starting today.

When did Barnes & Noble introduce audiobooks?

Barnes & Noble launched a B&N Audiobooks service that allows readers to buy individual book recordings or get a monthly subscription. They offer over 300,000 book titles available through the Barnes & Noble Nook app iOS and Android apps, as well as online in web browsers.

The introduction of the service is a direct answer to the Audible purchase by Amazon. After Amazon started dominating the market, followed by other booksellers like Kobo, Apple, and others, it was only a matter of time before Barnes & Noble would join the scene.

The company’s CEO kickstarted an e-book revival with plenty of hardware updates. The audiobook service is part of the strategy that B&N uses to approach its competitors, and it’s a step in the right direction.

How Barnes & Noble audiobooks work

Readers can stream audiobooks from the website. But to do so, it’s necessary to have an account first. Once you register on the website, you can visit the audiobooks library and listen to the books in various ways.

You can listen through your NOOK app or device. To do so, you should download the audiobook locally on your device.

Streaming is also possible through the web player on the website. You can stream audiobooks from the digital library to any tablet, computer, or smartphone. However, you’ll need an internet connection to listen to the book.

Users can subscribe on Barnes and Noble website in the “Audiobooks” section. Readers are invited to take advantage of the 30-day free Barnes & Noble trial offer. You can cancel at any time and the free trial gives you access to one free audiobook. After the trial, you can purchase books, many at their old price.

How much do Barnes & Noble audiobooks cost

Barnes & Noble offer hundreds of audiobooks for purchase. Whether you want to purchase a novel, fantasy book, or non-fiction book for your ereader, you can buy an individual book or sign up for a subscription.

You can sort the B&N audiobooks by format, subjects, price, and age. You can find abridged versions of classic literary works, B&N book of the year finalists works, New York Times bestsellers, James Patterson works, and other new releases. Expect to find audiobooks with great narrators.

When you sign up for a free trial, you get one credit. With it, you can purchase one book. The monthly fee is $14.99, and you can get one new audiobook per month with the subscription. You can collect the credits and use them over the course of one year, buying books at their new or old price.

As you shop for books, you can see the current price, the old price, and whether there are any discounts. You can also sign up for pre-orders, add items to wishlists, check out the monthly picks, and more.

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What is the main goal of this guide?

The Barnes & Noble audiobooks guide helps readers download the latest and best books in audiobooks format and better understand the B&N audiobooks subscription process.

What is the average size of an audiobook?

Audiobook size depends on various factors. The duration and recording quality are some of the most important ones. The average size for audiobook files is 28 MB per hour of listening. Therefore, since most audiobooks are around 10 hours long, they will take up approximately 280 MB.

What are the benefits of downloading audiobooks?

When you download an audiobook, you have access to it on your device even if you’re not connected to the internet. Listening to quality content becomes available anywhere, anytime. Audiobooks can help you fall asleep faster, boost mental and physical health, help with time management, improve literacy skills, and have the same benefits as reading.

How many chapters are in the audiobook The Great Gatsby?

The Great Gatsby audiobook has nine chapters. Every chapter has a different duration, from 29 minutes to just over one hour. Note that the number of chapters may vary across audiobook providers.

What is the cost of a hardcover book from Barnes & Noble?

Barnes & Noble sells thousands of books in various categories, languages, and genres. The price depends on the topic, number of pages, quality of the print and paper, and more. The prices start from $10 up to more than a hundred dollars.

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