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The benefits of reading and listening at the same time

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It is particularly helpful for people who are easily distracted, and you don't have to spend a significant amount of time trying to understand every single word.

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There are lots of people who love reading books. Some people feel like they need to choose between audiobooks and physical books. In reality, that is not the case. It is entirely possible for someone to listen to the audio version as they read along with the physical book. This can do wonders for listening skills and reading comprehension, boosting your retention. You might even want to read along with an e-reader, such as the Kindle fire or an Audible podcast!

If you decide to read while listening to the audio, it will make it easier for you to concentrate. It is particularly helpful for people who are easily distracted, and you don’t have to spend a significant amount of time trying to understand every single word. All you need to do is continue listening to the narrator.

What are some of the top benefits of reading while listening at the same time?

Why is reading and listening so important?

In general, there are two main benefits from simultaneous listening and reading. First, you get a much better reading experience. If someone is speaking the story to you in real-time, you can maintain your flow as you read the written text. This goes for physical books as well as e-readers, such as the Kindle app for iOS. The narrator will encourage you to maintain your flow, and you will have an easier time keeping up with the story.

Furthermore, you may find that it is easier for you to concentrate if you have someone read aloud to you. You don’t have to worry about daydreaming while reading, and you will have an easier time remembering what just happened when you get to the bottom of the page. For these reasons, a lot of people love using an eBook reader from Amazon because they frequently combine it with an auditory playback.

Keep the story going

It is easy to get distracted when you read a physical book. Something may catch the corner of your eye, you might get distracted by a phone notification, or a part of your brain might get distracted by something happening later in the day.

If you decide to listen to a recording of the book as you read, you will have an easier time keeping the story going. The intonation of the narrator will keep you on edge, wondering what happens next, even though the book is right in front of you. Furthermore, you can work multiple parts of the brain at the same time, which means there is a much lower chance of getting distracted while reading.

When you can’t read, listen

Lots of people also love audiobooks because they allow you to listen even when you can’t read. There are several situations where this might be helpful. They include:

  • There are some people who have dyslexia who have a difficult time reading. An audiobook will help them enjoy the same story.
  • Perhaps you would like to clean the house even while reading. An audio recording makes multitasking much easier.
  • Sometimes, you have the book in front of you, but there might be words that you don’t understand. The narrator will help you with that, helping you learn new words.

There are significant differences between a physical book and an audiobook version, but both of them can work together to help you improve your reading skills.

How it works

Taking advantage of this opportunity is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is pick a book, get a physical copy of it (or a copy from iOS or Android), and combine it with an audiobook version. Then, simply play the audiobook version as you read along. The narrator will help you stay on track. You might even want to take advantage of a tool, such as Whispersync.

Experience immersion reading

In particular, this tactic is beneficial for second language learners. This includes people focusing on ESL as well as those looking to learn French, Spanish, or just about any other language. If you want to take advantage of higher level foreign language learning, you need to understand how words are written and pronounced while placing them in context. If you can read a book in another language while listening to it, you can maximize your learning experience.

Read, listen, and repeat

Clearly, this is one of the best ways to read a book, no matter what your goal might be. Now, there are lots of audio versions of books available, and you need to take advantage of the right tools to help you elevate your reading experience. That means that you should consider reading and listening at the same time. It will help you completely immerse yourself in another world. That is where Speechify can help you.

How Speechify helps you listen and read

With Speechify, you have access to the best text-to-speech app in the industry. You can take advantage of high-quality HD voices, so you never have to wonder what they are saying. All of the voices sound natural, and the clarity of the voices is particularly helpful for people looking to learn another language.

You can even take advantage of a text highlight or feature which makes it easier for you to read along. You can increase your reading speed by up to 9x with our app. Put Speechify to work for you, and maximize the benefits of your reading experience.

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What are the benefits of listening while reading?

There are a lot of benefits to listening while reading, but the biggest benefit is that you will have an easier time staying focused. The voice of the narrator will help you get through tough words, and you can stay focused on the text.

Does it help to listen and read at the same time?

It can help you if you listen to something being read while having the physical text in front of you. It is particularly beneficial if you are trying to learn another language, as you can see how the words are pronounced while placing them in context.

How are reading and listening related to one another?

You can develop higher-level language skills if you listen to stories. It is even helpful for people who struggle with decoding. By listening while reading, you can develop critical language skills. This is helpful for learners of all ages.

Is it possible for me to listen to an audiobook while reading?

Yes, you can certainly listen to an audiobook while reading. It may help you stay focused on the text, and the tone of the narrator’s voice might help you visualize what is happening in the story a bit better.

How hard is it to read and listen at the same time?

It may take a bit of practice, but once you get the rhythm of the narrator, you will have an easier time following along with the book as the narrator reads the story.

Do you have to read the book to listen to the audiobook?

No, you don’t have to read the book to listen to the audiobook, but you may find it beneficial to have the book in front of you. You can certainly listen to the audiobooks while doing work around the house or driving, but you might get more out of the story if you read it while the narrator speaks.

Is listening to an audiobook while reading the same as listening to music while reading?

They are similar processes. Both can help you focus on the book, but if you listen to audio Kindle books instead of music, the narrator might help you stay focused on the text a bit better.

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