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Best Kate Quinn audiobooks

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Kate Quinn is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling historical fiction author. Find out Quinn's top books.

The 5 Best Kate Quinn Audiobooks

Kate Quinn is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling historical fiction author. Quinn’s top five audiobooks are The Diamond Eye, The Alice Network, The Rose Code, Empress of Rome Saga, and The Huntress.

About Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn is the author of 15 novels and a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Readers can enjoy Quinn’s historical novels that are based on the Italian Renaissance, the World Wars, the 20th century, and the French Revolution.


Kate Quinn currently resides in San Diego with her husband and three rescue dogs. Quinn attended Boston University and earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Classical Voice.  Quinn is a history lover and has a passion for sharing the life and laughter found in the common history that we share.

Genre of Kate Quinn Books

Kate Quinn’s novels are historical fiction.


Kate Quinn won best-selling author by the New York Times for The Alice Network and The Huntress. The Alice Network was also selected by Reese Witherspoon for her book club and was named the Amazon Best Book of the Month, GoodReads Best Books of the Month, and an NPR Best Book of the Year.

The Empress of Rome Saga

The Empress of Rome Saga contains 4 books - 

  1. Mistress Of Rome
  2. Daughters Of Rome
  3.  Empress Of The Seven Hills
    1. The Three Fates (Book 3.5)
  4. Lady Of The Eternal City

Publication Details

All books in the saga were published between 2010 and 2015 by Berkley Publishing Group. 


  • Mistress Of Rome (Book 1) -  Thea, a determined survivor who has been purchased for the spoiled heiress Lepida Pollia, wins the love of one of Rome’s top gladiators. Thea is cast out, left to struggle to survive as a singer. With her beautiful voice she attracts the Emperor himself and learns that with the attention of such a powerful man comes serious risks. 
  • Daughters Of Rome (Book 2) - Cornelia is everything a perfect Roman wife should be and dreams to see her husband become Emperor. When the Roman Empire is open for the taking and a bloody coup takes place both Cornelia and her sister, Marcella, have their lives turned upside down. Both sisters must find a way to survive. While Cornelia works to put her life back together, Marcella finds a talent for influencing the powerful men in Rome. Tensions rise as the sisters come head to head with the fact that there can only be one Emperor and Empress.
  • Empress Of the Seven Hills (Book 3) - Emperor Trajan has led the Roman Empire to its peak of success. Vix, an ex-gladiator, and Sabina, a senator’s daughter who desires adventure, are united by their common devotion to Trajan. When Trajan falls, Vix and Sabina find themself in dangerous relationships with desire. 
    • The Three Fates (Book 3.5)  - Emperor Trajan has died and his successor Hadrian is closer than ever to Rome. Vix, Sabina, and Titus must each make hard decisions about death, freedom, and loyalty to protect their futures and the future of Rome.
  • Lady Of The Eternal City (Book 4)Sabina is the Empress of Rome struggling to maintain the balance of peace between her husband and her first love. Hadrian is the Emperor of Rome and Sabina’s husband, but Vix is Sabina’s first love and the father to Hadrian’s latest obsession.When tragedy strikes and makes Hadrian crazy with madness, Vix and Sabina must work together to save the Empire. All the while, the fate of Rome lies with a spirited, redhead girl who may actually be the next Lady of the Eternal City.

Overall Reviews

These novels are great reads for those interested in ancient Rome. They feature exceptional storytelling, entertainment, and Roman history. You will find dramatic relationships and well-developed characters in these novels. Quinn is sure to keep your attention from the first to the last page and leave you eager to read the next book. 

The Huntress: a novel

Publication Details

The Huntress was published in February 2019 by William Morrow Paperbacks.


The Huntress is set during the years right after World War II and tells the story of Nina. Nina joins the Night Witches, an all-female bomber regiment opposing invading Germans.

After joining the Night Witches Nina finds herself in danger. She is stranded behind enemy lines and the target of the Nazi murderess, the Huntress. When the Huntress escapes to the United States it is left up to Nina, and young American photographer, Jordan McBride to bring the Huntress to justice.

Overall Reviews

The Huntress is a longer book, but perfect for fans of World War II fiction. The book is also a great read for those interested in the Night Witches and the hunt of war criminals. The Huntress is complete with well-researched history, romance, and love. 

The Diamond Eye

Publication Details

The Diamond Eye was published in March 2002 by William Morrow & Company. 


The Diamond Eye, is a historical fiction novel about Mila Pavlichenko, a resident of Kiev, the Russian capital. Mila is solely focused on her library job and young son.

Her focus suddenly changes with Hitler’s invasion of Ukraine and Russia. Pavlichenko becomes a deadly hunter of the Nazis and earns the name, “Lady Death”. 

Mila, now known as a very talented sniper, is eventually sent to America on a goodwill tour. Though devastated and lost due to the war, Pavlichenko finds friendship and connection with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Pavlichenko must still overcome her past and face old enemies in the deadliest duel of her life. 

Overall Reviews

Set during WWII, The Diamond Eye is occasionally heavy but includes periods of humor and romance to keep you engaged and fascinated. It is faced paced and a well-researched historical fiction novel. Kate Quinn makes history come alive with The Diamond Eye

The Alice Network

Publication Details

The Alice Network was published in 2017 by William Morrow & Company. 


During the Great War Eve Gardiner, eager to fight against the Germans, is recruited to the Alice Network. Eve is then trained by, Lili, code name Alice and the “queen of spies”.

Post World War II, Charlie, a pregnant, American socialite looking for a cousin in France and crosses paths with Eve. Together, both women set out on a mission to find the truth. 

Overall Reviews

Written from the point of view of an American female, The Alice Network provides an interesting perspective on the war and the Nazis. It is a wonderful novel that will appeal to history and hobby readers. The Alice Network is full of mystery, action, and humor. While the book contains some romance, the main focus is on the relationship between Eva and Charlie.

The Rose Code

Publication Details

The Rose Code was published in 2021 by HarperCollins Publishers. 


As the English are preparing to fight the Nazis during WWII, three female code breakers, Osla, Mabel, and Beth, each begin their work at Bletchley Park. 

Osla, the girl who has everything, even the attention of Prince Philip of Greece, desires to be more than just a debutante. Osla, using her knowledge of the German language, becomes a translator at Bletchley Park.

Hardworking Mabel from London poverty joins the work at Bletchley park working on the codebreaking machines.

Both Osla and Mabel see the potential in the local village spinster, Beth. Underneath a layer of shyness in Beth lies a unique ability with puzzles and she soon becomes a female cryptanalyst.

Time passes and due to Beth’s knowledge of a traitor in Bletchley Park, she finds herself locked in an asylum. Beth is forced to rely on once friends but now enemies, Osla and Mabel, to help her escape demise in the asylum and identify and arrest the traitor. 

Overall Reviews

The Rose Code is a book complete with history, drama, and romance. Kate Quinn makes the characters come to life with this book. An amazingly written book that does not disappoint. It is a page-turner full of mystery and love stories. 

Common Questions

Is there an order to read Kate Quinn books?

It is suggested Kate Quinn’s books be read in the following order:

Kate Quinn’s The Empress of Rome

  1. Mistress of Rome
  2. Daughters of Rome
  3. Empress of the Seven Hills
  4. The Three Fates
  5. Lady of the Eternal City

Kate Quinn’s Borgia Chronicles

  1. The Serpent and the Pearl
  2. The Lion and the Rose

Kate Quinn’s Standalone Novels

  1. A Year of Ravens
  2. A Song of War
  3. The Alice Network
  4. The Huntress
  5. The Rose Code

Kate Quinn’s Anthologies

  1. A Year of Ravens
  2. Ribbons of Scarlet

Is The Rose Code based on a true story?

The story is historical fiction, but Osla, Mabel, and Beth are based on real women codebreakers who worked at Bletchley Park. 

What does the title of The Alice Network refer to?  

The title of this book refers to the historical Alice Network, a network of women spies, led by Louise de Bettignies. The network was called the Alice Network because Louise's code name was Alice. In the book, Eve, one of the main characters, answers to Louise de Bettignies

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