Best PDF app for iPad

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Discover the best PDF apps for iPads and how text to speech can make reading PDFs even easier.

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Best PDF app for iPad

The PDF, or Portable Document Format, is an Adobe invention. It’s one of the easiest ways to exchange documents across different operating systems and hardware devices. Organizations, companies, and everyday people use PDFs to share everything from plain text to business plans to product presentations and more.

Unlike other file formats, PDFs accept electronic signatures in a straightforward manner, making them safer to use. But PDFs aren’t the easiest files to edit or manipulate once created. You will need the right software for PDF forms, eBooks, and presentations. This article will list some of the best apps for displaying, reading, and editing PDF documents based on your needs for Apple iPad users.

Quality PDF apps for iPad

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a PDF editor that works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. It’s one of the best apps for editing PDFs, adding comments, merging files, and converting documents into other file formats. For example, you can use PDF Expert to convert PDFs to Microsoft Word documents, JPGs, PPTs, Excel files, etc.

The app has a free version and a premium option, adding extra functionality.

PDF Reader

You can use PDF Reader as an alternative to the classic Adobe Acrobat Reader. This free PDF editor works with iOS and macOS devices. You can edit PDF files, annotate PDF documents, encrypt, sign, and combine files in many ways. In addition, the app is free to use, although it contains in-app purchases and three subscription plans with added perks like cloud storage.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is often the first free PDF reader and editor users think about when opening PDF files. Adobe created PDF files, so it makes sense for users to put their trust in the app’s capabilities.

The PDF reader is free to use and comes with decent editing capabilities. However, a license is necessary for increased productivity and extra functionality. Regardless, the free app is enough to fill out forms, add signatures, and manipulate various PDF files.

PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer is a PDF reader app compatible with MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. It has a friendly user interface and many document customization options. Users can add electronic signatures and open files from multiple locations, including iCloud Drive. In addition, PDF Viewer has many annotation tools for highlighting, notes, drawing, and even inserting audio clips.

Naturally, some premium features aren’t available in the free version. For example, only PDF Viewer Pro users can leave and share notes with other users and set passwords or other permissions.


The GoodReader PDF viewer is one of the top choices for users who value productivity. The seamless navigation, low resource consumption, and intuitive interface make it easy to simultaneously work on multiple PDF files.

It comes with PDF page referencing, annotation summaries, outlines, bookmarks, and multiple page-turning styles. Furthermore, the GoodReader has solid iPad and iPhone optimization.

Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a cross-platform app compatible with iOS devices, macOS laptops, Android, and Windows systems. You can even use it as a web browser extension. What sets the app apart is the ease with which users can edit PDF files like Word documents. Anything is possible, whether you want to change the font, underline text, delete elements, edit images, or add hyperlinks and watermarks.

The App Store and Google Play Store apps have the same features as the desktop versions—with one exception. Wondershare PDFelement for desktop supports PDF conversions in five formats.

The mobile versions for iPads and iPhones only support one conversion type, but all other advanced features and functions work the same regardless of what version of the app you use.

iAnnotate 4

While iAnnotate 4 isn’t a free PDF editor, it has excellent support for iPhones and iPad Pro devices. It has Apple Pencil detection and integrations with OneDrive, OneDrive Business, iCloud Drive, etc. You can highlight text, draw, and edit to create fully customized versions of any PDF files. Even better, iAnnotate 4 also has a flattening tool that protects annotations and signatures from modifications.

Furthermore, you can use iAnnotate 4 to work on two PDFs simultaneously and create PDF summaries ready for email forwarding.

Foxit PDF

Foxit has one of the best apps to view PDFs on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. It lets users annotate PDF files and edit them in many ways directly in the cloud. Therefore, it can streamline workflows and improve file management.

Additionally, Foxit supports many third-party app integrations, making it a reliable choice for an office software component. That said, the Foxit PDF reader and editor are separate apps. With that in mind, the software suite might be too pricey for the average home user.


Speechify is not a traditional PDF reader, but that can be a good thing. Speechify uses text to speech software to turn written text into natural-sounding speech. Although that’s its primary function, Speechify can also open a wide range of files.

Users can upload PDFs, Word Docs, TXT files, HTML, screenshots, and more to read a text and create audio versions of those documents. Moreover, Speechify supports all platforms and works seamlessly with cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Apple-backed services.

Speechify—The text to speech app that reads PDF files

Not everyone needs to PDF editing tools. Some people want to consume information as fast as possible or while multitasking. Speechify offers the best solution for reading PDF files because of its text to speech capabilities and OCR technology.

Combining reading and listening makes it easier to retain information and can help overcome reading disabilities and visual impairment. Try Speechify for free as an alternative to traditional PDF readers and enhance your overall reading experience with natural-sounding speech.


Which PDF app is best for iPad?

Speechify is the best PDF reader for iPad because it can read text aloud from a PDF file.

Is iPad good for PDFs?

The iPad is an excellent tablet for manipulating and reading PDF files due to its larger screen compared to smartphones. With the right PDF editor and Apple support, you can do anything you want in a PDF on your iPad.

Is Adobe PDF free for iPad?

The Adobe PDF Reader is free on all platforms and devices.

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