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Cartoonify: Transform Your Real Photos into Cartoon Images for Free

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One of the latest trends on social media platforms such as TikTok is the "cartoonify" trend. This involves transforming your real-life photos into a cartoon...

One of the latest trends on social media platforms such as TikTok is the "cartoonify" trend. This involves transforming your real-life photos into a cartoon character. Thanks to advancements in algorithms and photo editing tools, there are numerous ways to achieve this effect. This article will explore how to cartoonize your real pictures and the best apps that can help you achieve this.

What is Cartoonify?

Cartoonify is a popular term used to describe the process of transforming a photo into a cartoon-like image. This is often achieved using a cartoon effect or cartoon filter. The result is a cartoon face that resembles the original face in the photo but in a stylized, cartoon form. Cartoonifying a picture involves changing the photo effects to give it the look and feel of a cartoon character. This has become a trending activity on platforms such as TikTok, where users often pair their cartoonify transformations with an original sound for maximum effect.

How to Cartoonify a Picture for Free?

To cartoonify a picture for free, you can use online platforms or free Cartoonizer apps. These platforms offer a wide range of editing tools and templates to transform your selfies into cartoon pictures.

  1. Upload Your Image: First, you'll need a photo to work with. This could be a selfie or any other picture. Ensure that the image is clear and the face is visible.
  2. Apply the Cartoon Filter: Once the photo is uploaded, apply the cartoon effect. This feature turns the real-life image into an anime or cartoon character.
  3. Customize: After the cartoon effect is applied, you can make further adjustments. This may involve adjusting the photo effects, resizing, adding stickers, and other options.
  4. Download Your Cartoon: After making your desired changes, you can download your cartoon picture in various formats like PNG.

What App Lets You Cartoon Yourself?

  1. There are several apps that let you cartoon yourself. Some of the top ones include:How Do You Cartoonize a Real Picture?Cartoonizing a real picture involves a few steps:How to Cartoonize Yourself Online?Cartoonizing yourself online follows a similar process:
    1. ToonMe: Allows you to turn your photo into a cartoon using various styles, including Disney-inspired themes.
    2. Cartoon Face Animation Creator: Lets you change your face into a variety of cartoon or anime characters and animate them.
    3. Prisma: While primarily a photo editing app, its 'Tokyo' filter provides a striking cartoon effect.
    4. PicsArt: A popular photo editing app that offers a variety of cartoonify filters and effects.
    5. MomentCam: Allows you to create custom hand-drawn caricatures and cartoons from your photos.
    6. Artisto: Uses artificial intelligence to transform your photos into cartoon-like images with a range of cartoon filters and effects.
    1. Choose Your App or Online Platform: First, decide where you'll cartoonize your photo. There are numerous apps and online platforms available, including the ones listed above.
    2. Upload Your Photo: Once you've chosen your platform, upload the photo you want to cartoonize. It's best to choose a clear, well-lit photo for the best results.
    3. Apply a Cartoon Filter: Most apps and platforms will have a cartoon filter or effect you can apply to your photo. This filter should transform your photo into a cartoon-style image.
    4. Customize Your Cartoon: After you've applied the filter, you can usually make further customizations. This might include changing colors, adding stickers, or adjusting the size and shape of features.
    5. Save and Share: Once you're happy with your cartoon, save it to your device. From there, you can share it on social media or use it however you like.
    1. Choose an Online Platform: First, find a platform that allows you to cartoonize photos online, such as
    2. Upload Your Photo: Once you're on the platform, upload the photo you want to transform.
    3. Apply the Cartoon Effect: Use the platform's tools to apply a cartoon effect to your photo.
    4. Make Adjustments: Most platforms will allow you to make further adjustments to your cartoon, so it looks just the way you want.
    5. Download Your Cartoon: After you're done editing, download your cartoon to your device.

How Do You Make a Photo Look Like a Cartoon?

  1. Making a photo look like a cartoon involves applying a cartoon effect or filter. This effect adjusts the colors, lines, and textures in the photo to make it look more like a drawing or cartoon. You can do this using a photo editing app or online platform.What Are Some Apps That You Can Cartoonize Your Face?Many of the apps listed above can be used to cartoonize your face. These include ToonMe, Cartoon Face Animation Creator, Prisma, PicsArt, MomentCam, and Artisto. Each of these apps offers different styles and features, so you might want to try a few to see which you like best.

Top 9 Cartoonify Software and Apps

Here are some of the top software and apps that you can use to cartoonify your pictures:

  1. Speechify Video: Speechify Video is the premier talking avatar video creator. Simply upload your script and choose your avatar and create stunning and compelling videos in minutes.
  2. ToonMe: ToonMe provides a cartoonify filter that you can apply to your images. It also offers Disney-inspired templates, enabling users to see themselves as Disney characters.
  3. This online platform uses unique algorithms to turn your image into a cartoon-like picture. It provides a large dataset of cartoon effects to choose from.
  4. Clip2Comic: This app allows you to cartoonize photos and videos. It offers different cartoon and sketch effects to choose from.
  5. Artisto: Artisto uses artificial intelligence to transform your photos into cartoon-like images. It offers a wide range of cartoon filters and photo effects.
  6. Cartoon Face Animation Creator: This app lets you change your face into a variety of cartoon or anime characters. It also allows users to animate their cartoon faces.
  7. Prisma: Prisma is a popular photo editor that provides artistic filters. The "Tokyo" filter, in particular, is great for a cartoon effect.
  8. PicsArt: PicsArt is a photo editing app that provides a wide range of editing tools. It offers a variety of cartoonify filters and effects.
  9. MomentCam: MomentCam offers custom hand-drawn caricatures and cartoons, a unique take on the cartoonify trend.

Remember to always resize your photo to fit the app’s requirements, and explore different stickers and effects to give your cartoon image a unique twist. Enjoy the process and share your cartoon photo on your social media platforms to join the 'Cartoonify' trend!

Cartoonifying your picture is a fun way to express creativity and transform yourself into an anime character or cartoon image. Whether you're looking for a new profile picture or just want to jump on the trending 'cartoonify' bandwagon on TikTok, these tools and tutorials should have you covered. Don't forget to add your original sound to your creation when sharing on TikTok!

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