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Cancel Kobo Audiobooks

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In here, you will find how to cancel your Kobo Audiobooks subscription easily.

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Cancel Kobo Audiobooks 

Are you considering canceling your Kobo Audiobooks subscription? Have you run into some challenges with Kobo recently? Below you’ll find some challenges with Kobo audiobooks as well as simple directions to cancel the Kobo audiobooks subscription.

What is Kobo Rereaders 

Kobo e-reader is a device designed for reading ebooks. Kobo e-readers are offered by Rakuten kobo. Similar to other e-readers, they use e-ink technology where there is limited glare to make reading more accessible in bright light conditions, like outdoors. 

Challenges to Kobo Audiobooks

While there are plenty of benefits to Kobo audiobooks, the challenges abound. Users have found issues with the subscription service and accessibility issues to name a few. 

Audiobook subscription 

Rakuten Kobo offers a 30-day free trial subscription and at the end of the trial, you’ll be enrolled in their subscription plan. Following the 30-day trial, the user’s credit card will be charged $9.99 per month. With the Kobo Plus subscription, users receive 1 credit to use in the Kobo store. If you are using Android devices, you can start your free trial right from the Kobo Books App but if you are an Apple iOS user, you’ll need to visit to sign up for your free trial. Competitor audiobook subscription services, such as Audible, offer more extensive libraries and better roll-over credit options. 

Customer service difficulties 

While Rakuten Kobo offers an extensive library of articles about troubleshooting issues with their Kobo e-reader and audiobook products, connecting with a person may be more difficult. If a consumer has any issues with the Kobo products, there is also an online bot available to answer any questions. 

Can’t listen to the audiobooks offline

Another frequent challenge met by Kobo Audiobook users is being shut out when trying to listen to an audiobook offline. Fortunately, Kobo users can listen to audiobooks on their smartphone or tablet but cannot listen on the Kobo Desktop app. In order to listen offline, the user must download the audiobook to their Android or iOS device. Be sure to download the audiobook to your device before attempting to listen offline or you will need to get back on wi-fi to download. 

How to cancel Kobo Audiobooks

The process for canceling your Kobo Audiobooks subscription is easier than you think. Simply visit and log in to your Kobo account. Next, at the top of the screen select My Account, then select My subscriptions. Finally follow the onscreen instructions to cancel your subscription plan. 

Even though your subscription is now canceled, you will still have access to your audiobooks in your Kobo account. Audiobook credits are non-refundable and will stay in your account for 6 months beginning on your cancellation date. Also, keep in mind you may cancel at any time during your free 30-day trial. 

Affordable audiobook alternatives 

In the audiobook world, there are plenty of affordable alternatives to the kobo audiobook subscription. Perhaps users of Kobo Audiobook would consider different options such as Speechify or TTS reader


Speechify is a read-aloud program available for mobile and desktop devices. As a TTS reader, Speechify can read almost any file format including web pages, articles, epub files, doc files, text files, emails, and all of your favorite ebooks. As an alternative to Kobo and complement to any other ebook provider, Speechify can produce natural-sounding speech for an excellent reading experience. Extensive options Speechify offers include the ability to change speed, voice type, and language for the playback. 

TTS Reader

TTS reader is a similar online program that allows users to paste any webpage, text, pdf, or ebook to be read aloud. Features are identical to Speechify but lack sophistication. Users can select various voices, speeds, and languages to playback. TTS reader is completely web-based but allows readers to upload content from various sources. 

FAQs – See below

What is the minimum age for a Kobo audiobook subscription?

Kobo Plus subscribers may read their choice of ebooks as long as they are a minimum of 13 years of age. In accepting the terms and conditions, customers must adhere to the minimum age requirement.

Can you return audio books on Kobo?

Audiobook subscriptions are non-refundable according to the terms of use. Audiobook subscription credits are non-transferable and have no cash value. 

Do Kobo audiobooks expire?

Credits for Kobo audiobooks expire after 6 months but the audiobooks do not expire.

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