The 5 best voice cloning tools

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AI voice cloning is becoming more and more popular, and for good reasons. Read our article to find out why and which tools to use.

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The 5 best voice cloning tools

Deepfake videos and voice recordings are nothing new. We create them with voice cloning tools for laughs as well as more serious purposes like improving our YouTube videos, e-learning classes, or just audio messages.

Voice cloning software can reproduce the famous voices of Hollywood actors, pop stars, and other celebrities. They are perfect for any audio-related purpose. So, allow us to introduce you to our top five picks.

The best voice cloning tools in 2022

Creating a list of the best AI voice cloning apps isn’t easy. You can’t just list five apps that have the coolest logo and name or the best advertisement. The idea is to choose voice changers based on how helpful they can be for both professional and personal use. As such, our list consists of the most advanced pieces of software that delve into the voice-cloning territory. Some of them might be pricier than others, but that’s not of concern in this article. After all, we’re looking to provide you with the very best.


Although it might sound strange at first to include a text to speech generator on this list, Speechify is more than just a read-aloud app. It provides over 30 natural-sounding synthetic voices in more than 15 languages that can all be perfect AI voiceovers for various audio or video content. After all, it’s the fastest-growing TTS app on the market.

Speechify’s voices all have perfect pronunciation, including male and female voices, those of different accents and languages. But that’s not all. Speechify is simple to use and offers more features than competitors. Thanks to its advanced OCR and machine learning, it can even scan photos of physical text and turn them into speech.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, f you want to use it on your Mac computer, you can download it as a standalone app too. For those who enjoy using online apps, Speechify is available as a plug-in for both Google Chrome and Safari web browsers. You can use it for free or as a premium version for a monthly fee of $11.58.

The second pick on our list is Resemble which is a mix between a text to speech and deepfake app. Its voice-mimicking feature is what might interest users who want to play around with human-like voices. The app can clone your own voice or a recorded voice from an audio file that you upload to it. It supports many audio formats like mp3 and WAV.

Unlike most artificial intelligence apps, Resemble is pretty light in terms of data usage. You can create a voice clone in less than 5 minutes. It has a free version, but it restricts users by offering only 2 minutes of audio to be created. However, if you want more, you can subscribe to its Premium plan, which costs $30 a month and might be too expensive for some.


For creating a new sound that sounds as realistic as possible, look no further than Descript. Although it’s not perfect in mimicking existing voices, its AI will produce a unique voice that won’t get taken down for copyright infringement. All that is possible with an advanced audio editing feature that allows you to modify a sound like a professional audio engineer.

In comparison to Resemble, Descript is way cheaper. Its paid version is $12 a month, which is great for casual users. Nevertheless, its free version allows you to create audio files up to 3 hours long. All in all, it’s a perfect app for perfecting a voice-over for audiobooks, e-learning courses, YouTube videos, or any other speech-heavy content.

CereVoice Me

CereVoice Me is a really expensive real-time voice cloning tool without a free plan. Still, it has its reasons for being so pricey. It’s extremely powerful and offers lots to its users. It’s a perfect tool for any business that needs professional voice-overs for their advertisement or high-quality voices for podcasts, audiobooks, or e-learning courses.

CereVoice Me has several features. These include a text to speech component, a voice synthesizer, and a vast library of different voice skins in tens of different languages besides English. Now, for the price. CereVoice Me costs a staggering $685.99. However, this is a lifetime license, so you should consider whether it’s an investment worth paying.

Lastly, we need to mention another speech synthesis app that’s excellent for voice cloning. is an AI-powered tool that allows you to create all kinds of realistic voices that you can later download and use for deepfake videos. It’s user-friendly and effective in what it does, and it features over 800 preexisting voices and even has SSML support.

When it comes to pricing, there are several options. You can use it for free but with many restrictions, which is normal. But if you want a better experience, there are three plans that involve payment. Personal costs $14.25, Professional $29.25, and Premium $74.25 a month. All of them are billed annually, which is also a neat touch.

The growing similarities between voice cloning and text to speech

In many ways, voice cloning and text to speech apps are similar. They both offer generated voices for various content, be it freelance dubbing, video game development, or e-learning. Nevertheless, voice cloning will always come short in terms of realism.

For an app to clone a voice, it will use the most advanced deep learning technology and complex algorithms. Still, at the end of the day, they will remain robotic voices, and your ear will be able to hear the difference. 

On the other hand, TTS transcription apps don’t replicate existing voices. They offer preset ones that are designed to have human emotions. As such, no copyright infringements will fall upon your content and it’s the reason people prefer them to classic voice cloning apps. Try Speechify for free today and try text to speech generation for yourself.


What is the most realistic text to speech app?

Speechify is the number one voice synthesis TTS app on the market. It offers over 30 AI human voices in over 15 languages that will turn your text into a full-on narration, YouTube voice-over, or even a podcast jingle.

What is the best voice cloning software?

Although many people enjoy using and Lovo, CereVoice Me is definitely a more premium option, both in terms of quality and the number of features.

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