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How to use a GIF background remover

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Need to edit a GIF? Here's our complete guide on how to use a GIF background remover online.

Whether you're a digital marketer, graphic designer, meme enthusiast, or just someone who loves to express through GIFs, this guide is for you. With the ability to remove or alter the background of a GIF, you can create more versatile and compelling content. Our step-by-step guide will introduce you to the process of using an online tool called Speechify Video Studio, designed to remove the background from your GIFs effortlessly. Read on to understand the intricacies of GIFs, reasons for background removal, and how you can transform your GIFs using this online GIF background remover.

What is a GIF?

A GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is a bitmap image format that was developed by a team at the online services provider CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite and released on 15 June 1987. It is a format for image files that supports both static and animated images.

GIFs are unique in that they support animation without the need for a plugin or player application, unlike other file types such as MOV or AVI. A GIF is able to contain multiple frames, which are displayed in sequence to create an animation. This can be looped endlessly or can play a certain number of times then stop.

GIFs can also come in any size, and there's no standard resolution for a GIF. They can be as small as 16x16 (256 pixels) or as large as 1920x1080 (2,073,600 pixels) or even larger. The size you choose would depend on the requirements of the specific project you're working on.

GIFs are widely used on the web for various purposes. They can serve as simple graphics on websites, showing small animations, or can be used for small, looping segments of video, often for humorous or illustrative purposes on social media and other platforms. Their ability to be easily shared and played on most devices without the need for specific software makes them very versatile and popular.

However, the GIF format is not ideal for storing digital photos due to its limited color depth. Other formats such as JPEG, JPG, or PNG are better suited for that purpose.

Why would you remove backgrounds from GIFs?

Removing backgrounds from GIFs serves multiple purposes, particularly in digital design, marketing, and creative content creation. Here are a few reasons why you might want to remove the background from a GIF:

  • Versatility and reusability: Removing the background can make a GIF more versatile. A transparent background allows the GIF to be placed on various backgrounds without clashing or looking out of place.
  • Design aesthetics: In graphic design, removing a background can help make a GIF fit better with the overall design or aesthetic of a project. It can also enhance the focus on the main subject of the GIF.
  • Branding and marketing: For branding or marketing purposes, you might want to replace the original background with your company’s color or logo.
  • Creating memes or reactions: On social media, people often use GIFs as reactions or memes. Removing the background can make these GIFs more humorous or impactful, as it can isolate a specific action or emotion.
  • Website design: Web developers and designers may remove backgrounds to create a more engaging user interface or to allow the website's background to show through the GIF.
  • Visual effects: Lastly, in some cases, you might want to remove the background from a GIF for special visual effects. For example, you could replace a static background with a moving video or animation.

By using software and online tools, you can easily remove or alter the backgrounds of your GIFs, providing greater flexibility and creativity in your digital projects.

How to use an online GIF background remover

Effortlessly erase the backdrop of a GIF with a single click.

Desire a transparent background for your GIF, or fancy swapping it with a different one? Speechify Video Studio provides an effortless solution. This online GIF background remover permits you to subtract the background of your GIF image and substitute it with a photo or video of your liking. Don't have a suitable replacement? Choose from our comprehensive library of stock media online.

Here’s how to remove GIF backgrounds:

Step 1: Upload a GIF or record a video

Either upload a GIF or capture a video utilizing our webcam recorder. With the drag and drop feature, you can swiftly move your GIF files into our editor.

Step 2: Extract background

Highlight the video on the timeline, then activate the Remove Background function Now, you can customize your GIF. The background vanishes, ready for you to introduce a new image, solid color background, video background, or create a transparent GIF. You can even add a watermark.

Step 3: Export

Satisfied with your edits? Hit Export. Remember to choose "Download as GIF" when procuring your creation.

Speechify Video Studios’s online GIF maker and editor

Speechify Video Studio offers the simplicity of creating and customizing GIFs online in mere clicks. Transform your GIF's background to a transparent one or substitute it with another video, image background, or a solid background color. Convert videos to animated GIFs and vice versa, utilizing our online background eraser tool to make the background of any GIF or video vanish.

Our online GIF background remover tool is free to use. No sign-up or account creation necessary, unlike other tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva Pro. Simply upload your GIF or start recording a video then erase your background in one click. If you wish to use a stock video, select from our online library.

Speechify Video Studio isn't just a GIF maker—it's an all-encompassing video editor. Beyond crafting, editing, file size compressing, and resizing GIFs, our wide-ranging tools enable you to produce professional-looking videos within clicks, all in your browser. There's no need for software or plug-ins installation. It's compatible with Mac, Windows, and all Android mobile devices.

Edit GIFs and create amazing video content with Speechify Video Studio.


Is it possible to create a GIF with a transparent background?

When you erase the background of a GIF or video using Speechify Video Studio, the backdrop automatically turns transparent. You can keep it transparent or upload a photo or video as a replacement.

How can I turn a GIF transparent online?

Speechify Video Studio operates browser-based, allowing you to edit and construct GIFs online and even make transparent GIFs, eliminating the need for third-party software or app installation.

What is the number one GIF background remover?

Numerous apps offer background removal services from a GIF like Ezgif, Gifmake, Onlinegiftools, or Giphy, yet Speechify Video Studio stands out as the best. It's the quickest and simplest platform to use. It's web-based, complimentary, and avails many more video editing features.

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