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How to install, manage, or remove Safari extensions

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Manage Safari Extensions
Installing a Safari extension sounds really simple but until you want to. It's a little unique with Safari. Here's how to Install, Manage, or Delete Safari extensions.

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Using the right extensions can make your life a lot easier, which is why you should learn how to install Safari extensions on your browser. Whether you want a text-to-speech app or you’re interested in a timer app, you can find them in the Apple Store and download them to your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

How easy is it to get and manage your extensions?

It’s simple to add all kinds of extensions to your browser just by going to the App Store and choosing what you like.

Today, we’ll go over how to install the extensions you want, manage them to make them work well for you, and uninstall them when you’re finished using them on your browser.

How to install Safari extensions

It’s simple to install Safari extensions. Here are a few simple steps to follow to download the extensions you’re interested in using.

The steps for how to install Safari extensions

  1. Open Safari
  2. In the menu, choose “Safari” and then “Safari Extensions.”
  3. Once the App Store opens, you can search for the extension that you want to install.
  4. To download and install the extension, click on the price or click “Get” if it is free. At this point, you may need to sign in with your Apple ID (especially if you need to make a payment).
  5. Click on “Install.”

Next: Turn on the extension in Safari

  • Choose “Safari” and click on “Preferences.”
  • Click on “Extensions.”
  • Next to the extension, you’ll see a checkbox. There, you should click on the box to turn it blue. This activates the extension in your browser.

Managing your Safari extensions

Managing your Safari extensions is easy, because you can get to them quickly and, with the click of a button, turn them on or off or remove them.

To manage the extensions:

  • Click on “Safari” and “Preferences.”
  • Then, click “Extensions.”
  • Select the checkbox next to the extension’s name if you want to turn it on or off. If the checkbox is blue, the extension is on. If it is gray, it is off.
  • To uninstall the extension, click “Uninstall” on the right side of the extension box.
  • Going to the “Websites” tab lets you change which webpages extensions can reach.

Everything is in one easy-to-find place on Mac and iOS, so you can quickly find and adjust your extensions.

How to see all your safari extensions

Once you’ve downloaded some extensions, you may want to find them again to manage them. To see them all and access your extensions:

  • Open Safari
  • Click “Preferences” in the menu bar
  • Click the Extensions tab

This will pull up all your extensions. You can turn them on and off, or you can uninstall them from this screen.

Managing Safari extensions on your iPhone.

  1. In the address bar of any website, tab the AA icon
  2. This should launch a small pop-up
  3. Tap on “Manage Extensions”
  4. You should see a list of available extensions
  5. Use the toggle to turn on or off extensions.

Uninstalling Safari extensions

Uninstalling extensions in Safari is very simple. There are just two steps.

Steps for uninstalling Safari extensions

  1. Select the extension that you no longer want to use in the general extension column.
  2. Click the Uninstall button below the extension’s name.

The extension will be uninstalled for you. You may need to reset your browser to finalize the uninstallation in some cases.

Considerations before uninstalling Safari extensions

It’s possible to uninstall your Safari extensions, but keep in mind that doing so will remove all of your settings. If you download the extension again, you will need to reassign the settings that you want.

It’s still a good idea to uninstall extensions that you don’t recognize or don’t expect to use, so you can speed up your browser.


Can You Add Extensions to Safari on Mac?

Yes. All you need to do is go to the Safari app on your Mac and choose “Safari Extensions.”

From that point, you can browse the available extensions. Once you find the extension that you want, click the button that will show you the price and help you move forward with the download.

Why can’t I install Safari extensions?

Safari extensions are new for iPhones, and you can install them on any iPhone or iPad with iOS 15 or newer. If your phone has not yet been updated, you will need to do so before you begin.

You cannot access the extensions store directly from the browser. You’ll need to go to “settings” and then “Safari.” Tap “Extensions.” This will let you browse the available extensions and add them to your phone or iPad.

How do I install Safari extensions without the App Store?

You will need to use the App Store to download and install extensions.

If you are using your Mac, you should open Safari first. Then, click on “Safari” in the menu and choose “Preferences” on the dropdown menu to access all installed extensions.

How do I enable extensions on my Mac?

To enable extensions on your Mac:

  • Open the Apple Store
  • Go to the Extensions category
  • Select “Safari extensions.”
  • Click “Get” or the payment amount to see how much the extension costs to install.
  • If you agree to the price, click on install.

You can enable or disable your extensions by going to the Apple menu and clicking on System Preferences. Then, click Extensions.

How do I access Safari extensions?

To access all your downloaded Safari extensions:

  • Open Safari
  • Click “Preferences” in the menu bar
  • Click the Extensions tab

You will see a list of all the extensions you’ve currently downloaded and installed.

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