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How To Cancel Apple Books Purchase

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Are you trying to cancel Apple Books? below you will find a simple walkthrough to guide you on how to cancel Apple Books purchase.

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How To Cancel Apple Books Purchase

Are you trying to cancel Apple Books? Are you needing a clear navigator through the steps of how to? Apple Books subscription service is great to have books on demand as you want to read them. However, life does happen and sometimes you need to cancel. Below you will find a simple walkthrough to guide you through the process of canceling your Apple Books subscription in the app store on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. You will need your Apple ID for this process.


What is Apple Books?

Apple Books, originally launched as iBooks, is a book store and audiobook store designed for your IOS device, sorry Android users. Apple Books allows you to read or listen to your favorite titles in one app store app and saves your purchase history. Much like the Apple store, Apple TV, and iTunes purchases, family sharing is also available with Apple Books for every family member up to 5 people across iCloud. As long as you sign in with the same Apple ID, Apple Books will save your progress, track the books you want to read, and allow you to set and see all your reading goals across all your Apple devices.


How To View Your iBooks?

Apple Books, formerly iBooks, purchases can be viewed as if nothing changed providing they are being viewed on the same Books account as the iBooks was on. 


How To Cancel Your Apple Books Purchase?

The simplest way to cancel a singular Apple book purchase is to follow the money trail. Start with your email receipt from Apple. Click on the “Report a Problem” link and follow the steps as they appear to cancel. If you no longer have the email receipt, contact Apple Support and ask the iTunes store staff for a refund. 

Apple has streamlined the process of canceling book purchases and all purchases from their IOS platform. Sign in to Click or tap on the “I’d like to” tab and then click or tap “Request a refund.” You must choose the reason for which you need a refund from the drop-down menu then click “Next.” Now choose the subscription, app, or other purchase you would like a refund for then click submit. This process also works for canceling a subscription. If approved, Apple will refund purchases to the payment method on file. 

To check your payment method, often called “view my account;” click settings on your Apple device, then your profile picture. From there tap “Payment & Shipping” to change to desired payment method.


Cancel Your Apple Books Purchases Within iTunes

To cancel Apple Books Purchases you’ll need to open iTunes by visiting from any Apple device web browser. From the homepage on Safari, you’ll scroll to the bottom of the page and click Apple Books. Next, click “Support” on the top bar. Then, click or tap “Billing and subscriptions.” From here, request a refund, view your purchase history, or cancel your subscription using the steps that were outlined previously. Cancel pre-orders by these steps also.

View Your Purchase History

From the above steps “view your purchase history” link click you again come to steps that start with the “” Be sure to sign in with your Apple ID and password. Your recent purchases will appear here along with the credit card you used.  

Select The Purchase And Follow The Steps For Canceling

When your purchases appear search for the purchase you want to cancel or need a refund for and click it. Follow the steps as they appear once you’re rerouted to “report a problem.”

  1. Click “I’d like to” in the menu and select “request a refund.”

  2. Next, select your choice in “tell us more.”

  3. Then choose the Apple ID you want to view purchases from if you are on family sharing.

  4. Click “Next.” 

  5. Here an item list will appear for you to select which you’d like to cancel or get a refund. Select your item and select next to describe the issue and submit for a refund or cancelation.


How To Cancel On Mac?

To cancel a purchase or subscription on a Mac, start here:

  1. Open the App Store app.

  2. Click your name. If you can’t find your name, click Sign In.

  3. Click Account Settings.

  4. Scroll to Subscriptions, then click Manage.

  5. Next to the subscription, click Edit.

  6. Click Cancel Subscription.


How To Cancel On A PC?

You’ll need to have iTunes downloaded before canceling an Apple product from your PC.

If you don’t have iTunes be sure to learn how to download it for a Windows PC.

  1. Choose “Account” from the top menu bar in iTunes 

  2. Next, click “View Account.”

  3. Scroll to find “Settings” 

  4. Then, click “Edit.”

  5. Now, click “Cancel Subscription.”


How To Cancel On iPhone?

This one is very similar to the iTunes cancelation and will be the same on an iPod touch.

  1. Open your “Settings app.”

  2. Tap your “Profile name.”

  3. Tap “Subscriptions.”

  4. Tap the subscription you want to cancel.

  5. Tap “Cancel Subscription.” You may need to scroll down a bit to find the “Cancel Subscription” tab.


How To Cancel On Android?

You’ll need to log into your Google Play Store to complete the cancellation steps. 

  1. First, open your Playstore app.

  2. Next, select the menu icon at the top left.

  3. Then, select “My apps and games.”

  4. Next, choose the iTunes app.

  5. Now, select “Cancel subscription.”


If You Used Speechify With Apple Books, Can You Still Use Speechify With Other Book Programs?

Speechify can be used with any device across all platforms. It is an independent TTS app and is not limited to certain devices.

Other Book Programs

Book programs like Calibre, Gutenberg Project, and Amazon Kindle allow you to read books on any platform and with any device. Calibre and Gutenberg Project are also DRM-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel a book I bought on iBooks?

Yes, you’ll need to select the “I did not authorize this purchase” option. You’ll then be aided by Apple iTunes Support representatives. 

How do I cancel a pending ibook purchase?

You can cancel the purchase but only after the purchase is no longer pending.

Can you return an apple book purchase?

Book purchases can only be returned up to two weeks after purchase. 

How do I cancel a book I purchased in the iBook store?

Yes. Click unauthorized purchases and tap the “report a problem” link and follow the directions.

Can I cancel an Apple book purchase on my iPhone?

To request a refund sign in to report a problem site at Apple and follow the steps as they appear.

What happens to my Apple Books if I cancel my Apple TV?

Nothing happens to your Apple Books only your Apple TV TV shows are canceled.

What does it mean to cancel a book?

A part of a book that was originally printed is substituted. 

What happens if I cancel a book purchase on ibooks?

Use your email receipt and click on “report a problem” or contact Apple Store Support.

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