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Listening to audiobooks while working. Is it a good idea?

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Let’s get one thing straight, right in the start. Listening to audiobooks while working is certainly not a bad idea. In fact, it is fantastic way to listen...

Let’s get one thing straight, right in the start. Listening to audiobooks while working is certainly not a bad idea. In fact, it is fantastic way to listen to your favorite bestseller or even that unheard of title that was highly recommended by someone you respect. It all boils down to what you are working on and does it allow you to multitask. Almost every profession has those times that require a fair amount of mundane work. If you are a surgeon, surely there are times when you are catching up on paperwork. If you are an engineer, or designer, audiobooks and multitasking can help stir your creativity. Yes - if you are a surgeon, audiobooks in the operation theater is not the right place.

Can you listen to audiobooks while working?

Another factor to consider is if your workplace allows you to listen while you work. This could be due to security, bandwidth, or just the nature of work that such policies have been rightfully instituted. With that said, there are a variety of jobs where multitasking and audiobook listening is either encouraged or at the least not frowned upon. A vast majority of millennials and gen-z’s already listen to podcasts while working. 2019 saw numbers of people listening to podcasts double just from 2018. While listening to podcasts is not bad, it is not much different from an audiobook. Audiobooks do not choke a company’s internet since most are downloaded to users’ phones.

Does listening to audiobooks help you focus?

Yes they do. Think of it as an audible or mental fidget spinner. If anyone remembers those sensory toys that helped kids focus. Good audiobooks can help keep you focussed when working on something intense. You tend to not pay attention to time or other distractions. You tend to concentrate more when listening to an audiobook.

What are the benefits of listening to audiobooks?

Many companies offer audiobooks to employees as a perk. Leadership understands that some of the brilliant minds are avid readers. Encouraging employees to read is both beneficial for personal development and for the company at large. Companies serious about investing into their employees encourage personal growth selflessly. Though, yes, the company benefits from higher efficiencies and better employee retention. If you are in leadership and looking to provide audiobooks as a perk for your employees (yes, to even read while working), check out the Speechify offering. In general, there are many benefits to listening to audiobooks.

Is it distracting to listen to audiobooks while working?

Not at all. Listening to something while working can help focus on the job at hand. Audiobooks could be that something that is listened to. Again, this depends on the job and the situation. Reread the first paragraph of this blog. Listening while working can boost productivity by helping you focus on the task at hand and zone out all the distractions - especially post-pandemic, with people working from home to noisy cafes. Some people who yet commute by metro or some form of public transport can get a lot done by zoning into their favorite book while getting work done - all while commuting. Never underestimate the power of what can be accomplished with just a laptop, ear phones, a hot beverage, and a playlist of good audiobooks. Listening to an audiobook can help you stay away from distractions like social media. It’s much better than refreshing that feed, or tapping on a reaction, and then getting lost to 100 Instagram reels. There are much better uses for that iPhone or Android device. So, is listening to audiobooks while working a good idea? We think so. It depends on the situation. And, in the right situation, no matter your profession, an audiobook is a great choice to pair with your work. Audiobooks can help with creative ideas and problem-solving. Lawyers, for example, can listen to their favorite law books as they work on their case. Maybe something will ignite a new angle. This can save them so much time rather than separating both tasks and dedicating specific time to case notes and reading. Teachers can listen to their text books and topics they are covering the next day while grading papers. The benefits of listening to an audiobook far outweigh any argument against it.

What are some good audiobooks to listen to while working?

Self-help books are a great option to listen, and re-listen.

  1. How to win friends and influence people. How to stop worrying and start living
  2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
  3. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Sci-fi audiobooks are also a great option

  1. Dune
  2. Nineteen Eighty-Four
  3. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Productivity Audiobooks

  1. The One Thing
  2. Indistractible
  3. Tools of Titans

Audiobooks on Math. Yes, this is a great topic - though niche.

  1. Freakonomics
  2. Fooled by Randomness
  3. Naked Statistics

Critical thinking audiobooks

  1. Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills
  2. Critical Thinking: The 12 Rules for Intelligent Thinking
  3. Lessons from Critical Thinkers

No company would not want their employees reading and practicing critical thinking. If you’d like to suggest to your company audiobooks as a perk or if you are in leadership, again, check out Speechify’s audiobooks for business.

What is the best app to listen to audiobooks while working?

Speechify is one of the best apps to listen to audiobooks, whether you are working, or working out. It features all the best audiobooks with the best listening experience. You can get your first audiobook for $0.00 and enjoy one of the most highly rated apps in the App Store and Google Play. Check out Speechify audiobooks today.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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