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Literotica audiobooks & text to speech

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Learn about Literotica and its services.

Literotica audiobooks & text to speech

Literotica is an erotic fiction website that allows users to read and share stories, essays, poems, and audio stories of various genres and formats. Read on to learn about Literotica and its services. 

Services of Literotica

Literotica offers a wide range of erotic content. Users can enjoy reading about masturbation, femdom, blowjobs, pegging, and much more. But is the content fiction or non-fiction? There’s no sure way to find out. However, one thing is certain: millions worldwide love the stories.

Text to speech 

While Literotica offers written and audio stories, it doesn’t have a built-in text to speech option. Unfortunately, this means users can enjoy listening to audiobooks only if the authors post them as such.


Many people enjoy reading erotic stories. However, some may prefer listening to them, especially for asmr. Literotica recognizes this need and provides a wide range of high-quality audiobooks on different topics.

Some audiobooks are narrated by the author only, while others have several narrators. Thanks to the numerous options, users can choose whether they prefer a male or female voice.

Although, audiobooks on Literotica only have an audio version. There’s no written version you can follow while listening.

Poetry with audio

Besides audiobooks, Literotica allows its users to enjoy erotic poetry with audio. Users can read the text while listening to a female or male voice, depending on the author. Furthermore, the option to choose between written and audio formats allows the users to combine them.

For example, they can read one part of a poem and then listen to the rest or vice versa.

Voice selection

Although Literotica offers audiobooks and poetry with audio, the options for customizing the voice are limited.

Audiobooks are posted by their authors and there’s no option to change the voice, pitch, or playback speed. Users can only control the volume and skip to a specific part of an audiobook.

The same goes for poetry with audio. Users can’t choose voices, pitch, or reading speed.

Available languages

Literotica publishes content in various languages. The platform is happy to publish written or audible stories in any language. The most popular are English, Spanish, French, Romanian, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese.

Of course, this doesn’t mean users can’t enjoy content in other languages like Afrikaans, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Norwegian, etc.

Alternatives to Literotica

If you want to read erotic stories, is an excellent alternative to Literotica. The site features more than 300,000 stories written by over 15,000 authors. Thanks to the wide range of categories, everyone can find what they like in just a few clicks.

The website focuses mainly on LGBTQ+ stories, but users can also find popular categories like submissive, BDSM, spanks, etc.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t offer audiobooks or poetry with audio.


Many people prefer listening to erotic stories instead of reading them. However, most websites that publish such content lack a built-in text to speech option. In addition, websites that publish audiobooks usually don’t offer many customization options, which can affect user experience.

Users may be able to listen to a genuine human voice, but they can’t choose the reading speed or change voices. Plus, not every erotic story is available in an audio format.

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What is the name of the audiobooks on

All audiobooks on fall into the category of audio stories. The authors are free to name the stories as they please and usually choose a name that reflects the content.

What is the theme of these Audiobooks?

The audiobooks on feature different themes, from femdom and LGBTQ+ to blowjobs, masturbation, and pegging. Since Literotica offers dozens of audiobooks, readers can be sure they’ll find something they like.

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