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Novelfull is a platform that contains various Japanese novels and written works. Let's explore if it's right for you.

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Although comic books have enjoyed a revival since Marvel started making blockbuster movies and TV shows based on beloved graphic novel characters, U.S. comic books aren’t unique.

Graphic novels are part of a rich literary subculture in Japan, China, and other Asian countries. Many refer to comic books and graphic novels of Asian origin as manga. But many more works combine illustrations and storytelling.

In many ways, manga, light novels, romance novels, and other fictional works are more popular than the average superhero comic book. English speakers can access many of these works at

The only downside with manga and light novels is the language barrier and potential reading disabilities like dyslexia, but that’s where Speechify comes in with a solution.

What is NovelFull?

Novelfull is a platform that contains various light novels, Japanese novels, manga, web novels, and other similar works. It’s an excellent solution for people who adore Asian graphic novels and stories but aren’t familiar with foreign languages.

You can read works like Hidden Marriage, Martial God Asura, Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort, Super Gene, Immortal Mortal, Monster Paradise, and many other popular graphic novels.

Some works on Novelfull are in English, and everything is available online. So there’s no need to download large eBook files or PDFs, although that’s possible if you want to do some offline reading.

What makes Novelfull a good platform?

Apart from bringing modern Asian literature and graphic novels to the mainstream and enabling English readers to read their favorite content, Novelfull offers additional benefits as a platform:

  • Huge collection – Saying that Novelfull has an extensive library is an understatement. The platform has millions of best-selling novels, popular eBooks, and hundreds, if not thousands, of graphic novels already translated into English. In addition, the platform uploads new entries and translations almost daily from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese artists.

  • Readable in your browser – You can go to using Chrome, Brave, Edge, or any other browser. It’s extremely helpful when using the proper extensions and add-ons in your browser.

  • Removable non-intrusive ads – You can expect some ads to appear on Novelfull. The good news is that they don’t interfere with the text, and you can remove them with an affordable yearly fee on your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

  • Category variety – Novelfull treats users to many categories like action, adult, horror, comedy, fantasy, martial arts, supernatural, Sci-Fi, drama, seinen, sports, etc. It has 39 genre categories, which can satisfy a massive and diverse audience.

  • Book ratings – The platform has some of the most popular Asian works in simple text format and graphic novels. In addition, you can also rate any eBooks after reading them without having an account on the platform. It’s a feature not many digital eBook libraries offer.

Using a TTS Reader with Novelfull

Novelfull sounds great, but what does it have to do with TTS readers? A TTS reader uses text to speech technology to turn text into speech narrations.

Some people may have reading difficulties, and a TTS tool can help them enjoy their favorite Japanese content. Try Speechify and easily listen to webpages, emails and more. 


What is the difference between a novel and a short story?

Short stories are works of fiction that rarely exceed 10,000 words. On the other hand, novels often have at least 50,000 words, with some even exceeding 100,000 words. Additionally, the narrative moves much faster in short stories, whereas novels have room for more character and plot development.

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