Quotev audiobooks & text to speech

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Love audiobooks? Let's break down Quotev and whether its the app for your reading experience.

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Quotev audiobooks & text to speech

Many people use Quotev daily, but few know what they can or can’t do on the platform. Generally, a lot of confusion surrounds whether it contains audiobooks.

What is Quotev?

Quotev is a creative social networking platform with over 5 million monthly users. Since 2008, users have helped grow the platform into one of the most popular places to share quizzes, stories, polls, tests, and other similar types of content.

Anyone interested in Quotev can browse the website without an account. The platform has a rich topic selection from lifestyle and personality to mystery, science, and fanfiction.

Aside from its content, Quotev enables users to communicate in group chats and direct messages, share activity posts, and upload journal entries.

Group discussions are common among users from different countries and backgrounds. Quotev creates an excellent virtual hangout spot for anyone interested in engaging in conversation with a particular topic in mind.

How to sign up to Quotev

As previously mentioned, you don’t have to create a Quotev account to sample the content. But why is making an account recommended?

First, only members can create and share content on the platform. Secondly, communicating with other users is restricted to non-members.

The quickest way to create a Quotev account is by signing up with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Alternatively, you can create an account using your preferred email address. The only requirement is for users to be over 13 years old.

Are there audiobooks on Quotev?

Quotev has a ton of content, but audiobooks aren’t part of the offering. Therefore, you need another way to read aloud the millions of digital text snippets from polls, stories, and quizzes featured on the platform.

Text to Speech

Text to speech technology is an excellent tool for turning digital text into speech. Perhaps you like it when someone reads to you or you don’t have enough time to read. Maybe browsing Quotev content prevents you from performing other tasks.

Some users struggle with reading because of ADHD, dyslexia, or visual impairment.

Text to speech or TTS readers are applications you can use to resolve all of these issues. 

The benefits of using a TTS reader include:

  • Improved reading skills – Someone with language comprehension issues, like word confusion caused by dyslexia, can improve their decoding and comprehension skills by listening to narrations while reading highlighted text.

  • More accessibility – People with reading difficulties don’t have as easy of access to digital content as everyone else. That all changes when a TTS reader reads digital text from their favorite web pages aloud.

  • Increased productivity – Whether reading a paperback novel, online journal entry, or taking a quiz, reading takes time. You can’t concentrate on anything else. However, text to speech technology can help you multitask by shifting how you prioritize your senses for various activities. It’s easier to listen to a short story while you cook or drive than to do anything while reading.

  • Reduced fatigue – Suppose you don’t struggle reading and have plenty of time to go through Quotev content. That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from voiceovers with natural-sounding voices. A text to speech app will give you plenty of rest time without taking a break from your stories. It should prevent or at least minimize eye strain and mental fatigue as the content is read out loud.

  • Create multisensory experiences – Non-fiction and fiction short stories on Quotev can easily engage users, whether reading on their web browser or mobile device. However, lending a human voice or different voices to digital text can make stories more immersive and create a more entertaining reading experience.

  • Learn new languages – Quotev features content in other languages besides English and has a customizable built-in translator. With a TTS reader, you can use the platform to learn a new language and improve your cognitive skills. Reading text aloud and following the narration with text highlighting is one of the best ways to learn proper pronunciation and spelling and master a new language.


Speechify is the text to speech app to have when you want to make the most of your. The software uses artificial intelligence to create real-time narrations and audio recordings for offline auditions.

It’s available in the Apple App store for iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices. Additionally, you can also download an Android-specific version on your smartphone. If you’re a Windows user, the Chrome extension is also available.

Try Speechify to overcome dyslexia challenges, or enjoy the convenience of a more straightforward way to consume content and absorb information.


Who publishes books on Quotev?

Only registered members can post content on Quotev.

Can I write books for Quotev?

Quotev doesn’t have books, but you can write short stories and post them as a registered member.

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