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Convert your Tamil text into audio files and enjoy all the benefits of speech synthesis in this beautiful Indian language.

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Text to speech (TTS) voice generators can help us create engaging videos, gripping e-learning material, and voiceovers, as well as learn foreign languages by helping us to immerse ourselves in a foreign idiom and culture.

Today, we’re looking into Tamil voice generation and some of the most popular online text-to-speech converters that will transform the way you approach, study and use this beautiful language.

Text to speech for Tamil

Learning a language such as Tamil takes a lot of effort, especially if you’re aiming at working proficiency. For a lot of people, speaking and listening are the toughest aspects of any language, even at a more advanced level, and the inability to express themselves at desired levels of competence can pose a problem.

With a high-quality TTS tool, though, that doesn’t have to be the case. Premium-quality apps such as Speechify can help you create custom audio content for additional audio input and practice. Being able to adjust pronunciation and choose different language varieties, dialects, and voice types ensures you can nail that Tamil accent and change the way you approach the language and feel about your competence.

Text to speech software for Tamil

Tamil is a widely spoken language, so it’s becoming quite popular in corporate environments, among content creators, and on the internet in general. Down below, we have a short list of the most popular Tamil TTS tools with the most natural-sounding voices, together with their pros, unique features, and pricing plans.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud-based computing solution that also doubles down as a text-to-speech and speech-to-text tool. Thanks to its versatility, it’s the perfect tool if you’re looking for something that will let you not only convert text into Tamil audio files but also store them in cloud storage. Azure is also a great analytics tool, and it’s compatible with third-party applications, allowing for tons of different use cases and accommodating pretty much every user’s needs.

There is no fixed pricing since the tool is an all-in-one solution for everyone, from social media influencers to businessmen, so you’ll have to calculate your expenses at the Azure website.


Although not as famous as Azure, Play is one of the oldest voice generators and speech synthesis platforms, and it’s great both for private and corporate use, thanks to its APIs and accessibility and sharing features. Play.ht operates based on rather sophisticated machine learning, so it can convert Tamil text into some pretty impressive audio files (WAV, MP3) in about 800 different male and female voices.

You can try Play.ht for free, but it’s gonna set you back between $14.25 and $74.25 a month if you choose to rely on it long-term.


Next up, we’ve got Narakeet, another excellent Tamil language TTS tool. It features more than 500 (six of which are Tamil) voices and even lets you experiment with video creation in addition to voiceovers and text conversion.

You can try Narakeet for free without signing up, but you’ll have to spend anywhere between $0.05 and $0.20 per minute, depending on the plan you choose.


Next up, we’ve got Murf, another versatile solution with authentic AI voices. Murf is more than a mere TTS tool, though. It’s essentially a kit of various tools that allow for, say, YouTube video creation and voiceover work as well.

Murf has a free subscription plan, but it’s extremely limited since it lets you convert only ten minutes’ worth of content. If you want more out of this app, you’ll need to spend somewhere between $13 and $163 a month.


Second to last, we have Synthesia, one of the bigger names in the TTS market and one of the more expensive solutions. If you can afford it, it’s one of the best choices out there, especially for corporate uses. Much like Murf, it’s also a video-generating platform featuring about 70 different AI avatars and lots of cool voices, which makes it perfect for explainer videos and corporate onboarding.

The basic plan costs $30 a month, while the premium one requires consulting to determine.


The last on our list is Speechify, one of the most flexible TTS tools out there. It features expressive, natural-sounding voices, supports dozens of languages (English, Punjabi, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, etc.), lets you choose language varieties and dialects (think Tamil as spoken in Sri Lanka as opposed to some other regions), and features tons of customizable settings you can use to make Tamil speech synthesis as lifelike as possible.

Speechify is also very adaptable, as it works both on mobile and desktop devices and supports pretty much all major operating systems (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS). It’s even a Chrome extension if you want to use it directly in the browser without downloading anything.

Speechify is also a great learning tool since it lets you turn everything into an audiobook. You can import personal e-book files or use those from Audible and have them narrated by the AI voice of your choice and making. In addition, you can rely on Speechify’s great OCR tech to turn even photos and physical books into audio files!

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What are the benefits of Tamil text to speech voices?

The benefits of Tamil TTS speech voices are many, but most importantly, they let you practice listening and improving your pronunciation. Additionally, they can transform the way you create content and conduct business with clients from India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore by allowing you to access the Tamil-language market.

How many different voices are there?

The number of Tamil TTS voices will depend on the app of your choice. Some feature only a small number of them, while others have way more options to choose from, including male and female voices.

What is the difference between a male and female Tamil voice?

As in any other language, male Tamil voices are lower pitched and deeper than female voices. However, with a good TTS tool like Speechify, you can alter a lot of parameters to make any voice sound just the way you want it to.

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