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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Speech Synthesis on September 27, 2022
This article explains text to speech Google Cloud, its benefits, and whether there are any viable alternatives.

    Text to speech Google Cloud

    The Google Cloud Text to Speech API is a robust developer feature that allows the implementation of natural-sounding speech services into apps. This article explains TTS Google Cloud, its benefits, and whether there are any viable alternatives.

    What is text to speech Google Cloud?

    Text to speech lets developers use natural-sounding speech to make audio files out of the written text. You can use any data file with this feature to power an app or media like audio recordings or videos.

    This process uses AI voice generators that rely on machine learning to create natural-sounding speech.

    Text to speech works by converting Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) input into audio files like LINEAR16 (for WAV files) or MP3.

    Business owners who use voice assistant apps can develop the software to provide natural language feedback to the users. This feedback can come as a playable audio file.

    For example, an app may want to notify the user of a change in their schedule. Thanks to TTS, it can do so using actual human speech.

    You can also connect Google Cloud text to speech to WooCommerce or Shopify and sync data between apps for a more robust and automated workflow.

    Translating text into audio kickstarts a process called synthesis, while the output of synthesis is synthetic speech. Text to speech can use two input types: SSML data or raw text.

    How to use TTS Google Cloud

    The Google text to speech allows you to transform text files in JSON format as audio-ready MP3 files. But first, you have to activate the feature.

    1. Open the main navigation in your Google Cloud.

    2. Select “APIs & Services” and go to “Library.”

    3. Search for the keyword “Text.”

    4. Select “Cloud text to speech API.”

    5. Hit “Enable” if needed.

    You have now enabled Google Cloud text to speech and can continue setting up your account in the IAM & admin “Service accounts” section.

    The Google Cloud text to speech API is a great way to incorporate reading text aloud on the Google Cloud platform.

    This functionality is applicable in various scenarios. Here are some of the most common ones.

    Contact centers

    Using voice bots in contact centers allows for more robust and functional customer service. Voice bots can generate speech dynamically. They don’t have to play pre-recorded, static audio. Natural-sounding speech makes the call more personalized and familiar, so the caller feels more relaxed during the call.


    Devices can now provide natural-like speech services and enable organic communication with users. In addition, deep learning and speech to text allow business owners to create an end-to-end voice user interface to boost user experience.

    Electronic Program Guides (EPGs)

    EPGs can read text out loud to users to provide a better user experience, meeting all accessibility requirements for apps and services. Plus, you can add text to speech functionality in EPGs with a few simple clicks.


    There are numerous benefits to using Google Cloud text to speech API, including:

    High-quality speech

    Google’s advanced AI allows you to create natural, realistic speech. Their software uses the speech synthesis expertise of DeepMind and Google’s powerful neural networks. This makes it possible for TTS to generate near-human-like quality of speech.

    Large selection of voices

    Google Cloud has more than 220 voices in 40 languages and variants, including Hindi, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Portuguese, and many others. Users can choose the voice they like best or change it at any time.

    You can choose three voice types (WaveNet, Basic, and Neural2). The 90 WaveNet voices based on DeepMind’s research are some of the most natural-sounding options.

    Unique voices

    Users can also create unique voices to represent their brands in all customer contact situations, allowing for greater brand authenticity.

    Voice tuning

    Additionally, users can personalize the voice pitch. For example, you can choose from up to 20 semitones from the default speaking tone. Also, it’s possible to tweak the speaking rate up to four times faster or slower than usual.

    SSML and text support

    The Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tag support allows users to easily add numbers and pauses or format the date and time. In addition, SSML tags make working with text to speech much more flexible.


    Text to speech pricing depends on the total number of characters you send to the service to synthesize into audio files over one month.

    Users need to enable billing in their accounts to access text to speech. The platform will charge them automatically if they exceed the number of free characters.

    All SSML tags excluding “mark” take part in the character count.

    For Standard voices, the price is $4 for 1 million characters.

    You can expect to pay $16 for 1 million characters for Neural2 and WaveNet voices.

    If you’re looking for a personal TTS, check out Speechify

    Speechify is a text to speech software that can turn any written text into high quality speech. It’s available as a separate app or as a browser extension. The software can transform any text file into an audio file in seconds.

    Paste the text you want the system to read out loud, choose from a high-quality AI voice, and enjoy listening to your favorite content. Speechify integrates with Microsoft and Chrome apps like Word, Docs, and others.

    Its transcription engine will read any text you use out loud, be it a web page, article, or document.

    You can read more about Speechify or try it for free by visiting the official website today.


    Does Google do text to speech?

    Yes, Google has a powerful engine that supports text to speech software.

    How do I download text to speech from Google Cloud?

    Go to Google Cloud’s main navigation and select “APIs & Services.” Then, move to “Library” and look for “Text.” Select “Cloud Text to speech API” and hit “Enable” if needed.

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