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You don’t have to rely on the app already installed on your Sony device for Text to Speech. Other apps can offer expanded functionality, options, and features that might better fit your needs.

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Text to Speech Sony

You’ve probably heard of Sony electronics – after all, they are a leading brand in game consoles, smart TVs, and smartphones. You may even have a Sony Bravia in your living room or an Android phone in your pocket. As smart technologies like iPhones and Android TVs have become part of our everyday lives, accessibility functions like text to speech have grown in importance.

Text to speech, called TTS for short, reads aloud any text that appears on screen, making it possible for everyone to consume content easily. These audio descriptions allow people to hear information rather than depend on visuals. Since people use their phones for everything from making calls to connecting to wi-fi and browsing the internet, most smartphones have the text to speech function included in their operating systems. 

Sony is no exception. Most Sony TVs and phones have a TTS function built in, whether it’s a screen reader managed with a remote control and heard through a TV sound system or a program fully contained within a phone and listened to via Bluetooth devices and headphones. Let’s talk about how you can get the best experience with TTS on your Sony smartphone.

How to improve the quality of your text to speech recordings on Sony

Sony smartphones run on the Android operating system, which has a built-in TTS app called TalkBack. While it does fulfill essential accessibility and convenience functions, sometimes this app doesn’t work ideally. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can adjust the system sound mode to improve the quality. To change the settings:

  • Start on the home screen.

  • Open the list of all apps.

  • Find and select “Settings.”

  • Find “System.”

  • Go to “Languages and Input.”

  • Open advanced options and click on “Text to Speech Output.”

From here, you can choose a language and customize the speech rate and pitch. Once you’ve made adjustments, click on the play button to test your new settings.

Alternatives to sony tts

Of course, you don’t have to rely on the app already installed on your device for TTS. Other apps can offer expanded functionality, options, and features that might better fit your needs. 


Speechify’s #1 text to speech app is a powerful tool, available for Chrome, iOS, and Android. Whether it’s websites, PDFs, textbooks, or just about any text on your device, Speechify can read it for you! With a variety of voices, accents, and ranges, as well as adjustable pitch and speed, you’re sure to find a customized setting that gives you an optimal TTS experience. 

Additional resources on tts sony

If you’d like to learn more about the TTS functions of Sony devices, the Sony website is a convenient place to find the latest and most thorough information. Youtube videos can also help you quickly locate and adjust TTS settings on Sony devices. 

If you’re looking for a text to speech app that allows for more customization and a better user experience, try out Speechify! You can find it in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and as a Chrome extension. The blogs and information on this site can also tell you more about Speechify’s features and uses.


What are the benefits of text to speech sony?

TTS is a technology that takes content from a computer screen and turns it into speech, making it easier to consume and enjoy content in any environment you choose. Hearing text aloud also helps people understand the information in a way that makes it easier to retain. 

While most Sony smartphones have a built-in TTS app, other apps, like Speechify, can give users more options to improve their experience.

What is the name of the software that allows you to type in a document, and it will read it aloud?

Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote have a built-in TTS feature called Speak that will read text aloud in the same language as your version of Microsoft Office.

Speechify can do all this – and more. From the office to entertainment, it can read nearly anything from your device. Plus, highly customizable settings make it easy to find the best listening option for you.

Which is the most popular text to speech app for android?

With over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store, Voice Aloud Reader is often thought of as the most popular text to speech app and supports various text formats.

As the #1-rated text to speech app, Speechify works seamlessly with almost any document type or text to help you maximize productivity and do more with your time.

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