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How to speed read? The secret.

Reading is an essential life skill, whether it is for academic, professional, or leisure purposes. However, reading speed plays a vital role in how much information one can consume and retain in a given time. That is where speed reading comes in. Speed reading is a set of techniques and methods that enable a person to read faster while maintaining good comprehension and retention.

If you are struggling with slow reading speed, the good news is that speed reading is a skill that can be improved with practice and dedication. This article will give you some valuable tips and hacks to help you boost your reading speed and become a more efficient reader as well as read fast.

Deciding what to speed read and what not to speed read

Before we delve into the science of speed reading and techniques to apply, it is essential to know what material is suitable for speed reading. It is best to reserve speed reading for non-fiction texts that contain factual information, such as textbooks, reports, and articles. Fiction books, on the other hand, are better enjoyed at a leisurely pace, allowing the reader to appreciate the language, writing style, and characters.

The science of speed reading

To understand the secret of speed reading, you need to comprehend the science behind it. The average person reads about 200 to 300 words per minute (wpm), while speed readers can read up to 1000 wpm. The key to faster reading lies in two main things: eye movements and subvocalization.

Subvocalization is the process of reading out loud in your mind. It is a habit that slows down reading speed because the average person can only talk at about 200 wpm. Therefore, subvocalizing when reading limits the speed at which you can read. Eye movements, on the other hand, can be trained to move in a more efficient pattern, allowing the reader to cover more words per glance and utilize peripheral vision. However, there are steps you can take to overcome subvocalization, train your eye movements, and improve your overall reading skills.

Speed reading methods

Here are some speed reading techniques that you can apply to improve your reading speed:

  1. The skimming technique — This involves quickly scanning through the text to get a general idea of what it’s about. You can do this by reading the headings, subheadings, and the first sentence of each paragraph. This will give you an overview of the content and help you decide if you want to read further.

  2. The scanning technique — This method involves scanning through the text to find specific information. You can do this by looking for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your topic. This technique is particularly useful for non-fiction books and academic papers.

  3. The meta-guiding technique — This method involves using your peripheral vision to read groups of words instead of individual words. This helps you to read faster and reduces the need for eye movements.

  4. The elimination technique — This method involves skipping over sections of the text that are not relevant to your topic. You can do this by looking at the table of contents and skipping over chapters or sections that don’t apply to your research.

More speed reading techniques

In addition to the speed reading methods listed above, there are a few other speed reading techniques you can try, including the following:

  1. Make it relatable — Relating the information you are reading to something you already know helps improve comprehension and retention.

  2. Don’t repeat — Avoid going back to reread previous sentences or paragraphs, as this will slow down your reading speed and reduce comprehension.

  3. Read with your finger — Using your finger as a guide while reading helps to improve focus and concentration.

  4. Focus — Eliminate all distractions, such as social media, TV shows, or other noise, to increase concentration.

  5. Stop subvocalization — The inner voice that reads words aloud in your head can be silenced by using a pacer or text to speech tools.

Speed reading and reading comprehension

It is essential to note that speed reading does not mean sacrificing reading comprehension. Good comprehension is essential in retaining information and understanding the material fully. Therefore, it is important to practice good reading habits that allow you to retain the information you read. Check in with yourself periodically to make sure you understand what you’re reading. If you find yourself getting lost or confused, slow down and reread or take a break and come back to it later.

How to use text to speech tools to become a speed reader

One of the easiest ways to become a speed reader is to use text to speech tools like Speechify. These tools allow you to listen to text being read aloud at speeds of up to 4.5 times faster than normal. This means you can cover more material in less time and improve your reading speed and comprehension.

Using text to speech tools is particularly helpful for those who struggle with subvocalization or the inner voice that often slows down reading speed. It also helps to reduce eye strain and allows you to read more text in less time, all while doing other activities like exercising, cooking or commuting.

Become a speed reader with Speechify and boost productivity

Have you ever wished you could read faster and retain more information at the same time? Well, with text to speech tools like Speechify, you can. This text to speech app converts any physical or digital text into various audio formats, allowing you to listen to study materials, documents, articles, emails, social media posts, other reading material, and more at up to 4.5 times the normal reading speed. Imagine being able to power through your work and read your assignments at a fraction of the reading time it normally takes. Speechify also has a feature that highlights words as it reads, helping you follow along and absorb the information more efficiently. Give Speechify a try for free and see just how much your reading speed and comprehension can improve today.


What is the secret to read faster?

The secret to reading faster is following the steps outlined in this article.

How can I read 10x faster?

Achieving a reading speed of 10x faster than your current pace is not realistic unless you utilize text to speech software that reads your material to you, like Speechify.

Is it possible to learn to speed read?

Yes, it is possible to learn how to speed read by following the steps in this article.

How can I read faster than I am reading now?

You can learn to read faster than you’re reading now by following the steps in this article or downloading the Speechify app and choosing a high-quality voice to read any text aloud to you at various speeds.

How can I read faster without losing comprehension?

Reading faster without losing comprehension requires training your brain to process information more efficiently. Tips to help you improve your reading speed while maintaining comprehension include using a pointer, reading in chunks, increasing your vocabulary, eliminating distractions, using text to speech software like Speechify to overcome subvocalization.

How can I read faster with pictures?

When reading with pictures, you can use your peripheral vision to take in more information at once. Try to focus on the center of the page while also paying attention to the images on the sides.

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