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Transcribe a Zoom Recording: A Step-by-Step Guide to Meeting Transcription

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What is a Zoom recording?A Zoom recording captures the audio and video content of a zoom meeting or webinar. Users can save Zoom recordings to their computer...

What is a Zoom recording?

A Zoom recording captures the audio and video content of a zoom meeting or webinar. Users can save Zoom recordings to their computer or to the cloud, depending on their Zoom account preferences. Whether it's for conferences, webinars, or regular meetings, Zoom recordings allow users to revisit content, ensuring nothing is missed.

What is the best way to transcribe a Zoom recording?

The best way to transcribe a Zoom recording is by using dedicated transcription software or services. These tools can automatically convert the audio from a Zoom recording into written text, often providing features like timestamps, subtitles, and speaker identification.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting

Step 1: Check Prerequisites

Before starting, make sure you have the necessary permissions to record a Zoom meeting. This feature may require an enterprise license for advanced capabilities like cloud recording. Open your Zoom account settings via the Zoom Web Portal to confirm that the recording feature is enabled.

Step 2: Join or Start a Zoom Call

Join the Zoom meeting where you want to make a recording. If you are the host, you can start the meeting as usual.

Step 3: Locate the Record Button

Once in the Zoom call, you'll find the 'Record' button usually at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window.

Step 4: Start Recording

Click on the 'Record' button to begin the video recording. The meeting transcription feature can also be enabled for live transcription, which can transcribe the audio in real-time.

Step 5: Save the Recording

After the meeting is done, click the 'Stop Recording' button. Zoom will then convert the video and audio recording into a video file and an audio file, which you can save on your local storage or Zoom’s cloud recording feature based on your account settings.

How Do I Access a Zoom Recording?

Recorded Zoom meetings can be found in the ‘Recordings’ tab in your Zoom account on the Zoom Web Portal. If you’ve chosen to save the recording to Zoom's cloud, go to 'Zoom Cloud Recordings' to access them. You can download the video file, audio files, and even an audio transcript in TXT, SRT, or DOCX formats.

If you’ve saved the recordings locally, you'll find them in the folder you've designated in your recording settings, usually in the form of both video and audio files.

Recording Etiquette for a Zoom Meeting

Inform Participants

As a best practice, always inform meeting participants that you'll be recording the meeting. This is not only courteous but also often legally required.

Audio Quality and Background Noise

Make sure to be in a quiet space, as background noise can affect the quality of both the audio recording and automatic transcription services, if you choose to transcribe the Zoom recording later.

Choose the Right Settings

In your Zoom Web Portal under account settings, you can enable or disable features like closed captions, live captions, and live transcription for better accessibility and more accurate transcripts. Transcripts can be edited post-meeting for even greater accuracy, and you can also integrate third-party transcription software like Happy Scribe or specialized transcription tools for further customization.

Multilingual Support

If you're hosting a meeting in different languages, Zoom’s transcription service supports several languages like English, Spanish, and German, making it easier for international participants.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be better prepared to record and transcribe Zoom meetings, while also ensuring you capture all the important details and action items.

How do I transcribe a Zoom video recording for free?

For free transcription, one can use software like, which provides a limited amount of free transcription every month. Alternatively, Google Docs’ voice typing feature can be used, but it requires manual playback of the recording.

How do I copy a transcript from a Zoom recording?

If you have a Zoom enterprise account with the transcription feature enabled, you can find the transcript for your cloud recording in the Zoom web portal under the “Recording” section. The transcript will be saved as a .vtt file which you can download, open, and copy.

How do I transcribe a Zoom recording in Word?

  1. Play the Zoom recording.
  2. Use a tool or service to transcribe the recording.
  3. Once transcribed, copy the text.
  4. Open Microsoft Word and paste the text into a new .docx document.

How to Transcribe a Zoom Meeting or Recording for Free

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account.
  2. Navigate to your recorded meetings via the Zoom web portal.
  3. Choose a recording and download the audio file.
  4. Use a free transcription tool or service to convert the audio to text.
  5. Review and edit the transcript for accuracy.

Can Zoom automatically transcribe a meeting?

Yes, Zoom offers an automatic transcription feature, but it's available for enterprise license holders. This live transcription feature provides real-time transcriptions during the meeting, which can later be saved alongside the Zoom cloud recordings.

What are the 5 key benefits of transcribing meetings?

  1. Accessibility: Transcriptions make meetings accessible to people with hearing impairments.
  2. Reference: A written record can be revisited for clarity or for those who missed the meeting.
  3. Efficiency: Text summaries allow for quick reviews without re-watching entire recordings.
  4. Multilingual Teams: Transcripts can be translated, catering to international teams.
  5. Action Items: Transcriptions can be easily parsed for action items, ensuring follow-through.

Top 9 Zoom Recording Transcription Tools:

    • Features: Real-time transcription, AI-powered, integrations with Zoom, accurate transcripts, and timestamps.
    • Cost: Limited free plan with premium options.
  2. Rev:
    • Features: Professional transcriptionists, 99% accuracy, integrates with Zoom, fast turnaround, and SRT format availability.
    • Cost: Paid per minute of audio.
  3. Happy Scribe:
    • Features: Supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, and German, integrates with Zoom, accurate transcripts, and timestamps.
    • Cost: Pricing based on the length of the recording.
  4. Sonix:
    • Features: Automated transcription, multilingual support, integrates with Zoom, speaker identification, and subtitle generation.
    • Cost: Subscription-based with a free trial.
  5. Trint:
    • Features: Real-time transcription, AI-powered, cloud recording integration, speaker separation, and collaboration tools.
    • Cost: Subscription-based.
  6. Descript:
    • Features: Audio and video transcription, direct Zoom integration, real-time transcription, closed captions, and video file editing.
    • Cost: Subscription-based with a free tier.
  7. Temi:
    • Features: Fast transcription, AI-powered, Zoom call transcription, speaker identification, and advanced editing tools.
    • Cost: Pay-as-you-go pricing.
  8. GoTranscript:
    • Features: Human transcriptionists, high accuracy, multiple format support including .txt and .srt, cloud integration, and language support.
    • Cost: Paid per audio minute.
  9. Scribie:
    • Features: Automatic and manual transcription options, integrates with Zoom, timestamps, speaker tracking, and raw transcript availability.
    • Cost: Varies based on service type.


Can I transcribe a zoom recording?

Absolutely! Various tools and services allow you to transcribe Zoom recordings, both automatically and manually.

How do I transcribe an interview?

Use transcription software or services to convert the interview recording into text. Some tools even allow real-time transcription.

Does Zoom have a transcribe option?

Yes, Zoom offers an auto transcription feature, primarily available to enterprise license holders.

Where can I find a video with instructions on how to transcribe a Zoom recording?

Websites like YouTube or instructional platforms like Udemy may have tutorial videos. It's also worth checking Zoom's official website for guides.

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