Transcriber: Your Guide to Turning Audio Into Opportunity

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Audio Video Transcription on September 18, 2023

    What is a Professional Transcriber?

    A professional transcriber, also known as a transcriptionist, is someone who converts audio recordings into written text. This transcription process ensures that content from podcasts, video files, dictation, and other sources is available in an accessible, written format.

    What Does a Transcriber Do?

    Transcribers listen to audio files, which can range from market research interviews to medical dictation, and then accurately transcribe the content. This service can also extend to video transcription, creating subtitles for video content or translating the spoken word from languages like Spanish, French, German, or Italian to English and vice versa.

    What are some Cool Perks of Being a Transcriber?

    1. Flexibility: Most transcription jobs allow you to work from home, offering a great work-life balance.
    2. Exposure: Transcribers often get a sneak peek into diverse industries, from podcasts to market research.
    3. Language Skills: For those proficient in languages such as French, Spanish, German, or Italian, transcription offers a chance to hone and monetize these skills.

    Can Anyone Become a Transcriber?

    Absolutely! While a keen ear and fast typing skills are beneficial, many online transcription services offer training. It’s essential, however, to have an efficient internet connection, a computer (like Microsoft PCs), and sometimes specific transcription software.

    How to Earn Money with Transcription Jobs from Home

    With the rise of online transcription services, it’s never been easier to convert audio and video files into cash. To do so, ensure you have a good setup including a stable internet connection, playback tools (like a foot pedal), and transcription software.

    How to Get Started as a Transcriber

    1. Equip Yourself: Ensure you have the necessary equipment, from headphones to transcription software.
    2. Training: Consider taking an online course or certification to understand the transcription process better.
    3. Practice: Familiarize yourself with different audio files and practice accurate transcription.

    Top 9 Places to Find Transcription Jobs

    1. Rev
      • Overview: A leader in the world of online transcription, Rev caters to a broad spectrum of industries, including podcasts and market research. Their platform is user-friendly, making it easier for transcribers to convert audio recordings into accurate transcription. If you’re an English or Spanish speaker looking to work from home, Rev is a great place to start.
      • Top Features: User-friendly interface, vast client base, weekly PayPal payments, diverse audio files (including wav format), video transcription services.
      • Cost: Free for transcribers to join.
    2. TranscribeMe
      • Overview: TranscribeMe offers transcription jobs that require a keen ear, especially with varied accents in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Their transcription process involves a rigorous quality check, ensuring clients get top-notch transcriptions of their audio files or video recordings.
      • Top Features: Multi-language support, quality assurance process, transcription software training, regular payouts, and supportive community.
      • Cost: Free for transcriptionists.
    3. GoTranscript
      • Overview: Based in New York, GoTranscript is known for its strict adherence to providing accurate transcription services. They regularly handle dictation, market research, and even subtitles for video files.
      • Top Features: Strict quality checks, wide range of transcription jobs, regular feedback, foot pedal compatible platform, and fast payments.
      • Cost: Free for transcribers.
    4. SpeakWrite
      • Overview: SpeakWrite, with its speech recognition technology, stands out as a platform offering transcription jobs for typists who can efficiently convert audio to text. They often deal with legal and law enforcement dictations, demanding a high level of accuracy.
      • Top Features: Speech recognition assistance, specialized transcription areas, Microsoft integration, training resources, and prompt payments.
      • Cost: Free for transcribers.
    5. CastingWords
      • Overview: An excellent platform for beginners, CastingWords offers detailed frequently asked questions to guide transcriptionists. With an emphasis on podcasts and interviews, this platform offers diverse audio files to transcribe.
      • Top Features: Comprehensive FAQs, beginner-friendly, varied transcription jobs, playback tools, and regular workshops.
      • Cost: Free for transcriptionists.
    6. Quicktate
      • Overview: Quicktate is known for short transcription jobs. From voicemail messages to dictation, Quicktate provides an opportunity for transcribers to work on quick tasks.
      • Top Features: Short transcription tasks, integrates with transcription software, foot pedal compatibility, dictation specialization, and fast payouts.
      • Cost: Background check fee for transcriptionists.
    7. Scribie
      • Overview: Scribie offers a platform for transcriptionists to work on varied tasks, from video files requiring subtitles to audio recordings of interviews.
      • Top Features: Regular assignments, manual review process, video transcription opportunities, foot pedal support, and monthly bonuses.
      • Cost: Free for transcriptionists.
    8. Tigerfish
      • Overview: Tigerfish has been in the transcription services for decades. Their experience translates to a smooth transcription process, and they often offer jobs involving complex topics or rare dialects.
      • Top Features: Varied transcription jobs, experienced community, support for different audio formats, in-depth guidelines, and prompt payments.
      • Cost: Free for transcriptionists.
    9. Daily Transcription
      • Overview: Focusing on entertainment, legal, and corporate sectors, Daily Transcription provides opportunities for transcribers to engage with diverse and interesting content.
      • Top Features: Niche transcription areas, competitive pay, foot pedal compatibility, daily tasks, and supportive feedback system.
      • Cost: Free for transcribers.


    How to work from home as a transcriber?

    Equip yourself with essential tools and find online transcription jobs that allow remote work.

    What’s the difference between a transcriber and a typist?

    While both require typing, transcribers convert audio and video files into text, while typists primarily work with written or dictated material.

    Pros and Cons of being a transcriber?

    Pros: Flexibility, exposure to various industries, and good pay.

    Cons: Can be tedious, requires a keen ear, and fluctuating work availability.

    Average salary for a transcriber?

    Varies by region and expertise. In places like New York, a full-time transcriptionist might earn more than someone working part-time elsewhere.

    Skills required to be a transcriber?

    Fast typing, keen listening, proficiency in English (or other languages like Spanish, French), and familiarity with transcription software.

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