Ultimate guide to Read&Write and reviews

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Here’s an ultimate guide to Read&Write and reviews to help you understand what this software does and how it can benefit your learning needs.

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Read&Write is a literacy support tool that makes education easier for students of different ages and (dis)abilities. The program can read written or digital text out loud to make comprehension and performance better.

In this beginner’s guide to Read&Write, we dive into more details to explain the basic features of the software. We’ll also go over its online reviews and alternatives. So, let’s dive right in.

Read&Write explained

Read&Write is a helpful reading and productivity tool for students who need help with their study skills. It’s particularly helpful for learners with dyslexia.

The most convenient way to access Read&Write is through the browser extension for Chrome. The software is also available as an app for desktops (Mac, Windows), mobile devices (iOS, Android), and tablets (iPad).

Users can work on a Microsoft Word document, write an e-mail, or browse the web, and this extension will sit on their toolbar, ready for help at any time.

With the Google Chrome extension, users can work with online files like PDFs, web pages, Google Drive, and Google Docs documents. Meanwhile, the desktop app allows learners to open offline files like Word files, locally stored PDFs, etc.

So, when you try to open a PDF from your computer in the browser, the extension won’t work. You should either do it one way or the other. You’d have to upload a file from your local storage to Google Drive to access the file using the extension.

Read&Write has more than 20 support tools. It offers the learners flexibility in how they access and engage with content. It also helps improve comprehension and reading skills.

The software helps revise, study, proofread, and boost understanding.

Read&Write features

It has useful features like voice notes, highlighters, vocabulary tools, and many more. Here’s a detailed overview of what you can expect from Read&Write:

  • Regular and picture dictionaries
  • Vocabulary lists with selected words, definitions, images, editable notes column, etc
  • Audio maker that converts selected text into audio files
  • Word prediction and confusable word tools
  • Fact folder to collect information about websites for reference tracking
  • Grammar and spell checker (Check it), punctuation, capitalization, verb tense checker
  • Can collect highlights and sort vocabulary lists into shareable Google Docs
  • Audio maker that converts text into audio files
  • Talk&Type feature for accurate dictation
  • Spoken word into text conversion
  • Screenshot reader that copies and pastes text quotations

Who is Read&Write for?

Read&Write isn’t age specific. It can be used by people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced computer user, you’ll have an easy time navigating and using this software.

Young preschool learners and elderly office workers struggling to read can benefit from Read&Write.

Read&Write reviews

Read&Write reviews call it one of the best writing tools on the market. Language learners, mind-mapping enthusiasts, and dyslexics can benefit greatly from this software.

Multiple reviews show that teachers use the software to help students boost their study skills and reading comprehension.

According to Dyslexia Box, this platform has more than 8.5 million users. Many parents with dyslexic children praise the iPad version for making reading easier for their children.

The app has stable ratings on the App Store and Google Play. Most users complain about the lack of functionalities on the iPad version. There is no available version for iPhone devices yet. Customers that gave bad reviews to the smart device version highly praise the computer version.

The computer version of this text to speech software is the most highly rated and has all the marketed features.

So, if you’re looking to get the most out of Read&Write, you should use the desktop version.

And if you don’t find this software to be the right one for you, you can always look for alternatives.

Alternatives to Read&Write

Here’s an overview of the most notable Read&Write alternatives (both free and paid).

  • Read Aloud Extension – Chrome extension that lets users select a text and read it aloud
  • NaturalReader – Professional text to speech software with a feature-dense premium version
  • eSpeak – Linux and Windows open-source program and speech synthesizer for English and multiple other languages
  • TextAloud – AT&T natural voices available as a Microsoft Word plug-in
  • Simple TTS Reader – Small clipboard reader that reads texts the users copy and paste
  • Speechify – All-around text to speech program for reading online and offline documents out loud

Using Speechify as assistive technology

Speechify is a powerful tool for learners with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The text to speech technology, in combination with OCR, makes it easy for the software to read texts out loud.

Users can choose from a range of natural-sounding voices, tweak the reading speed, use highlighting features, practice note-taking, sync content across devices, and more.

The free version can handle up to 220 words per minute, while the premium version can read up to 900 words in one minute.

Speechify is valuable literacy support and learning tool for students with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning difficulties.

The software is available for iOS, Android, desktops (Mac, Windows), and as a browser extension. Unlike Read&Write, all Speechify versions are packed with basic features.

You can learn more about Speechify and try it free of charge by visiting the official website.


What are the benefits of using Read&Write?

Read&Write is a helpful app that helps students revise, study, proofread, boost comprehension, and be more productive. The smart set of tools helps students study smarter and more independently.

How can you get help with Read&Write?

Users can read Read&Write’s library of support for articles and solutions to common problems. There are dedicated sections for Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, iPad, Android, and Microsoft Edge users.

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